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The following books are new unless indicated otherwise. Much of our earlier stock has been sold to PNG. Once sold they will not be replaced. As our speciality is in the ocean world, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific is a subsidiary interest only, and we are certainly not experts in the bibliography of the region. 
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A NEW DEAL FOR PAPUA G.H.Cranswick and I.W.Shevill. F.W.Cheshire, Melbourne and London, 1949. This is an imporetant, informative and concise book on a subject of wide national and international interest. It deals with the salient features of Australia's responsibility in native colonisation and discusses the white man's contribution to New Guinea life, whether as a trader, miner, administrator, missionary, educator or soldier.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 160 pagesno images, index. Copy offered is in excellent condition.  $26 

*** SOLD **** ADAM WITH ARROWS. Inside New Guinea. $15.00. Secondhand.
Colin Simpson. Hardcover, no dust jacket, 238 pages, mono prints. Slight stain on front cover, otherwise good. Angus and Robertson, 1954.

AIDA  Life and Ceremony of the Gogodala.  A.L.Crawford. 
Hardcover, dust jacket, large format, full colour, 408 pages. An important work, the first photographic work of a single cultural group in PNG. The Gogodala number 10,000 and are lagoon dwellers in the flood plain of the Aramia River north of the Fly delta. The author is an ethnologist who lived in PNG from 1972. $120

BEYOND THE VILLAGE. Local Politics in Madang, Papua New Guinea.  $25
Louise Morauta. Australian National University Press, Canberra, 1974. Hardcover, 194 pages, mono lates. An academic treatise on native politics and life. 

CANNIBALS ARE HUMAN A District Officer's Wife in New Guinea. Helen McLeod. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1961 The author spent ten years with her husband in New Guinea, he being a senior official of the administration. She accompanied her husband on patrol into the Southern Highlands, where no white woman had been before "and felt the cannibal natives eyeing her up and down in terms of meat". With keen insight she draws attention to some of the more pressing problms facing these fascinating people.   $45

*** SOLD ****
CANNIBAL VALLEY The heroic struggle for Christ in savage New Guinea - the most perilous mission frontier in the world. Russell T. Hitt. Hodder & Stoughton, Great Britain, 1962.  An account of the advance into Durch New Guinea by the Christian missionaries 'who daily risk their lives to bring the gospel to Stone-Age Dani tribesmen'.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 252 pges, mono prints. Excellent condition.  $38   

CHUAVE POLITICS. Changing patterns of leadership in the Papua new Guinea Highlands.  $15
Wayne Warry. One of the Political and Social Change Monograph series (#4). Softcover, 314 pages. Australian National University. 1987.

DOCTOR'S WIFE IN PAPUA.  Margaret Spencer. Robert Hale, London,1964. The doctor as posted to Ferguson Island in the D'Entrecasteaux Group to the north-east of the 'tail' of New Guinea. "Mrs Spencer, yet knowledgeably, describes not only the island and its trouble history but also every aspect of the daily life of the hunters and fishermen. There are fascinating glimpses of the animal and bird life and of the strange customs ands rituals of the natives. Vividly depicted too, is the unending struggle against disease, malnutrition, and the effects of sourcery.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 176 pages, a few mono prints. Book is in excellent condition, with a near perfect jacket.  $54 

EASTERN PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Northern and Milne Bay Provinces.$12.00
David Holdsworth. A 48-page coliur book, mainly colour photographs. 

David Holdsworth. A 48-page coliur book on the Sepik region of PNG, mainly photographs.

Andre Duypeyrat. Staples Press limited, London, 1956. Hardcover, dustjacket, 161 pages, mono pages. The author concenrates his narrative on the people of a single group  north of Port Morsby, called the Fuyughes, and studies the 'Great Dance', in some detail, including music notation. The danc ceremonies are complex, with preparations extending over months and years. Copy offered is second-hand with excellent dust jacket; inscription in ink on early page. 

** SOLD ** FRANK HURLEY IN PAPUA. Photographs of the 1920-1923 Expeditions.  Jim Specht and John Fields. $80.00
Hardcover, dust jacket, 194 pages. Superb full page black and whitee prints. This is a valuable contribution to the history of PNG - "a unique record of the way of life unhindered by the white man's civilisation". Robert Brown and Associates, 1984.

