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Every one of these books is superb, with exceptional underwater photography. All books are hard cover, and of excellent quality. Although other books listed in this catalog also have superb underwater photographs, the books in this section are specifically pictorial. These books provide inspiration and make excellent gifts.

OCEANIC WILDERNESS.  Roger Steene.  $85.00. 
Roger Steene has done it again. This remarkable Australian photographer is well known for his images in many underwater pictorials including his Nature's Richest Realm. Oceanic Wildnerness is a massive book, in physical size, and exceptional content. Weighing in at just over 3 kilos, and 280 x 325mm in size, it is a remarkable record of marine life taken with extraordinary skill and perception. The exquisite beauty of form, colour, and motion of marine life is profusely illustrated in over 600 colour photographs covering 312 pages. Five years in preparation, Oceanic Wilderness visits geographic extremities from the Caribbean to the East Pacific, Japan to the South and West Pacific, temperate and tropical Australia to Southeast Asia, through the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and places in between. Take a fascinating journeyfrom helicopter to deep reef, drifting in mid ocean to tropical island and lagoon; from microscope to tidepool, from kelp to coral, from cold water to warm, from day to night. A number of subjects are featured here for the first time and have never been recorded before.The text has been co-authored with Dr Gerry Allan one of the world's leading reef fish biologists. 
What I particularly enjoyed about the book was the rather unique display of similar and same species - the pread on scorpion fishes for example, or the beautifully presented ‘panels' of invertebrate close-ups.  The diversity of marine life and photography technique is exceptional. This is a must book for any library. No longer available.
THE GREAT BARRIER REEF. A World Heritage National Park
Photos by Gary Bell. Text by Tony Ayling.
"Be enchanted by the miraculous living wonder of the Great Barrir Reef. Colour stream from every page as art and science unite to compel raders to share in the discovery and conservation of the Earth's most beautiful habitat. Informative text, penned by esteemed marine biologist Dr Tony Ayling, coupled with award-winning photogarpher Gary Bell's vibrant underwater photography, charts the evolution, composition and day-to-day workings of the exquisite, enigmatic ecosystem". Thats from the fly of the book. To me, its a nice book of delightful photrographs that capture the essence of the Great Barrier Reef in straighforward, functional, descriptive images. With Ayling's professional yet easy to read text, the book extends beyond the traditional coffee-table picture book, into a valuable document on this marvellous of all reef systems. And it's photographed and written by Aussies, and published by an Aussie (but printed in China - you can't win ‘em all!). Hardcover, dustjacket, large landscape format, full colour throughout, 224 pages, index. Would make a great gift, not just for divers. $59.95 No longer available from us but should be available from Steve Parish Publishing.
Michael Aw.
The photography of Michael Aw, in its quality, imagination, production, and prolification, is nothing but outstanding. There are insufficient superlatives to define his work, and yet, each new volume contains images that literally bring tears of appreciation, for their beauty and uniqueness. Most ‘coffee-table' books retain interest for a brief browse: here we have a book that should remain permanently on the coffee table, and when in a dour mood, pick it up and embrace the images. Your demeanour will change and any misery forgotten. But there are more thn just pretty pictures. Aw embraces the ocean environment with a genuine desire to ensure that his children - and yours and mine - will be able to see for themselves the wonderful marine creatures that he freezes in time. 
This is an ideal gift for yourself - and for anyone whom you know who loves the ocean and its inhabitants. And check out Alexandra on the last page; will her children see what she sees? A brilliant book.
Large format, approx. Square, dustjacket, full colour throughout (with several remarkable mono shots). Comes complete with a Video DVD. 
