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The remaining titles are new and secondhand books relevant to the military, and war - generally the Pacific War. 
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Last update 19 May 2005

The Fall of Rabaul
by Peter Stone.

Published by Oceans Enterprises
ISBN 0 646 24124 9


Claimed as the definitive work on the invasion of Rabaul in January 1942, and the subsequent events that led to the isolation of the Japanese garrison; released in 1995 and has recently been reprinted. Covers the turbulent war years of Rabaul, PNG, from 1941 to 1945, and the subsequent post-war period of land and sea salvage - the pre-invasion bombing and subsequent invasion, the horrific Tol massacre, and the extraordinary escapes of 600 soldiers and civilians; the Japanese occupation; the bombing and isolation of the Japanese garrison; Battle of the Bismarck Sea; Chinese, Indian, American, British, and Australian POWs; the rescue of downed American airmen by AIB coast-watchers; 
guerilla warfare in the jungles of  New Britain; and the subsequent surrender to and occupation by Australian forces.

Hardcover, dustjacket, large format (A4 size), 
572 pages on quality gloss art paper with over 
560 photographs, maps and charts, and an extensive appendix, bibliography and index. 

Further details: Hostages to Freedom website.


Frank Holland, MBE
Wartime rescue operations 
in New Britain, Timor and Borneo.
Ed. Peter Stone
Foreword by Sir Walter Campbell.

Published by Oceans Entrprises
ISBN 0 9586657 4 5.


Few men can be called true war heroes. Those who are may justly contribute their greatness not only to achievement and sacrifice in the line of duty, but also to character and compassion in their private life. Frank Holland was such a man. His wartime rescue operations in New Britain, and his operations with ‘Z' Special Unit in Timor and Borneo, confirm his love of peace, and dedication to his adopted country. 
El Tigre is a factual account, a saga of human endurance and bravery by an Australian who spent much of his wartime years behind enemy lines in circumstances of great personal risk.
Frank Holland - adventurer, behind the lines commando, civil engineer, and dedicated family man - this is his story.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 228 pages, 38 photographs, bibliography, index. Based on the files of Frank Holland. Edited by Peter Stone with Mabel Holland and John Holland. 

The Life and Loss of the 
SS President Coolidge.
by Peter Stone.

Published by Oceans Enterprises.
ISBN 0 9586657 2 9


When the converted American President Lines liner SS President Coolidge hit US laid mines in Espiritu Santo on 26 October 1942, it triggered the usual finger-pointing to find a suitable scapegoat for the disaster. The 654ft troopship had on board 5000 troops; all except two were saved. Did Captain Henry Nelson receive the Special Instructions that would avoid the deadly minefield? Why was the ship allowed to travel unescorted? Was Admiral Halsey covering up for the Navy's mistake? The Lady and the President answers these questions and gives a dramatic account of the loss of the ship, subsequent salvage of the propellers and bunker oil, and details of the ‘world's largest accessible shipwreck'. It also gives a dramatic account of the loss of the destroyer USS Tucker, also to a ‘friendly' minefield off Espiritu Santo, and a full account of the huge American base at Luganville which saw the construction of five major airstrips.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 320 pages, quality art paper, 140 mono photos, six maps, and sixteen deck plans and diagrams, with an eight page colour plate section. 

Further details: The Lady and the President website.

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The following military books are also avialable from Oceans Enterprises. These are one-off books. All books are new except where stated.

George R. Clark and others. Secondhand, Good condition. $30.00
An excellent history from the late 18th century through to a decade before the Second World War. Hardcover, 560 pages, mono prints.  J.B.Lippincott Company, 1939.

My survival of Japanese Imprisonment During World War II.
Preston John Hubbard. Vanderbilt University Press, 1990. Hardcover, dust jacket, 262 pages, a few mono prints. The fascinating biography of a young mn who actually survived the Bataan Death March, and was imprisoned for over four years in a cmap where dysentery and thirst killed on average 400 men a day. Onc again we are shown the true horrors of war and the cruelty and lackm of appreciation of human life by a dominant yet bewildered Japan. New.