GARDENS OF WAR. Life and Death in the New Guinea Stone Age. $30.00
Robert Gardner and Karl G. Heider. Introducction by Margaret Mead.
Andre Deutsch Ltd, 1968. Hardcover, dust jacket, 182 pages, Well illustrated in colour and mono. Covers the Dugum Dani peoples of the Grand Valley of Baliem in the central highlands of western New Guinea. At the time they practiced ritual warfare, and were untouched by modern civilisation.

HEAD HUNTERS OF PAPUA  $50.00 A second-hand copy in excellent condition.
Tony Saulnier. Hardcover, dust jacket, 306 pages, well llustrated in colour and mono. Paul Hammlyn , London, 1963. On a journey into the heartland of Papua - quite an adventure.

Gloria Stewart. 
Hardcover, 68 pages. Garrick Press, 1972. Full colour plates of a wide range of masks, canoe shields, drums, flutes, ancestral figures, and pottery. An important reference. 

Christina Dodwell. Th Oxford Illustrated Press, England, 1983. Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pages, colour plates. This is the story of a ytoung Englishwoman who set out to trvel alone through the highlands and jungles of the Sepik River system of Papua New Guinea. It was a remarkable two-year expedition. Her experiences and observation are truly remarkable. Yoiu can be assured that unless PNG gets itself back into some sort of law and order, a lone journey like this by a woman, no matter how adventurous, will not be repeated. New copy offered. 

IN THE MIDST OF LIFE Affect and Ideation in the World of the Tolai. A.L.Epstein. University of California Press, 1992. The Tolai of East New Britain, Papua New Guinea, have embraced the modern world and yet retained their wise culture. This is an indepth study into one of the most remarkabl of New Guinea cultures.  Hardcover, dust jacket, 317 pages, index, notes,bibliography, no images. New copy. $46 

H. Ian Hogbin. London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology Number 26. Univerisity of London, The Athlone Press, 1963. Hardcover, dust jacket, 177 pages. The people under consideration in this professional anthrthropological study are the Busama , where he describes and analyses the life span from birth through infancy, adolescence, marriage, maturity and death. 

** SOLD ** KAIKAI ANIANI       $30.00
A Guide to Bush Foods, Markets and Culinary Arts of Papua New Guinea.
R.J. May. 
Hardcover, dustjacket, 192 pages, well illustrated in colour. Robert Brown and Associates, 1984. A very interesting book describing the foods of Papua New Guinea with many recipes.

** SOLD ** KIAP. Australia's Patrol Ofices in Papua New Guinea. $60.00
James Sinclair.
Hardcover, dust jacket, a-4 size, 294 pages, fully illustrated. Another definitive work from the author who spent 27 years in PNG as a Kiap and administrator. A supern authoratitive, historic,  work and an excellent read. 

** SOLD ** LAND OF THE HULIS  $25.00
Dietmar Plath and Gunter Hartung. Produced by Air Niugini, 1991.
A fine quality hardcover production with excellent colour plates, approx 80 pages. 

The Guide to the Pacific Islands - Earl R.Hinz An excellent guide for visitors, including divers and yachtsmen, to the islands. With maps and many mono photographs. Hard, large format, 384pages.

Journeys through Equatorial New Guinea. $20.00
A.J. Marshall.
Hardcover, no dust jacket, 298 pages, mono photographs. Good condition. William Heinemann Ltd, 1938.

George H. Johnson.
Hardcover, no dust jacket, 260 pages. Angus & Roberston, 1943. Good condition. The author was a war correspondent who covered the early part of the Pacific War. Published before the defeat of Japan.

NEW GUINEA DIARIES 1871 - 1883. Nikolai Nikolaevich Mikloucho-Macklay. Trandslated from the Russian with biographical comments by C.L.Sentinella.  Kristen Press, Madang, Papua new Guinea. This reprint 1975. The diaries are the 'primary data' source for many of this great anthroplogists essays and books and make for very interesting and personal reading.   Softcover, 353 pages, mono prints, a glossary of dialect terms, index, footnotes. Cipy offered is in excelent condition. $38 

** SOLD ** PAPUA NEW GUINEA - The First 100 Years. $50.00
James Sinclair. Hardcover, dust jacket, large format, 186 pages, full colour. Their is no better authority to write this historic text than James Sinclair who spent 27 years as a field officer in PNG. This exceptionally well illustrated book spans the period 1884 - 1984, from the time the colonial era formally began. 