If Indonesian waters are regarded as having some of the richest reefs in the world, then Michael Aw has captured them superbly. Not since Newbert's Within a Rainbowed Sea has there been such a magnificent production. All of the images are excellent - some exceptionally stunning. And I particularly like the amusing captions, a play on words, which includes a one line description of the marine life, and the location. The book is sectioned by location, with a few pages of introduction on the region before the photographic spread. Most images are full page - some spread over two pages, others may be grouped in twos or threes. This is an ideal book as representative of the exotic marine life of Indonesia, perhaps as a reminder of a past visit, anticipation of the future, or for anyone who appreciates the marine world - and exceptional photography. That the book is endorsed by the President of Indonesia herself is beside the point. If you don't appreciate the excellent photography then you may as well give up diving. An ideal gift. The production of the book, its layout and style, complements the images. Large format 290 x 270 mm, hardcover, dustjacket, 180 pages, gloss art high quality paper. 
Michael Aw and Steven Wong.
"Why do humans insist on destroying the sea... the very resource that keeps us all alive?". Such is the quotation at the begining of this excellent book. If this gives you an indication that Celebrate the Sea promotes environment protection you could well be right as its shows the marine life of the oceans in dramatic form, from a drifting salp chain to a huge humpback - there is beauty is their very existence. The images range from macro to extreme wide angle, all delightful in their composition and colour, setting a mood that truly relaxing. The text in informative (the creature and its habitat) and also personal, expressing the photographers mood.  After being absorbed into the tranqulity of the underwater world, the book ends on a more sober note, mentioning the indicriminate destruction of marine life for a number of deplorable reasons. Softcover, 280 x 275 pages, 180 pages, full colour. $46.00
Sorry, all sold.
Michael Aw. 
The sea of Sarawak is one of the most prolific for marine life anywhere in the world and thus provides international photographer Michael Aw with outstanding subject matter. Like all of his publiations, this is a superb book, superbly produced with superb photographs. 
Hardcover, dustjacket, 126 pages, full colour of course. 
Sorry, but I have only the one copy left. $55.00. Sorry, sold.
Carl Roessler.
Nice work from this nomadic travel agent who covers the Caribbean, Red Sea, Micronesia, PNG, Fiji, and a few other 'Islands of Spellbinding Beauty'. An upmarket divers guide to the world's top dive sites with examples of Roessler's excellent underwater photography. 
Hardcover, 216p, full colour, large format 240x300mm.
Roger Steene.
One of the finest books on life in the coral seas. Shot on the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, Indian and Pacific Ocean islands and reefs, it features Steene's superb photography. The text is brief but valuable. The book is now out of print and will no doubt become a collectors item. 
Limited stock available. 
Hardcover, dust jacket, 336p, large format, gloss art paper, full colour. $65.00
A superb book, now well out of print. We have no copies. Suggest you chase up through the second-hand bookshops. 
Adventures of an Underwater Photographer.
Paul S. Auerbach, MD.
The author is better known in the USA for his excellent photography and other publications. 
This is both an inspirational small coffee table book covering several mjor dive region in the world, the marine animals and terrain, expressed with fine photography and text. Eight chapters cover: Apo Reef (Pgilippines), Truk and Pohnpei, The Caribban, the Red Sea, Galapagos Islands, Fiji Islands, Palau, and our own Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. The marine life is covered well in each area, woth single page photo-text essays. Certainly the region covered have some of the finest diving in the world. This would make an excellent gift, a guide to future diving dreams, or a souvenir of places visited. 
Hardcover, dustjacket, 236 pages, full colour on gloss art paper. $45.00
Editor Jack Jackson.
What a superb book. The photography is excellent, and the text lucid and informative. So where are thse top coral reefs. Sections include The Caribbean, Indian Ocan, Red Sea, eastern and western Pacific, the Great barrier Reef of course, Melanesia, Hawaii. Authors include Michael Aw, Bob Halstead, Angie Belcher, Ann Storrie, all of whom are familiar to Australian divers. This is a large format book, 176 pages, full brilliant colour throughout. Apart from being an exception book to own, for inspiration and memories, it would also make a wonderful gift for any diver, irrespective of experience. 
OCEAN - Photographs from the World's Greatest Underwater Photographers.
Boyce Thorne-Miller. Foreward by Sylvia Earle. 
