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This page lists the titles that we have published ourselves. Not all our published titles are specifically relevant to divers, but we would like to include them here as they may be of interest. Our first effort many many years ago, in 1980, was Dive Australia which is now in its fourth edition. In 1989 we were delighted to have Australia's foremost maritime history writer Jack Loney come aboard, and we managed to put out four volumes in his Wrecks On.... series. Sadly Jack passed away in 1995.
And Other Maritime Incidents. 
The Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks includes no less than 15,600 alphabetic entries of vessels of all rigs, sizes, and shapes, that have been lost, or involved in a major maritime incident. It includes vessels lost on 'The Australia Run', and vessels lost anywhere in the world, providing they have some connection with Australia, through previous arrival in Australia, construction, or ownership. The Encyclopedia is the definitive reference on Australian ship losses. Such a listing has never before been achieved. That it has now been published is due to the extensive primary research of some three hundred authors of shipwreck and maritime publications. 
The objective is to provide a short entry for each vessel, with relevant physical details, history, and information on her loss or incident. This is followed by a code to a published book or reference so as to provide the reader with a means of finding further information; the encyclopedia is thus very much a bibliography. The ship listing may also include other incidents relevant to the vessel, an indication if her actual location if known, and her condition as she lies on the seabed, shore or reef. 
The Encyclopedia of Australian Shipwrecks  is a most valuable reference for divers, geneologists, maritime archaeologists, maritime historians - indeed anyone interested in our maritime heritage.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 1232 pages, 190 x 250 mm portrait size, a small number of photographs, 40 maps, gazetteer, glossary, bibliography, chronology, statistics, and research advice. 
$68.00, plus $9.00 postage anywhere in Australia (includes GST). 
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Fritz Herscheid.
At the end of the Pacific war, the islands north of Australia were littered with thousands of tons of Japanese naval and merchant ships. Some readily accessible ships were legally salvaged for their non-ferrous materials soon after the end of hostilities. However, hundreds of vessels remained untouched, or just superficially salvges, in the sixties and seventies, tempting private salvors to seek their fortune. Some did so legally, some without salvage rights, and others did it both ways. Fritz Herscheid was such a person, a young, adventurous man who arrived in Rabaul in 1967 as a diesel mechanic, learnt to dive - and the rest is now documented history. This is a fascinating biography of literally death-defying dives at depths far below the accepted level on air, of encounteres with marine life that protested at the intrusion into their environment, of legal and illegal salvage of propellers and condenser tubes and anything else of value in an often hositile and competitive environment. Many of the vssels mentioned will be recognised by sport divers who have, later, visited Papua New Guinea, particularly to Rabaul, New Ireland and New Hanover, and mainland northern PNG. The book gives a down-to-earth personal account of some fifteen years of constant danger with with explosives, dive equipment, salvage vssels and bureacracy - and the many encounters with sharks, both in and out of the water! It chronicles th determination and fierce rivalry between salvagers, the risks and gains, of stupidity and intuitiveness, and the actual and close calls with death in remote locations rarely visited by the white man. No book has ever covered such a topic. The book also provides a comprehensive shipwreck reference of known diveable wrecks in PNG waters. A remarkable book and a wonderful contribution to our documented maritime and military knowledge of the Pacific. 
Hardcover, dustjacket, 496 pages, mono and colour prints. $56.00
A Handbook for Scuba Divers.
The definitive guide to diving in Australia. This fourth edition, published in 1999, takes the reader on a circumnavigation of Australia's coastline, the off-shore islands, and the Great Barrier Reef, visiting the major dive sites, and noting the dive sites and facilities available. Marine reserves, boating and other laws affecting divers are included for each state. Further chapters cover historic shipwrecks, dive clubs and associations, government departments, and relevant laws are included.
The books is well illustrated with 190 photographs and 36 maps. An excellent guide for the novice, experienced or visiting diver. Softcover, 608p
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Jack Loney and Peter Stone 
Volume 6 in the series - AUSTRALIAN SHIPWRECKS.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 360 pages, mono photographs.
Covers those vessels lost between the United Kingdom and Australia. 