Ernst Loffler. Hardcover, dust jacket, approx 160 pages, full colour plates. Hutchinson of Australia, 1979. A straighforward history of PNG, and current economy, people, settlements, political development physicaol environment and fauna. An excellent book.

James Siers. Very large format, hardcover, dust jacket, 128 pages, full colour.
An excellent photographic essay of PNG. Millwood Press, 1981.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Country of Challenge & Opportunity.  $12.00
A Briefing for Ocerseas Businessmen and Investors. Coopers & Lybrand, 1983. 40 pages, colour. 

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - GEOGRAPHY AND CHANGE  Diana Howlett. Thomas Nelson (Aust) Ltd., Melbourne. 1973 Although a scholarly work, it is easily read and covers eight chapters: Traditional Society, Population Distribution and Demofraphy, Physical Environment, Traditional Economy, Expatriate Primary Industries, Village Economy, Society.  Softcover, 180 pages, mono print, index. Copy is in vry good condition with cover only slightly scuffed.  $28 

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - MOMENT OF TRUTH  Ian Todd. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1874 The author looks at the development of Papua new Guinea: its historical background, its political and economic evolution - and its prospects for a challenging futur. He discuses the problems and achievements of the Australian adninbistration; the controversial Torres Strait Islands question; and the separatist movements; the traditional customs and cults that are still so much a prt of life in Papua New Guinea.  Harcover, dustjacket183 pages, mono and colour prints, tables, index. Includes a map in a pocket on the inside back cover. Book is completely intact, in excellent condition. $45 

The Story Behind the Stamps. $20
James Bentley. Robert Brown & Associates, Bathurst, NSW, 1892. Hardcover, dustjacket, 80 pages, full colour. Full catalog of the stamps produced by the government of Papua New Guinea during the period mentioned, with details of the inspiration and design. 

**** SOLD ****
PAPUA WONDERLAND The story of "the most difficult and dangerous ptrol ever carried out" in Papua New Guinea.  Jack Hides. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1973.  It was Sir Hubert Murray, Lieutenant Governor of Papua who coined the subtitle phrase. Jack Hides led the patrol.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 204 pages, mono prints.  $25 

PARADISE TALES. A selection of stopries from Air Niugini's in-flight magazine. $45.00
Hardcover, dust jacket, 144 pages, full colour - very well presented. All articles are relevant to PNG of course - The Smoked Corpses of Aseki, Sepik Revisited, Equatorial Snow, Sanguma Magic - 42 articles in total. Robert Brown & Associates, 1986.

** SOLD **  PATROL INTO YESTERDAY. My New Guinea Years.  $30.00
Hardcover, dust jacket, 252 pages. Excellent condition. 
The author spent forty years in administration in PNG, and was responsible for the rescue of many hundreds of Australian troops and civilians when the Japanese invaded Rabaul in 1942.

PARLIAMENT OF A THOUSAND TRIBES A Study of New Guinea.  Osmar White. William Heinemann Ltd, 1965 A study of the development of politics in a land where the British, Dutch, and German governments all had a finger in the pie, and now (at the time of publiction) was under Australian and Indonesian control.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pages, mono prints, map, index. Excellent condition. $35 

*** SOLD *** PORT MORESBY - YESTERDAY AND TODAY Ian Stuart.  Pacific Publications, Sydney, 1970.  If only the town had stayed the way it was back in the seventies. Books such as this are simply a reminder of better days, and giv rise to a wish that oneday, Port Moresby will regain its fascination - and safety.  Softcover, 360 pages, mono prints, index, general maps and road maps.  $24 

RABUAL  $8.00
Tourist Infomration Office of east New Britain. Tourist brochure, 28 pages, colour, no date but suggest mid 1980s. 