And who are they - according to the publishers, Jean-Michel Cousteau, David and Anne Doubilet, Roger Payne, Howard Ghall, Carl Roessler, Bob Talbot, Chris Newbert and Birgitte Wilms, Norbert Wu, Amos Nachoum - well, I didn't make the list so what credibility has this book? I'd like to say that it is a fine collection, but some of the shots are quite ordinary. It is an interesting book however, moreso for the text which has a strong ecological theme. Did you know that actor Ted Danson was co-founder of the American Oceans Campaign - he has an article in the book. Limited copies available.
Very large vertical format, hardcover, dust jacket, full colour, 240 pages. $65.00
OUT OF THE BLUE - A Journey Through the World's Oceans
Paul Horsman.  $54.95
It is difficult to categorise this book as it covers such a diverse number of themes; ideal for the diver but also for anyone interested in the world's oceans. The cover blurb says it all: It is a stunning portrayal of the wealth of living creatures, from seemingly unremarkable plants and planktonto the awe-inspiring Giant Squid.... from plankton to coral reefs, with an emphasis as to how the different elements within the oceans interact. The author is marine biologist. The photograph are exceptional in quality, informative, and relevant to the topic. For the diver, it givs a greater perspective of the marine environment which he/she enjoys so much, and to anyone who has not had the pleasur of experiencing for themselves life benath the waves, it prvides a greater understanding. 
A great book for the diver's own library, and as a gift for the yet to be initiated. Extra large format(320 x 245 mm), full colour throughout, 160 pages, harcover with dust jacket. 
Michele and Howard Hall. Forward by Peter Benchley. 
A stunning collection of brilliant photographs of the marine world by one of America's finest underwater photographers (author of Successful Underwater Photography). Many images were taken in Australian temperate waters, as well as the Great Barrier Reef, and Papua new guinea. The text is brief but sufficinet to add to the enjoyment of the image, giving a personal perspective of the scene by the photographer. Basd on a five part award-winning documentary of the same name. 
Large format, hardcover with d/jkt, 162 pages, full color.
SPLENDORS OF THE SEAS - The Photographs of Robert Wu.
Wu's photographs place him in the top category of international underwater photographers, with credits in National Geographic, Audubon and hundreds of books and magazines. He combines an artists eye with skills as a marine biologist in capturing the marine life from the Arctic Seas to the GBR, Borneo and elsewhere. Australia is well featured. Divided into chapters -the Open Sea, the Coral reef, the Sand Communities, the Kelp Forrest, the Deep Sea. Although predominantly a photographic essay, the text is sufficient to educate. 
Hard cover, dust/jkt, full colour large format, 252 pages, art paper, superbly produced. Limited editions available.
Bob and Dinah Halstead. 
Those of you who have visited Papua New Guinea will know Bob and Dinah Halstead, and many would be familiar with their excelent articles in dive magazines, and dive guide books. Their latest title,  The Coral reefs of Papua New Guinea, is a superb book. It may well have been published with the assistance of aid funding for the International Year of the Coral Reef (1997), and the International Year of the Oceans (1998), but the end result is more than just an ecological awareness promotion. This is a magnificent book, very well designed, and made exceptional by the surperb photography of the three authors ( the other is the Italian Sergio Sarta). The marine life illustrated in the book is unique; the authors know how to capture a subject and do it such a manner that the end result is a beautiful photograph, combining art with technique. The text is concise and relevant. If you have dived anywhere in Papua New Guinea, this is a wonderful momento. If you are into superb photography, then it deserves a place in your library. And look at the value. Hardcover, dustjacket, quality art paper, full colour, half and full page photographs, 208 pages.  $49.95 Review
Constantinos Petrinos
Hardcover, dustjacket, large A4+ format, 256 pages, full clour throughout, references, index.
A beautiful photographic essay shot predominantly in Indonesian waters - the Flores Sea,m Sulawesi Sea, Molucca Sea. The text compliments the excellent photographs, divided into chapters related to the families of mqrine life, and their bhaviour - the coral reef, survival recipes, innovative housing, reef sex, crinoid communities, snails and nudibranchs, seahorses and pipefishes, fishes. 
