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Ric Fallu. 
This is only a small softcover book of medium format, 56 pages, but it packs a wealth of important information - the lifecycle of the abalone, how to fish and farm them, and how to cook and keep them in aquariums. 
Limited copies available.

Australian and Indo-Pacific Marine Gastropod Molluscs
Barry Wilson 
In two magnificent volumes. Perhaps the definitive work on the subject from the Curator of Molluscs at the W.A. Museum. Volume 1 covers the marine prosobranchs from limpens to parasite eulimids, with a comprehensive section on cowries. It has an extensive introduction on gastropod classification and biology. Volume 2 covers the carnivorous neogastropods, murex and terebras, volutes and cones. Each volume is lavishly illustrated in colour. Volumes may be purchased separately or in a two volume slip-case set. Hardcover, dust jacket, 408 + 370 pages. A detailed brochure is available by post - contact us.
Vol 1 and 2 in slipcase.   $260.00 

Richard Willan and Gary Cobb. 
This book records the endeavours of Gary Cobb in studying the sea slugs of southern Queensland in the three years from 2003. Gary has been a regular contributor to the Forum over that time, and those of you familiar with his contributions will not be surprised at the high quality of the photographs which grace this book. Richard Willan has researched these fascinating animals for many years, and between them, the authors have produced a valuable record of the fauna of this relatively small part of the eastern Australian coastline. That their book includes nearly 300 species from such a small area is an interesting point in itself, illustrating just how diverse the opisthobranch fauna can be in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific.This book is well designed, with one species per page, with one large photo and two smaller photos to show colour variations or egg mass etc. The text accompanying each species describes the external features. This is a book for anyone interested in sea slug diversity. Apart from a few eastern Australian endemic species, such as Rostanga arbutus, the species in this book could have been found in New Caledonia, Fiji or Indonesia and so it is certainly a must for anyone interested in the fauna of the Indo-west Pacific. (Extract of review by Bill Rudman, Sea Slug Forum, Australian Museum, Sydney).
Softcover, 312 pages, full colour throughout. $59.40

Catalogue of Indo-Pacific Sea Slugs: Identification, Biodiversity, Zoology.
Neville Coleman.
Contains over 1700 full colour photographs, a most comprehensive identification guide which includes temperate and tropical Australia, PNG, NZ, Indonesia, Maldives, and other island groups. With (generally) fifteen images per page, it provides for ideal identification, with brief text. The introduction - What is an Opisthobranch? What is a Nudibranch?, provides descriptions of the zoology of the animals, and shows the differentiation from sea hares and other similar species. Sections include how the live, where they live, how they eat, and how they can be found. 
Softcover, 144 pages, full colour, scientific name index.

A Field Guide to the World's Most Diverse Fauna.
Terrence Gosliner, David Behrens, Abgel Valdes.
A most comprehensive guide to Indo-Pacific nudibranchs and sea slugs, from South Africa to Easter Island and from southern Japan to northern Australia. More than 1200 species and 1500 photos, including descriptions of distinctive characteristics, natural history, size, and
geographic distribution. A4 size, softcover bound, 425 pages. $125.00. 

Mark Norman and Amanda Reid
This is an excellent book. It divides the cephalopods into five sections - Nautilus - Cuttlefish, Bobtail Squd and their allies - Squd - Vampire Squid - Octopuses. After a brief ‘history' of cephalopods, and their biology, the identification section continues with a half page photo of the animal, with text and a distribution site map. Additional photograaphs or drawings help to illustrate the animal. Individual biology is given, with identification details. The book covers some sixty species, from the Ginat Squid to the deadly Blueringed Octopus. Eight colour plates of thirty cuttlebone photographs assist to identify the species from their ‘bone' - not that the family parrot would particularly care! 
An excellent guide, in full colour, 96 pages, softcover.
Note: Was out of print - now available again.

Peter Vine. 
An historical, geographical, biological, cultural and commercial look at the Red Sea. A marvellous overall introduction to this incredible world region, abundant in marine life and cultural diversity. Hardback, 128 pages, 305x128p, 198 colour illustrations. 
Sorry, only one copy left. $54.00 

(A Guide to the Fishes, Whales, Dolphins and Other Marine Animals).
Pierre Constant.
There are a number of Galapagos picture books on the market, but this is the first I have seen to describe the marine lifein some detail. A useful, parochial book. 
Softcover, 248 pages, colour plates and line drawings.