Although the final book in the series, The Australia Run stands alone in its coverage of the vessels lost, not only on Australian shores, but enroute to or from Australia. 
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The Life and Loss of the S.S. President Coolidge.
Peter Stone.
(Wrecked off Espiritu Santo on 26 October, 1942.)
Covers the loss of the liber/troopship due to a 'friendly' mine in the approach channels to the US base at Espirity Santo, New Hebrides (now Vanuaru). Includes the 'evacuation' of the sinking ship in which two lives were lost, the several enquiries held, aimed at finding a scapegoat - the civilian captain of course.Diving the ship, classed as the 'largest accesible shipwreck in the world', is covered in some detail. Also included is the loss of thedestroyed USS Tucker. A great book for the diver and also for the men and families of the five thousand servicement on board who did not avoid their duty at Guadalcanal - merely delayed it for a few months. Third edition now available.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 320 pages, plus sixteen colour plates, maps, deck charts. $56.00
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Jack Loney's 
WRECKS ON...... Series.

Through his many publications and lectures, Jack Loney is well known as Australia's leading shipwreck author, with more than thirty years research experience. His books and booklets, numbering over one hundred, have entertained, educated and encourged thousands of divers, sailors and indeed anyone interested in our important maritime heritage. The Wrecks On...... Series of books, published by Lonestone Press, (an imprint of Oceans Enterprises), covers the whole of the Australian mainland coastline, except for Victoria which is represented in the hardcover book Victorian Shipwrecks, and the two smaller books, Wrecks on the Gippsland Coast and Wrecks Along the Great Ocean Road. Each of the Wrecks On.... books has over 160 pages of wrecks in chronological order or loss, with more than eighty photographs and maps, printed on fine quality paper. The text is concise, yet where warranted, a separate chapter may be devoted to an important wreck or incident. Sidebars (blocks of highlighted text) break up the book into a highly readable presentation. And for the researcher, each book has four separate indexes: ships, people, places, and general.
Wrecks on the NEW SOUTH WALES COAST, (160 pages)   $22.00
Wrecks on the QUEENSLAND COAST, (160 pages)  $22.00  ** SORRY - OUT OF PRINT ***
Wrecks on the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN COAST, (160 pages) $22.00
Wrecks on the WESTERN AUSTRALIAN COAST (196 pages)  $26.00** SORRY - OUT OF PRINT ***

Monica Foster and Peter Stone.
Rather prophetically titled, this excellent book gives a detailed description of the fifteen major war wrecks in Rabaul Harbour. Several of these may never be dived again - the Hakkai and the Kensin were buried during the 1994 eruptions. The book commences with a brief war history before launching into a detailed hold-by-hold description of the ships, and aircraft - and the crane off the Kokopo Road. Detailed drawings and photographs are included. 
Softcover, medium format, 158 pages, mono and colour plates. 
HOSTAGES TO FREEDOM - The Fall of Rabaul. 
Peter Stone.
Claimed as the definitive work on the invasion of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea in January 1942, and the subsequent events that led to the bombing of the harbour, Hostages to Freedom - The Fall of Rabaul is one of the most comprehensive books on World War 2. Chapters of interest to divers are devoted to identification and diving the shipwrecks in the harbour, and aircraft wrecks in the vicinity and elsewhere in New Britain and New Guinea. A significant section covers the post-war salvage of ships, aircraft and war surplus. This is truly a remarkable book and has been exceptionally well reviewed. Whereas it is predominantly a war history, it is also one of the most thorough publications documenting the loss of ships and aircraft in WW 2.
ISBN 0 646 24124 9. 
Hardcover, large format, dust jacket, 598 pages, gloss art paper, maps, charts, 560 photographs, extensive appendix, index and bibliography.
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Scuba Diver's LOG BOOK
Acclaimed as being one of the most practical logbooks in the world, The Oceans Enterprises' Log Book has a full page (140 x 210mm) for each dive, with the majority of space available for diver comment. A separate section may be used to record photographic details. Each book covers over ninety dives. Provision is also provided for personal details, emergency contacts and health information, dive qualifications, tank and regulator test recording, equipment record, E.C.C., and E.A.R. charts, dive planning, and hand signals. Over 20,000 are in use in Australia alone. Board cover, heavy, quaility stock
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Write under water with an ordinary pencil.