Sorry, no longer available.
Chris Newbert. 
An incredible book - absolutely brilliant - arguably the finest collection of underwater photographs ever produced. Newbert is one of the few photographers regarded as a true artist, with an incredible perception of form and beauty. The photographic reproduction does justice to Newbert's exceptional photographs. His book has become the standard on which to judge other underwater pictorials. Newbert has put underwater photography on a the high professional plateau that it deserves. His work has changed the perceptions of so many people, of the world within the sea, and of photography itself. 
A definite collector's item - brilliant. Hardcover, dw, large format, full colour. 202 pages. $120.00
Sorry, no longer available. Copies are available through the second-hand trade. 
Diving with a Camera. Stephen Frink. 
Frink is a well-known undrwater cameraman in the USA with thousands of published photographs to his credit. This excellent book notm only shows of his work, but covers the techniques and equipment used to create them.
Hardcover, dust jacket, 160 pages, full colour of course.

The era of the Nikonos and housed film-cameras is virtually over. Digital photography is quite obviously the way of the future, and certainly in terms of cost per image taken, it is the way to go. The results are now quite spectacular and the likes of Aw, and Doubilet, use only digital now. Pewrhaps there remain the purist who will continue to use film underwater but I suspect thgis would only incur if the photographer had a substantial investment in 'old' equipment. Thus the books listed immediately below are of much lesser interest now, despite their exceptional value in terms of content when film was being used. Perhaps the only one that is of continuing value is Jim Church's Essential Guide to Composition. I don't believe Jim is still with us, and I wonder what he would have thought of the digital revolution. Certainly it was around in its embyo days when he was alive. 
De Couet & Green. 
Still the definitive text on underwater photographic techniques, the Nikonos systems (not the RS), housed cameras, and strobes. Excellent diagrams, ideas and instruction; high on technique and maintenance. Ideal for beginner to advanced photographer. A valuable text and a must for anyone serious about underwater photography. Even the digital photographer would benefit from this book. 
Hardcover, 394p, full colour throughout. 
Excellent value 
Was $48.00 - now $20.00. Still an exceptional book of content value.
Ron Church. 
First published in 1971, it gives the basics of underwater photography, a primer for anyone contemplating entering the exciting field of underwater photography. 
Softcover, 64 pages, full colour.$12.00
Well out of print. and although still useful for composition, it refers to film cameras, not digital.
This replaces the popular Nikonos Handbook which is now well out-of-print. Includes the new RS system. Why is underwater photography different to terrestrial photography? The technical side is covered, as is the artistic - composition, lighting, subject; films and use of strobe and ambient lighting. Handling and maintenance of the Nikonos V takes up a major part of the book, and is followed by use of the new RS system. Macro photography is included. A good chapter on general maintenance. 
A must for the Nikonos user.
Softcover, 268p, colour throughout. $38.00.
Now $12.00 whilst stocks last - or $5 if you buy anything else - just ask. There are still a few Nikonos users around.
‘A Simplified Approach to Taking Better Underwater Pictures'. This is a companion title to Church's very popular Essential Guide to Nikonos Systems, although it matters not what type of camera you use. Without composition you have a snapshot, not a photograph. Using examples from his own extensive library, and from other photographers, Church describes the photographs - how they were shot, and why. Anyone even moderately serious in improving their underwater photography would benefit from this excellent book. 
Softcover, 136 pages, full colour, index, selected references.
$38.00. Still a very useful book, but I'll reduce to $25.00. Review
Was a most valuaable book to all underater photographs - and still is. But we have no copies and it is well out of print.
Jim and Cathy Church.
Excellent text for use of strobe photography. Some of the equipment mentioned is out-of-date but this is still a useful book as techniques remain the same. First published 1984, it is still relevant as the book covers more the actual use of a strobe, and the various types of strobes, rather than any prticular bank name. 
Softcover, 100p. 
$12.00.  Pretty useless now, but if you want one, ask for it when you purchase something else.
Herb Taylor. 
First published 1977, Amphoto, New York. 