Andrea and Antonella Ferrari. 
This is a guide to marine life in Malaysian waters, predominantly the South China Sea and the waters off north-eastern Borneo and Pulau Sipadan, (as against being a dive site guide). It is a superbly produced book with full colour photographs and colour drawings. "Unsounded depths, basalt cliffs, sandy plateaus, marine meadows, impenetrable mangrove forests, and, of course, spectacular coral reefs: the richest waters of the Malaysian peninsula and Malaysian Borneo and the over three thousand species that inhabit its sea beds are the protagonists of this book." 
Softcover, 96 pages, full colour, A4 size. 

Bernard Devaux and Bernard de Wetter. 
This excellent full coliur book covers the identification, habitat, biology and life of the world's sea turtles, specifically the Green, Black, Loggerhead, Hawkesbill, Olive Ridley, Flatback, and Leatherback. Their predominant location (with maps), breeding requirements, diet, and protection are covered. The book provides details of where the tuyrtles may b seen, and has an extensive chapter on the interaction of person and turtle. Full colour throughout, softcover, 128 pages, index, bibliography.

Andrea and Antonella Ferrari. 
A superb book, covering some 600 marine species of the Indo-Pacific region from the magnificent Maldives to the tropical waters of northern Australia. Don't be distracted by its parochial subtitle, ‘ a divers' guide to underwater Malaysia' - its has a forward by the Prime Minister of Malaysia and is published in Malaysia. This is a book covering a much wider field, in an area regarded as having the greatest marine biodiversity in the world. After an excellent introduction to macro photography (and photo tips relevant to the species throughout the book), the marine life commences with the invertebrates (about half the book), and concludes with the fishes. A typical entry provides a colour photograph, with text: distribution, habitat, size, life habits. The photo tips are most relevant even for the non-photographer, as they relate to what to look for, where to find the animal, and how the animal reacts to a macro framer, or a finger, intruding their domain. The size of the photographs vary from quarter page to full page. And they are superb - clear, colourful and relevant, some of the finest macro work I have seen. How the Ferraris even managed to see some of these creatures is a wonder  - the Papua Cuttlefish for example, and the Gorgonian horned shrimp. This book is a delight to read - entertaining and educational.  Published 2003. 
Softcover, 468 pages, 166 mm x 180 mm, full colour throughout. 

Helmut Debelius. 
An IKAN series  book.
And yet another great title in the IKAN series by Helmut Debelius. This book covers the shrimps, crabs, lobsters, mantos shrimps and amphipods, within the regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, Red Sea, Mediterranean, Pacific and Indian Ocean. A superb identification guide and reference, exceptionally well produced, in full colour. Covers aspects of behaviour and habitat. Hardcover, 318 pages.

Octopuses, Argonauts, Cuttlefish, Squid, Nautilus. 
Mark Norman. 
An IKAN series  book.
Mark Norman. 
Octopuses, Argonauts, Cuttlefish, Squid, Nautilus.
Covers the world, especially the Pacific and Indian Ocans, Atlantic, Caribbean, Arctic and Antarctic. The author is an Australian marine scientist, at Museum Victoria. This is a remarkable book or remarkable ‘alien-like' creatures that cintuinue to fascinate anyone who has made contact. Includes 35 picture stories making it an indeal book for identification and general knowledge. Red of the mythology of the Kraken, Sperm Wars, the incredible Nautilus, Mugged by a Squid, a Dutch Marriage (?), and the Ginat Cuttlefish Spawning grounds.  318 pages, full colour. Some of the photographs are truly bizarre, whilst others are photographically superb, with contributions from Rudi Kuiter, Becca Saunders, Roger Steene, Norbert Wu. A very important book, contributing so mucg to our knowledge of marine life.
An IKAN Series book.   **** SORRY - OUT OF PRINT ****