A most valuable tool for the diver and any person involved in water activities. Ideal for keeping observation notes,or simply to communicate with a buddy. Used by marine biologists and other professional divers. Also ideal for land-based water sports such as canoeing, sailing, cross-country skiing and hiking. Slips into dive-vest for easy access. 
Fifty sheets 90x 130mm size, spiral bound, with stiff plastic covers for ease of writing. 
Sheets may be torn off or remain in pad. 
No metal - thus no rusting. 
$15.00 per pad.
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EL TIGRE - Frank Holland, M.B.E., Commando, Coastwatcher.
Wartime rescue operations in New Britain; 'Z' Special Unit Operations in Portuguese Timor and Borneo.  Editor: Peter Stone
Frank Holland was called ‘El Tigre' - The Tiger - by the Timorese as a measure of respect for the man. He  was a man who led a most adventurous and interesting life, migrating from England to Australia as a youth, working on farms in far north Queensland, prospecting for gold, and working in the timber industry in New Britain. But it was the Japanese invasion of New Guinea that brought out the true mettle of the man.This publication tells the story of how Frank Holland was instrumental in bringing about the evacuation of troops from New Britain after the enemy had taken Rabaul. Holland joined 'Z' Special Unit, operating in Timor, engaged in guerilla warfare; and in Borneo where he accepted the surrender of the local Japanese commander. The publication provides a permanent record of operations in New Britain, Timor and Borneo, and in addition to becoming an interesting personal story of a remarkable man.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 240p, biblio, index, photographs.
TRAVELLERS IN TIME - Living History in Australia. 
George Gunton.
This is a unique book, as it covers the events around Australia that actively demonstrate our wonderful history - reenactments of past events, fantasies aboard sailing ships, paddle-steamers, bi-planes and steam trains that are open to the public, visits to old pioneer towns and homesteads. This is a must for anyone interested in Australian history, and can be used to build weekends or holiday activities based on a sence of active participation, or at least seeing history be re-lived. The book covers all Australia, with over 260 events.
ISBN 0 9586657 0 2
Softcover, 214 pages, maps, mono and colour prints. 
A History of the Yarram and District Health Service. 
Peter Stone
The town didn't want a hospital - after all, the township of Sale was only a days trek on a horse. But persistence prevailed and in October 1914 the Yarram and District Hospital was opened. But someone forgot about the beds. The first patients arrived in January 1917. From these 'Yes, Minister!' days, the hospital had grown to provide one of the finest rural health services in Australia. The isolation of Yarram has resulted in its own problems, but also has led to the retention of the hospital amidst strict cost-cutting by the Victorian government. This is a splendid history, factual and yet written in an easily-read style with many anecdotes. Although of parochial concern, there is much of interest on early health practices in Australia, and the development of rural health services. ISBN 0 9586657 1 0
Hard and softcover, 292 pages, many mono photographs.
Released June 1997. Availability from Yarram and District Health Service.
Commercial Road, Yarram, Vic 3971, Australia. Phone (03) 5182 0222
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by the children of the primary schools of Alberton, Alberton West, Binginwarri, Carrajung, Carrajung South, Devon North, Port Albert, Port Welshpool, St.Mary's, Won Wron, Woodside, and Yarram.
This marvellous book was inspired by author Jeanette Rowe during a visit to the South Gippsland region in 1993, as part of the Making Good Writers' Project. Children have the greatest imagination, uninhibited by tradition and trend, nor by demands of conventional literature. Snappy Stories and Terrific Tales (a title provided by one of the children) is an anthology of the innocent mind - short stories and drawings, poems and observations, by over one hundred children from twelve primary schools in the South Gippsland rural region of eastern Victoria. It is a book for all ages, for there is nothing more wonderful, more naive - and funny - than a child. 
ISBN 0 646 16834 7.
Softcover, 198 pages, A4 size, five colour plates. 
Out of print but enquiries welcome.
Oceans Enterprises, 303 Commercial Road, Yarram, Vic 3971, Australia.