*** SOLD ***
RAPE OF THE FLY Explorations in New Guinea John Goode. Thomas Nelson, Melbourn, 1977 A story "of determination, rivalry, bitterness and achievemnt in New guinea exploration - an uncensored account of the lives and personalities of Luigiu Maria D'Albertis and Lawrence Hargrave (the same Hargrave so famous in Australia for his aeronautical achievements. It concerns a voyage of 580 miles up up the famous Fly River.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 372 pages, mono prints, index. Copy offered is pristine, as new.  $35

*** SOLD ***
READINGS IN NEW GUINEA HISTORY. Ed. B.Jinks, P.Biskup, H.Nelson.  Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1973.  Over a hundred papers preswented authoratively by a number of scholars, covring many aspects of New Guinea history, administration, the people and their culture, military rule and occupation. A much sought after volume for the scholar of New Guinea.  Hardcover, dust jacket, 453 pages, no images, index. Copy offered is in excellent condition with intact dust jacket. $65 

** SOLD ** SEPIK DIARY  $20.00
Frank Hodgkinson. 
Large format, hardcover, dust jacket, about 120 pages (not numbered wopuld you believe!!). Reid Books, 1084. Text is in handwritten style, with coliur drawings and sketches. 

Frank Clune. 
Hardcover, repaired dust jacket, 356 pages. Angus and roberston, 1951.
Tales of the men and women of New Guinea by one of Australia's most respected authors. 

The Australian Involvement with Papua New Guinea   $25.00
Hank Nelson.  Softcover, 224 pages. Well illustrated in mono.
Based on the 24-part ABC Radio Series by Tim Bowden. Published by the ABC, 1982. Tells the story of Australians in PNG.

A Guide for Buyers. $15.00 Prepared by the Handcrafts Development Branch of the PNG government; no date, possible mid 1980s. A4 size, 44 pages, full colour, many illustrations of artifacts. It appears to have been sold as a catalog. Prices are not included.

Brian Brake, James McNeish, David Simmons. Oxford University Press, 1979. A handsome volume, hardcover, dustjacket, 240 pages, colour and mono prints. Includes Solomon Islands, PNG, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, Fiji, Tonga, Niue, Esater Island, New Zealand. 

James Sinclair. Hardcover, dust jacket, approx 60 pages, full colour. Includes body art. Robert Brown & Assoc. 1977.THE SEPIK - Papua New Guinea.  $10.00
David Holdsworth. A 48-page coliur book on the Sepik region of PNG, mainly photographs. 

SOFTLY, WILD DRUMS - In New Guinea Today  $40.00
Beth Dean & Victor Carell. Ure Smith, Sydny, 1958. Hardcover, dust jacket, mono photographs and a few colour plates. A presentation of New Guinea and people, from the pre-white man days to the current (late fifties), considering native dances and their meaning, trival customs and legends. Copy offered is second-hand in good condition with good dustjacket. Also a copy without a dust jacket, $30

STONE AGE ISLAND Seven Years in New Guinea. Maslyn Williams. Collins, London and Sydney, 1964. An excellent study of the peopl of the Baining area of north-east New Britain, and of the central highlands of New Guinea. Hardcover, dustjacket, 352 pages, index, mono prints, sources. Excellent condition. $42 

*** SOLD ***THAT THEY MIGHT LIVE  Ellen Kettle. F.P.Leonard, Sydney, no date but soon after 1975. "This book is the story of people who, over a period of one hundred years, 1874-1975, devoted their lives to bring Papua new Guinea from a state of savagey to nationhood." It contains contributions from some 186 people who have hd some influence ion whatever manner on the development of the new nation and the supposed welfare of the people. Many of these are missionaries an medical staff.  Softcover, 368 pages, mono prints. After each of its nineteen chapters, which divides th nation into provinces, is a bibliography. Excellent condition except that the front bord cover has been slightly creased.  $45 

*** SOLD *** THE GENTLE SAVAGE Malcolm Wright Lansdowne Prss, Melbourn 1966 An excellent book by a well-respected coastwatcher during the Pacific War (pevious book 'If I Die'), and long-time rsident of New Guinea. Here he tells of his lif as a patrol officer amongst the people he came to love and respect. This is not an academic study, but rather a personal biography of experience and inter-relationships with a vastly different culture than our own.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 172 pages, mono prints. Excellent condition.  $42 

