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On the early morning of February 17th, 1944, at the height of the war in the Pacific, United States Naval forces launched a daring air raid, codenamed "Operation Hailstone", on the Japanese military stronghold of Truk Lagoon in Micronesia. As a result of the raid more than 270 Japanese planes were destroyed and 50 ships sent to the bottom of the lagoon. More than 65 years later the Shipwrecks of Truk have become a mecca for sport divers. They travel from around the world to witness first hand these underwater relics both steeped in history and enriched with magnificent marine life that is a wonder to behold. From 2003 until 2008 Mike Gerken lived and worked in Truk Lagoon in the recreational diving business and amassed one of the largest collections of underwater video, archival film and still images ever assembled and spent four years producing this documentary on Truk Lagoon. Included within this two disc DVD: Two hour feature film with more than thirty minutes of scenes with rare archival film and still images depicting detailed history of Truk Lagoon. Seventeen wrecks highlighted in stunning underwater video. Interview with Kimio Aisek, legendary dive guide and eye witness to Truk Lagoon. Dive at Shark Pass. Still Image Slideshow Presentation. Trailer Video for "The Wreck of the SS President Coolidge". This is a must have for any Truk diving enthusiast, anyone interested in diving Truk Lagoon or even any WWII history buff.  $38.00. 
An Oral History on film.
Produced by Garry Kerr.
These guys were crazy!! Having just done a three-day hard-hat course, I am of course an expert on the matter, and clearly recognise the dangers that the early pearl divers faced. But did they know of the dangers! They saw the results of the bends but did they know how to prevent them? Were they so desperate to earn a living that they had to face the unknown ‘terrors of the deep' - the sharks, huge groupers and giant clams? Garry Kerr's excellent DVD answers these questions through the candid, fascinating, interviews with some of the men who donned a hard-hat on Thursday Island after the war - after the Japanese, who had dominated the pearling industry prior to the Pacific War, had departed the island. You really warm to these men who clearly did not do it just for the money - it was clearly an exciting, adventurous way of life. What makes this DVD all the more fascinating is the excellent still and movie footage of the divers - being dressed, underwater, raising their ‘catch' of the eagerly sought Mother of Pearl. To see the equipment and the men using it is, to use the modern generation buzzword in its true context - awesome. Of course I am no expert on standard dress, but what little I know certainly assists in understanding what these men went through. What is particularly incredible, and would normally be missed by the general public viewer, is that these pearl divers did not wear full diving dress; they simply went down in what appears to be their dungarees or overalls, and balanced the heavy copper helmet over their heads just before they slipped off the ladder. Their argument was that if there was any danger, they could simply pop out from under the helmet and head for the surface unaided by surface tenders. They thought that the heavy dress, as worn by the divers at Broome, was cumbersome.  Some later relented, partly anyway, and wore ‘half dress'; where the helmet and breastplate was attached to an upper body suit that was sealed at the waist. This gave them better in-water mobility that the full suit, but it still ‘trapped' them inside the helmet if anything did go wrong. The pearlimg industry at Thursday Island lasted not much more than a decade after the end of the Pacific war as plastics outstripped the need for mother of pearl. We must be grateful to Garry Kerr for recording the memories of these most courageous divers now well into their twilight years. Of further interest in the documentary movie is several very interesting extracts of a 1960 government film unit documentary called 'Pearlers of the Coral Seas', and the famous Chips Rafferty film ‘King of the Coral Sea', which, incidentally, gave Rod Taylor his start. The documentary goes for sixty minutes; there is also an addition fifty minutes of interviews. And as a bonus we have the innimitable Frank Zeigler from Professional Diving Services at Portland commenting on health and hazard issues, giving an excellent lucid account of the bends and nitrogen narcosis. A wonderful record for anyone interested in the pearling industry and especially in the latters years of commercial hard-hat diving.  $30.00
DVD - Filmed and produced by Max Gleeson. Narration by Dave Pearson.
Running time: 68 minutes.
The Tragic Trio recalls the events surrounding a short but disasterous period of Australia's maritime history: between December 1918 and May 1919, three colliers foundered within sight of the coastline. The sudden loss of the Undola, Myola and Tuggerah took the lives of twenty-six men and led to a Royal Commission into the operations of the coal ships running between Sydney, Newcastle and the Illawarra coal fields - ths sixty-niners as they were called. Combining stunning underwater footage of the shipwrecks and their associated marine life with archival film and images, maritime historian and underwater photographer Max Gleeson recreates the events of each disaster, examining the individual wreck sites for evidence that may have led to the loss of these ‘sixty milers'. Good grief - I called them sixty-niners above - what was I thinking about!. 
Filmed by Mike Gerken.
Run time: 60 minutes. 