Hardcover, dust jacket, 160 pages, mono prints throughout, 12 colour plates. 
Covers the Nikonos II and III, and one chapter on housings. Despite being more than a quarter of a century old, this is a still a valuable reference as the Nikonos II and III are still used as they were rugged,  reliable and able to be maintained after a dunking. And the magnificent 15mm lens is still sought after and used by the top photographers. Covers virtually all you need to know to take underwater   photographs with the Nikon gear. Nothing on history other than a brief mention of the Calypso-Phot as expected. 
From the fly: More than a camera manual, Underwater with the Nikonos and Nikon Systems is a practical guide to underwater photography with the cameras most often taken below the water's surface. From the original Calypso to the Nikonos III, the amphibious system that made underwater photography a reality for the sport diver is explained in detail. And for ttte diver who wants the advantages of a full-range single-lens reflex system, methods for taking the Nikon family of land cameras underwater are also discussed,
In addition to cameras, lenses, and housings, all the auxiliary equipment necessary for making successful underwater pictures is covered: electronic flash units, flashbulb units, close-up lenses, extension tubes, light meters, connectors, arms and brackets, and more.
Mr. Taylor also provides information on transporting your equipment easily and safely, tips on periodic maintenance, and solid advice on the techniques of underwater photography. Woven throughout the book are practical bits of information that will help the novice to get results and the advanced photographer to improve his skills. With the equipment mentioned and the advice within, taking pictures underwater will become almost as easy as taking pictures in air.
Copy on offer is in excellent condition with original dust-jacket in library-quality protective film, a collector's delight $20.00 

Martin Edge.    $79.00.    *** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  ***  New Edition
We are now seeing a few books on underwater digital photography as print film is consigned to the archives of obsolete technology.  Although I am told it is sooooo much easier than using the old 35mm film cameras, there is little value in complacency, as technique and creativity is still required, naturally. I am also told by those who have progressed from film to digital that this book is th ‘bible', a must have for anyone now using digital equipment. And I can see why. Its medium format, 392 pages are crammed with full colour photographs. Sections covered are: The Basics and Beyond, The Digital Revolution, Using SLR Cameras and Compact Digitals Underwater, The Mindset (brilliant!! - the ‘approach' to sucesful underwater photography, and The Big Four (composition, lighting, close-up, and wide angle). You could not find a better book on the subject.
Medium format, 392 pages, full colour throughout, glossary, index. 
(Personal comment - if ever a book has tempted me to ‘get back into it', this is the one. But it is several years since I sold my Nikonos equipment. Now I'm too old, too tired, too broke, and much infatuated with my family that those days are gone. But the memories...)  Sorry, but we have no stock. The book is sure to be in print. Try any book dealer wirthy of the name.
Michael Aw and Mathieu Meur.
A most useful book covering the new technology of photography. The five modules or sections are: Digital Essentials, Shooting Digital Underwater, The Art of Underwater photography, The Digital Darkroom, Beyond the Basics. Perhaps half of the book is common with standrad film underwater photography, the rest is pure digital; the digital darkroom is especially interesting and of course unique now to digitised images. An excellent book for anyone contemplating digital underwater photography or who has just entered the field. Siftcover, 150 x 210mm, 128 pages, full colour throughout. 
Michael Aw with Mathieu Meur.
Advanced Composition & Shooting Methods. Deeper Into Photo Editing Techniques. Deeper into Workflow & Asset Management. Learning with the Masters: Doug Perrin, David Doubilet, Alex Mustard, Stephen Frink.
A companion to: An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography by Michael Aw and Mathieu Meur. The author is well-known for his exceptional photography expressed through his several photographoc books and exceptional dive magazine. This book takes the subject further, commencing with ‘Advanced Digital Essentials', and extending into ‘Advanced Techniques'. The ‘lessons' are illustrated by example, with a full description of when, where and how the image has been shot. The final section is of particular use to the more advanced photographer who is, or aims to be, a professional in that his or her work is placed on the market or used in publication.  Softcover, 132 x 210mm, 128 pages, full colour throughout. $25.00. 