George Odgers.
Series 3, Volume 2 in the Australia in the War of 1939-1945 officla series. $48.00 Second hand copy, archive plastic cover on dust jacket, good condition.
This voluime describes the operations and problems of the RAAF in the war against Japan from  April 1943 till the end of hostilities - the period when the Allies held air superiority. It includes the decisions made my MacArthur, and Japanese reactions to Allied air operations as documented from enemy records.
Hardcover, dust jacket, $530 pages, mono prints. Canberra War Memorial, 1957.

A.G.Allbury. Robert Hale Limited, London, 1955. Hardcover, 192 pages, no photographs. The author was a British gunner captured by the Japanese when Singapore fell, and survived the horrors of the Burma Railway camps. Book on offer is secondhand, ex library, originally with a dustjacket but now with the front of the dustjacket pasted on the front board. Otherwise in reasonable condition. 

United States Battleshipm in World War 2.
William H. Garzke. Naval Institute Press, Marylnd, USA, 1976. Hardcover, large formt, dust jacket, 290 pages, mono photographs, and many fold out drawings and ship plans. Covers the North Carolina Class, South Dakota Class, Iowa Class, Montana Class, Alaska Class, with chapters on development of the battleship, armourment, modern design. A most important work. A new copy is offered, with a slight blemish on the front fly due to the removal of a price tag. 

The U.S.Counter-Terrorist Unit and the Iranian Hotage Rescue Mission.
Colonel Charlie A. Beckwith, and Donald Knox. Arms and Armour Press, London, 1983. Hardcovr, dust jacket, 310 pages, mono photographs. This is the inside story of the U.S. raid on Teheran, Iran on the night of 24 April 1980, and the landing of Desert One. 

First-hand accounts of the atomic terror that changed the world, edited by Adrian Weale. 
Robinson, London 1995. Softcover, 252 pages, mono prints. New copy. 

Ewart Brookes. Mines and mining operations in British waters during the Second World War.
Second hand, reasonable condition ex library. 
Jarrolds Publishing, 1958. Hardcover, 180 pages, mono prints.

Edwin P. Hoyt. 
The full story of the South Pacific campaign that turned the tide of war, recreated from newly available information from both sides of the battle. Hardcover, dust jacket, 302 pages.Stein and Day Publishers, 1981.Secondhand copy, excellent condition.

INFAMY  $35.00
Pearl harbour and Its Aftermath.
John Toland. Methun, London, 1982. Hardcover, dust jacket, 366 pages, mono prins. 
They say it was the start of the Pacific War, but the attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941 was well planned and should have been forseen by American intelligence. This is one of the most famous, ie most rspected, of the documentaries on the bombing of Pearl Harbour.  Secondhand copy on offer is in prfect condition complete with dust jacket. 

Basil Collier. Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd, 1979. Hardcover, dustjacket, 144 pages, mono and colour photographs. A definitive work, includes many wrecked and visible aircraft in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere.  Secondhand, very good condition. 

From the Sixteenth Century to World War 2. Henry P. Frei. $42.00
Japan's role in the Pacific can be traced to the sixteenth century, with more recent expansionism culminating in the Pacific War. The author has singled out Australia as the focus for gauging the complexity of Japan's southward interests. Of particularl interests are the different policies of Japan's Army and Navy. Hardcover, dustjacket, 302 pages. Melbourne University Press, 1991.

Raymond Lamont-Brown. Budding Books. First pulsihed 1998 by Sutton Publishing, UK. Hardcover, dustjacket, 182 pages, mono prints. Covers a complete history of the formation of the dreaded Japanese militay police and their devastating influence on the Pacific war. Includes actions in Manchuria, the Pacific theatre, and their treatment of prisoners. New. 

An Illustrated History.
Edited by Richard Humble. Orbis Publishing, London, 1983. Large format hardcover, dustjacket, 304 pages, mono and colour photographs throughout. The author is former head of the Royl Navy Histoical Branch. This is a superb volume, and covrs in six parts: The Ancient World, The Middle Ages, The Age of the galleon, The Ship-of-the Line, The Age of Steam and Shell, and World War 2 and after. A definitive work on the ships, strategies and mn at war at sea over the years. New copy offered. 