REEF LIFE - Natural History and Behaviors of Marine Fishes and Invertebrates.
D.N Tackett & L.Tackett.
Its all very well being able to identify your species, and there are surely an abundant number of fish and invertebrate identification books, but if you want to know more about the natural science of the marine world, this is an excellent book. "A must-have book for every diver, aquarist and underwater naturalist (and photogrpaher) who wants to ... understand what he or she is seeing on the coral reef or in the marine aquarium." I could not agree more. Chapters include reef explorations, reef origins, reef dwellers, near-reef habitats, living together, feeding, protection and fenense, masquerade, reproduction and a chapter on the disappearing reefs. Although mainly tropical species based, it is not entirely so. This is a well produced book, of A4 size, softcover, full colour throughout, 224 pages. Softcover $68.00 

The Ecology of Australia's Rocky Reefs. 
Edited by Neil Andrew.
This is a superbly produced full colour book containing 26 chapters from a number orf authoratitive specialist authors. Five chapters cover the general biology of each southern state. This is followed by chapters on kelp forrests, abalone, octopuses, jellyfish, lobssters, sea urchins, and the sessile animals - the sponges, bryozoans etc. Then nine chapters on fish and sharks, and the last on seals. The photographs are excellent, the text readable and not scientific (despite the background of some of the marine biologist authors), and the general layout well thought out. It is one of the finest books on Australian temperate marine life - not an identification guide yet comprehensive in its coverage of the various animals. 
Hardcover, A4 size, dust jacket, full colour, 238 pages, index, bibliography. A University of NSW Press publication.  $54.90

SEA URCHINS of Australia and the Indo-Pacific. 
Ashley Miskelly. 
Ever wondered what species of urchin it is that you hve picked up on the beach, or have had the misfortune to have been pricked by underwater? When found on a beach, what you have in your hand is the ‘test', the skeleton of an echinoid. I know that from this excellent book, a most detailed volume covering eighty-six species found from low tide to 20m. Covrs the biological structure of the urgin, its test, spines, and its diet and habitat. Full colour throughout, stiff laminted board cover,180 pages, index and glossary. 

A.B. Cribb. 
Covers some 150 plants that are generally known as 'seaweeds', the algae, divided into the four sections: Green algae (Chlorophyta), Brown algae (Phaeophyta), Red algae (Rhodophyta), and Blue-green algae (Cyanophyta). A general introduction to the algae preceeds the identification section, with three colour images per page, and text opposite. Edible seaweeds, collecting seaweeds, and distribution  is also covered.  The index includes common and scientific names. A valuable contribution to the marine sciences of Australia. Softcover, full colour, 130 pages.

Echinoderms of the Asia/Indo-Pacific.
Neville Coleman.
Softcover, 136 pages, full colour throughput. 
Another excellent book from this remarkable marine natural scientist. This is the first comprehensive identification guide to the Echinoderms of the Asia/Indo - Pacific Region. It contains over 1250 full colour photographs, all fully indexed with  Family names, Common names, and Scientific names. It covers all the known Sea Stars - Brittle Stars - Feather Stars -
- Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers, in both tropical and temperate species. The encyclopaedia style format ensures easy access to information and identification with generally twelvee photographs per page. The text gives just enough text on the biodoversity (distribution) and zoology of the animal.$64.00 

Neville Coleman. 
The perfect identification guide with over 150 species photographed. 
Softcover, full colour, 64 pages.

Gerry Allen, and photographers including Roger Steene, Rudie Kuiter.
Beautiful A4 size book for identification and knowledge with good text. Excellent photography. Covers some 350 of the most popular of marine species, with a brief description and photograph. Includes the Indo-Pacific region, thus northern Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and south-east Asia. 
Softcover, extended (folded) laminated cover, full colour throughout, 96 pages. 

Katen Gowlett-Holmes.
This excellent book covers 870 species, with over 1500 in situ colour photographs. It is the most comprehensive guide to the marine invertebrates off South Australia since the publication of the three part Marine Invertebrates of Australia in the 1980, and 1997 (which is now well out of print). There are two to seven photographs per page making it ideal for identification. A habitat map is presented withg each species, giving the thought that perhaps the book should refer to "southern Australia' rather thn the political state of South Australia, and thus southern, temperate, Western Australia is included as well as Victoria, and on occasions, northern Tasmania.  A most detailed work by one of Australia's leading marine biologists. Softcover, 332 pages, full coliur throughout. $69.95.