THE HOT LAND - Focus On New Guinea John Ryan. Macmillan, South Melbournbe, 1969. This is the story of New Guinea "as it appears to oner who is deeply involved in events on the island and who has the ability to communicate his own sense of urgency to the reader."  Here is a portrait gllry of the most diverse characters, those who have given shape to the history of New Guinea and Wet Irian, those whose lives have been changed by the impact of European civilization and those who have rejected the ways of the white man.    Hardcover, dustjacket, 390 pages, mono prints, chronology, surprisingly no index. Excellent. as-new copy offered.  $55

*** SOLD ***
THE HOUSE IN THE RAIN FOREST. Charis Crockett.  Hutchinson & Co, London, pre 1942.  'Life among the cannibals of New Guinea described in a book filled with exotic colour, strange customs and entertaining tories'. The author and her husband lived in New Guinea uner direction of the Philadelphia Acdemy of Natural Sciences.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 158 pages, mono photographs. Book is in excellent condition; dustjacket towrn but predominantly intact.  $28

THIS IS PAPUA NEW GUINEA  Papua New Guinea Government Office of Information, 1980. A very informative book published by the government, so all very positive stuff. Covers The Land and the People, Government, Economy, Communications, Administration, Tourism.  Hardcover, dustjacket, slipcover, 182 pages, full colour, no index, includes mp of PNG slipped in next to back cover (and never opened). Copy offered is new with only the slip cover scuffed.  $35 

Tim Flannery. Text Publishing, Melbourne 1998. Softcover, 326 pages, colour prints. 
The bstseller book cover the adventures of the author, a well respected naturalist and adventurer, in the mountains of New Guinea, where he befriends tribes that have rarely seen a white man. A fascinating study. New copy. 

TWENTY-ONE YEARS IN PAPUA - A History of the English Church Mission in New Guinea 1891-1912) .Arthur Kent Chignell. A.R.Mowbray & Co., Ltd., London, 1913.  The first bishop of New Guinea was thje Righjt-Rev. Montgu John Stone-Wigg. Mentions the districts of Collingwood Bay, Goodenough Bay, Mamba River.  Hardcover, no dustjacket, 156 pages, excellent mono prints intect, fold-out map inside back cover intact. Excellent condition. $74

UNDER THE MOUNTAIN WALL A Chronicle of Two Seasons in a Newly Discovered Stone-Age Tribe of New Guinea Peter Matthiessen. Heinemann Ltd, London, 1963. An essay on the Kurelu people high in the mountain of New Guinea, as witnessed during the Harvard-Peabody Expedition in 1961.  Harcover, dustjacket, 206 pages, mono prints, index. Very good condition. $36.00 

UP FROM SOUTH. A Porspector in New Guinea 1931-1937.  $45.00
Jack O'Neill, edited by James Sinclair. Oxford University Prss, Melbourne, 1979. Hardcover, dust jacket, 199 pages, a few mono photographs. Gold drew mny a porspector into the wilds of New Guinea. Some did not survive, and very few made a fortune. The author prospected around the Wu, Bulolo, Edie Creek, Ramu and Waria districts, which much of his time at Nauti Creek on the edge of forbidden territory, th lnd of the bloody Kukukuku tribe. This is a unique record of how the prospectos lived in such primitive conditions and their interaction with the locals. New copy offered, spine slightly faded form exposure. 

** SOLD ** VOLCANO TOWN. The 1937-43 Rabaul Eruptions. $25.00
R.W. Johnson and N.A. Threlfall.
Hardcover, dust jacket, 152 pages, well illustrated in mono. Very interesting and historic book, particularly in light of the more recent eruptions which have devastated the town. Robert Brown and Associates, 1985.

WHERE THE SPIRITS DWELL. An Odyssey in the Jungles of New Guinea.  $35.00
Tobias Schneebaum. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1988. Hardcover, dust jacket, 212 pages, mono prints. The author, born in New Guinea, returned on a journey to track down artefacts for an ethnographic museum in the USA, and becam,e intimately involved in the life and rituals of the remote Asmat tribes which not only condone male same sex relationships but demand it. A remrkable study of a people the world has all but forgotten. 

How the Aeroplane Developed in New Guinea. $60.00
James Sinclair. 
First published by Pacific Publications, 1978. This edition by Robert Brown & Assoc. 1983. Hardcover, dust jacket, 326 pages. The definitive work on the subject by an authority on PNG.  Well illustrated in mono. 

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