The luxury liner - troopship SS President Coolidge is the worlds largest most accessible shipwreck, lying a short swim off the beautiful tree-lined coast of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu, South Pacific. It attracts hundreds of divers each year as she lies on her side in calm, generally clear waters, within easy reach for the experienced sport diver. Film maker Mike Gerken has created an excellent DVD showing early historic footage of the vessel as a passenger liner, before succumbing to a mine in th Segond Channel at Luganville in 1942 when fitted as a troop carrier. The underwater footage gives an excellent image of how she lies now; a fine memory of those who have dived the ship, or perhaps anticipate to do so. Little wonder it is one of the world's most popular shipwrecks. 
For further information on the ship, and the book, The Lady and the President, enter here. $38.00
Filmed by George Evatt.
Australia's temperate water contain more species of marine life than the northern tropical seas, and yet most books and DVDs concentrate on the Barrier Reef. This is to deny the wonders of the temperate seas which have been superbly captured on this DVD. There is over 100 minutes of exceptional movie footage, plus interactive menus detailing some 180 species of fish. Five additional movies on temperate waters are also included. It is a great DVD, not only for the temperate water diver, but for anyone wishing to have a better understanding and appreciation of the sharks, rays, reef and pelagic fish, seahorses and all mnner of mrine life. Ideal also for school education, marine bilogy classes, dive club, dive shops, the sport diver, and of course the non-diver. 
We don't sell these videos but we include them as they may be of interest to you, as they are to me. Go direct to the supplier.
If you have dived fabulous Truk Lagoon, or plan to, this video is a must. It combines excellent historic footage and interviews with underwater footage of just a few of the wrecks, and a search for the last of the lost ships of Truk, the Katsuragisan Maru. The video features interviews with Kimeo Aisek and Klaus Lindemann, both of whom have passed away. 
Produced by Wet Film/Dusmar Productions, producers Nick Versteeg and Gary Bridges, directed by Eva Wunderman. 
Running time: 47 minutes. Available in PAL and NTSC.
Contact: Wet Film/Dusmar Productions, 3540 West 35th Avenue, Vancouver, Canada, V6N 2N5. Phone/fax: (604) 263-9842.
In July 1909 the passenger liner SS Waratah was lost without trace off South African's eastern seaboard. The search for the Waratah has been the ambition of many, as its discovery may give some clue as to what happened to the ship. One of those dedicated men is Emlyn Brown, South African director of the local chapter of NUMA - National Underwater and Marine Agency, headed by the bestselling author Clive Cussler. This video documents the exciting search for the ship right up to January 2001, using the most sophisticated of methods. No doubt the illusive liner will be found one day, and no doubt by Emlyn Brown and his team. The video runs for about 26 minutes. 
Available from NUMA.
We have had a few enquires about Ben Cropp videos. Best to contact Philip Holt at the Shipwreck Museum, P.O.Box 5458, Cairnss Mail Centre, Queensland 4870, Australia. Email  madive@smartchat.net.au
One of Australia's leading underwater cinematographers, Walt Deas, has released this excellent video. The award-winning photographer whose credits include 'Life on Earth' and 'The Living Planet' with David Attenborough, filmed 'Quest' in the waterss of Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Antarctica, Faeroe islands, the Azores and in Scotland. 
To obtain a copy, contact Walt direct at Seawest Productions, 
11 Platypus Avenue, Sorrento, Queensland 4217, Australia.
Phone: (07) 5538 8231. Cost is $29.95 plus postage.
Ask also about his video on "THE BASKING SHARK".
Email address is walterdeas@netspace.net.au
Web is walterdeas@netspace.net.au
 Walt also has a new video out on "HERON - THE CORAL ISLAND"
$25.00 incl postage. Contact Walt direct.
Neil Harris at Absolute Scuba n' Snorkelling has made an excellent video on diving the President Coolidge at Espiritu Santo. I have seen a 'first edition' tape and it certainly does bring back memories. Contact Neil at
Absolute Scuba 'n' Snorkelling, 6/1 Dan Street, Capalaba, Qld, 4157
Email abscuba@diveshow.com.au
Remember those old episodes of Seahunt starring Lloyd Bridges? Well, perhaps not - depends how old you are. But if you are in my age bracket - that is, you were born in the first half of the last century, then you would have been sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and wondering if our hero would escape from the steel tank containing man-eating sharks suspended over Niagara Falls - well, something like that. He always did of course. Lloyd Bridges was indeed one of the pioneers of diving. He may have been a middle-rate actor but he certainly inspired many amateur divers, and the Seahunt series were great fun. Now you can  obtain the videos of the series - great for club nights of nostalgia, to hype up the hero hormones, to relive the tension, or simply to see what us oldies keep raving about.
Jim's Rare Serials.
Oceans Enterprises, 303 Commercial Road, Yarram, Vic 3971, Australia.