Ray Parkin.  Second hand, in excellent condition.
The last voyage of the Australian cruiser HMAS Perth was tragedy that harboured tales of heroism and courage. The Perth, strained by long months of unrelieved war service and coming from the Battle of the Java Sea, ran into a huge Japanese fleet escorting the enemy'ss invasion forces. Out of the Smoke does not end with the sinking of the destroyer, as there were many survivors, the author being one. Hardcover, dust jacket, 310 pages. William Morrow and Co, 1960.

Charles Darby. Kookaburra Technical Publications Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 1979. Hardcover, dustjacket, A4 size, 80 pages, mono and colour prints. A most sought after book showing the wrecked aircraft in the Pacific as a result of World War 2. Mainly Japanese, many in Papua New Guinea; a few under the sea. Details of recovery and restoration of some of the aicraft. 

Hank Nelson
From 1942 to 1945 some 22 000 Australian service personnel, including 71women of the Australian Army Nursing Service, became Japanese prisoners-of-war. They were held in more than a dozen camps scattered throughout Southeast Asia, including Timor, Ambon, Manchuria and Japan. Only 14 000 survived the brutal years at the hands of their captors. In POWs: Australians Under Nippon, ex-prisoners, interviewed by Hank Nelson, describe their many bitter experiences to create unforgettable accounts of deprivation, fortitude and courage in unbelievably inhumane conditions. There have been mny books written by, and on, prisoners-of-war, which can be rather overwhelming if seeking an overall view of just what did happen to the Australkian under Japanese imprisonment. This book stands alone in its value, expressing the fears and attitudes of the men, during their imprisonmenbt and subsequent release. An important book in the history of Australia. The well-repected author is a professor in the Department of Pacific and Southeast Asian History at the Australian National University. The book is based on the ABC's Tim Bowden's award-winning radio series of the same name. Softcover, 224 pages, mono drawings and charts, selected bibliography, index. 

** SOLD **RABAUL 1942.
Douglas Aplin. First published 1980. This reprint 1994. $30.00
The tragic sstory of the 2/22nd Australian Army Infantry Battalion, the men and women of Lark Force, including units of the RAN, RAAF, New guinea Vokunteer Rifles, 1st Independant Company, and New Guinea residents who werew all caught up in the calamity following the January 1942 Japanese invasion of the new Guinea islands. Soft cover, 290 pages,mono prints.

South Pacific Battlegrounds Revisited.
Bruce Adams. Antipodean Publishers, Sydney, 1975. Hardcover, dust jacket, large format, 240 pages, mono and colour photographs. Covers the wreckage - of ships, aircraft, artillery and anything else military, left behind after the Pacific War - in New Guinea, Papua, Solomon Islands, Gilbert Islands and Darwin. A most useful book for anyone interested in the Pacific War; much sought after. Copy on offer is secondhandbut in excellent condition. 

Several authors. Marshall Cabendish Books, London, 1978. Hardecover, dust jacket, A4 size, 64 pages, mono and colour photographs, charts. Covers the major sea battles, including Santa Cruz, Tarawa, Biak, Iwo Jima. Very well produced - the action charts are particularly useful. New. 

Colonel Masanobu Tsuji. $42.00
Ure Smith, Sydney, 1960. initially published in Japanese as , 'Shonan, The Hinge of Fate'. 
Tsuji was a thorough bastard, but a clever one at that, a man who outwitted the British at the beginning of the Pacific War, and did the same to the Americans at the end of the war, simply by surviving, and becoming one of Japan's leading post-war politicians. This is however a remarkable read, written by an educated man, and one of the few books published in English that recall ewvents from a Japanese perspective, a retrospective perspective it should be added, as one wonder what Tsuji would have written had Japan won the war. Hardcover,358 pages, some mono prints. Secondhand, in excellent condition with no dust jacket but interestingly printed boards. 

Richard Baxter. Cassell & Co., London, 1944. Hardcover, no dustjacket, 208 pages, mono photographs. On submarines in the European war; the Safari, Sealion, Thrasher, Truant, Trusty and many others. Includes Dutch, Greek and Polish submrines. Copy offered is secondhand in reasonable condition, with corner of front board scuffed. 

Samuel B. Griffith II.
Walter Lord said of this book: "Sam Griffith's The Battle for Guadalcanal is that rarest of rarities: a book about a truly crucial campaign by an author who is not only a gifted military historian but a masterful story-teller and an actual participant in the dramatic events he sso vividly describes. It is, quite simply, the best book I've ever read on Guadalcanal." Hardcover, dustjacket, 282 pages. The nautical and Aviation Publicshing Co. Of America, Fourth Printing, 1983.