Jill Heinerth
(Adapted from the blurb:) A comprehensive guide to digitol underwater photography techniques, equipment, editing and arrtistry. The manual includes tips, secrets and stories stories from the author's expeditions around the world as an underwater photographer and film maker. Scuba divers of all levels of experience and background will enjoy this easy  to understand handbook. Techniques are demonstrated using the author's library of award-winning images. 
Softcover, 88 pages, 7 x 10 inch, full colour throughout. Chapters include: The Basics; Environment; Equipment; The Dive; Physics; The Artistry; Workflow. A well produced guide easily read and understood by the novice and advanced photographer looking for ideas. 
Computer Applications for Photo Enhancement and Presentation. 
Jack and Sue Drafahl. 
Underwaterphotography lends itself to computer manipulation of images as the potential to ‘improve' the image is so great. Eliminate backscatter, move that fish a bit to the right, delete the other diver's fins behind the main subject, add another shark or two...  Is it legitimate photography? Of course it is. Image manipulation may contravene the rules of a photographic competition, but for commercial or personal use, the end result is what counts, irrespective of how it was ‘captured'. This book is excellent, the first of its kind that I know of, to address the specific problems of underwater images. And the knowldge gained is of course applicable to all images. Chapters include, the digital process, scanning images, resolution, photo software, image adjustments, photographic curves, backscatter, grain reduction etc etc - and ‘The Ethics of Photo Manipulation'. The book considers the use of Adobe Photoshop in its examples, but any photo software is applicable. 
Softcover, 224 pags, full colour throughout.
Jack and Sue Drafahl
Digital versus film? There is no argument any more. Digital is the way to go, for many many reasons, especially for underwater photographers. But just what are the differences? Technically the equipmenbt varies considerably, but how about technique of use. The principles of exposure, depth of field, composition, lens selection remain similar - but not identical. The film underwater photographer will have little problem switching across to digital. And there is the added benefit of not worrying about running out of film, airport x-ray machines, heat and storage on trips. Care is still required but life is getting easier. This book gives an excellent grounding on the equipment and its use, and whereas the basic principles of (underwater) photography are still mentioned, the authors concentrate on the specific use of digital equipment and how it differs from traditional film equipment. Softcover, A4 format, 126 pages, full colour throughout, index.  $48.00

Steven Barsky, Lance Milbrand & Mark Thurlow.
Not having the skills of an underwater videographer, I can only quote from the cover blurb, which ttes that this book will "take you from beginning through advanced underwater video skills, and has the following sections: camera selection, housing selection, accessories, shooting topside in the marine environment, shooting underwater, lighting, travel, maintenance, editing... and much more". Howard Hall gives it a great rap: "This book is a must have for anyone aspiring to produce professional quality underwater video". 
Softcover, 192 pages, mono photographs and drawings, index. $42.00
John Boyle.
An essential guide to underwater videography wth tips on equipment, techniques and how to make money from your hobby. The author is a British award-winning film-maker. The book is a most practical guide with the author not afraid of sharing some of his mistakes and disasters. It includes buying equipment, practical filming, lighting, specific filming techniques, advanced techniques, making a film, selling your work, travelling. It is a very personal book which will enlighteen and encourage any underwater film maker.
Softcover, 128 pages, full colour throughout.
Sorry, no longer available.
Another classic guide by the master of underwater photography instruction, Jim Church. Covers all the essentials as the name indicates, including equipment selection, shooting techniques, editing and graphics. Softcover, 208 pages, many colour photographs. Excellent book. Includes free copy of Litchen's Cinematography Underwater.
Based on tape video, but still very useful for digital video - same techniques.
A Complete Guide to the Equipment and Techniques for Shooting, Editing, and Post-Production. Softcover, 256p, full colour, many diagrams.
Based on tape video, but still very useful for digital video - same techniques.
The only movie guide of its kind. Some techniques are useful for video.  Softcover. 64 pages. 
Ask for a free copy when you buy something else.

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