Garrett Mattingly. Jonathan Cape publishers, London, 1959. Hardcover, dustjacket, 382 pages, mono photographs and prints. The author is professor of European History at Columbia Unversity, who regards the event as the first great international crisis in modern history. A definitive work on the politics behind the raid,  how it was offset by the British, and the consequences. Copy offered is secondhand in excellent condition with intact dustjacket.

Carl Boyd and Akihiko Yoshida.  Airlife publishers, England, 1995. Hardcover, dust jacket, 270 pages, mono photographs. Covers the ships, the men, weapons, equipment, and the campaigns, the attrition of war and the use of the submarine. A very important work on the Pacific war. 

Edited by S.L. Mayer. Second hand, good condition. 
Excellent pictorial on the Japanese and the Pacific War, covering her rise to power in S.E. Asia, the Japanese Army, Imperial Navy, Perl Harbour, and on to the nuclear holocaust. A4 size, hardcover, dust jacket, 258 pages, many many mono photos and maps. An excellent reference. 
Bison Books, 1976.

Russell Braddon. Werner Laurie (publishers) of London, first published 1952. 
The hugely acclaimed book has gone through numerous reprints, and is perhaps the most well known of the Australian prisoner-of-war biographies. Braddon, an exceptional author, takes us through the Malaya campaign, and the subsequent sufferings in prisonr of war camps. He extends his own experiences into an attempt at describing the mindset of the japanese, and their bhaviour, as well as other events that eventually saw the end to their terribl incarceration. Copy on offer is second-hand, impression December 1954, with dustjackt slightly torn on front, otherwise in excellent condition. 

** SOLD **THE NEW GUINEA VOLUNTEER RIFLES - N.G.V.R. - 1939-1943 - A HISTORY. Ian Downs. $48.00
Story of the civilian volunteers who led th defence of New guinea in the Pacific War. Hardcover,  dust jacket, 356 pages, mono prints.Pacific Press 1999.

A History of the New Guinea Air Warning Wireless Company, February 1942 - April 1945.
Compiled by Alex Perrin. \Between them the spotters rescued or buried more than 200 American and Australian crashed airmen, caring for the injured and aarrangeing safe transsport for others. 
Hardcover, dust jacket, 294 pages. Mono prints. Published 1990.

THE U.S.NAVY  $85.00
An Illustrated History. 
Nathan Miller. American Heritage Publishing Co., and U.S.Naval Institute Press. 1977. Hardcover, large format, dustjacket, 420 pages, mono and colour photographs throughout. Perhaps the definitive popular work on the United States nvy from around 1776 for the nextv two hundred years. Superbly produced, fascinating and informative. The copy offered is new; there is a slight tear and fold to the bottom of the front of the dust jacket. 

THE WAR WITH JAPAN. A Concise History.  $35.00
Charles Bateson. Ure Smith, London & Sydney, 1968. Hardcover, 417 pages, mono prints. To cover the war ewith Japan over the whole of the Pacific theatre in one volume is quite an effort, but the well known author is up to the task. This is perhaps the most concise and most popular of the book that cover the 'whole war' theme, documenting in detail Japan's pre-war policies through to her final downfall. Copy on offer is second-hand in fine condition with light scuffing on the dustjacket. 

Paul Kemp. Brockhampton Press, London, 1996. Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pages, mono photographs. Covers in great details the development and use of miniature submarines and wet chariots, as used by th Japanese, British, Italians and Germans upto and including World War 2. A major work on the subject. 

WAR FISH  $20.00
George Rider with Lydel Sims. Cassell, London, 1958. Hardcover, no dust jacket on the editin ofered, 214 pages, no photographs. Concerns the US submrine Wahoo in the western Pacific during World War 2. I havn't read it but I gather that the author was an officer on board. 

Ken Ellis. Midland Publishing, UK, 1994. Hardcover, laminated boards, 340 pages, mono prints. Provides a detailed catalog of what wartime wrecks and relics of aircraft that may be found in the United Kingdom, be it on opublic display or privately owned. 14th edition offered, new. 

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