Graham Edgar. 
Another superb book from this well known author and marine scientist, author of the acclaimed Australian Marine Life. This title features the ten major habitats in temperate waters; their marine life and the interactions between organisms, the effects of human interferance, and other threats to their existence and continuance. This book shows what is happening to our souther seas, and is written in a plain non-technical manner yet with the authority expected of such a dedicated author and scientist. 
Sofcover, 224 pages, full colour throughout, some mono photographs, and charts. 

Diversity, Symmetry & Design
Ashley Miskelly.
Large square format, hardcover, dustjacket, 104 pages, full clour throughout printed on quality art paper.
I deal with books every day. They are a passion and a business. Some books are functional in that they provide the information they need. Some are entertaining with pretty pictures. Some are nicely produced, some are bland. Every now and then I come across a book which is exceptional, a book that is so special that it literally takes your breath away. Sea Urchins of the World is such a book, and its creator surely a genius, a man whose passion and knowledge for the underwater world is complimented with the eye of an artist.  Miskelly's earlier book Sea Urchins of Australia (now out of print) was functional. This latest publication combines the shear beauty of his subjects in simple yet highly creative images. It gives the reader the opportunity to really appreciate the beauty of the underwater world - where such beauty exists, only a true artist can ensure that it is expressed with justice on the plain two-dimensional canvas of a book. I'm not too sure which of Ashley Miskelly's talents are the greatest - is it as a marine scientist or as a photographer. Perhaps it is neither, and his greatest talent is having the passion and appreciation to create such a remarkable book. So, what do we have here? Some 100 near full-page photographs of a simple marine creature like you have never seen before. Each photograph is accompanied by concise text, just enough to give you a better knowledge; and a smaller photograph of some detail of the animal. Do you get the impression that I like this book? It is the best produced Australian book on marine life that I have ever seen, and no doubt matches any I have seen published overseas. If you are a diver, have two eyes, can read, and have a passion for the underwater world, you must get this book. And it comes with a free set of steak knives - well, not really.   $95.00. 

Edited by David H. Elliott 
Proceedings of an International Conference at the Edinburgh Conference Centre, 8-11 March 1994. Over fifty papers on - the basis for medical examination, recreational diving, cardiology and physical fitness, medical disorders, future health of divers. Not exactly light reading. For the dedicated instructor and medical practitioner. Hardcover, laminated boards, 302 pages. $120.00 

Annemarie & Danja Kohler. $48.00
This is a very pleasant book, superbly produced (as you would expect from New Holland publishers), enjoyable to read and extremely informative. The novice underwater photographer will gain a great deal from the clear diagrams and superb examples, all in colour. The more experienced photographer would hopefully be inspired by the images, and be informed as to how they were created. (And it is imaterial what camera you may be using, although the nikonosand housed cameras are mentioned frequently). As an underwater photographer of some twenty years with reasonable successes, I like the advice given by the authors, the tips scattered throughout the book, their excellent photography and of course the magnificent production.That is includes three chapters on videography may inspire the still photograapher to widen his or her experiences. And as a nice angle, the authors show that they respect the marine world and offer advice as to how to minimise the impact on the environmeent by the photographer. An excellent book, and worthy of a place in any underwater photographers library. 

Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diving Team 3 in Vietnam, 1967-71.LexMcAulay. $44.00 
If there are any thoughts of glamour and adventure ina career as a Navy Clearance Diver, this book makes it quite clear thatthe life of an Australian Navy Clearance Diver is fraught with danger andparticularly uncomfortable diving conditions. Consider the CDT3 teams inVietnam during 1967-71, diving in zero visibility in polluted waters, arunning 6 knot current, whilst attempting to locate a live mine attachedto the keel of a ship by North Vietnamese sappers. Once located, the teamhad the responsibility of de-arming the ordnance. If there is any glamour,it came from survival. Of the 101 divers in eight teams that had a tourof Vietnam, only one was wounded and another killed in a vehicle accident.This superb record demonstrates the high training, dedication and professionalismby the divers who quickly gained the respect of their American peers. Hardcover,d/ jkt, 194 p.

Secrets of a Blue Universe - 
The Diver's Guide to Interacting with Marine Life. Annemarie and Danja Kohler. $48.00 
This is a most sensible book by two rather spunky ladies (of course it's irrelevant - but I'm a male and I have feelings too you know). There are many books of marine life but this is the only one I know that combines marine knowledge with specific information for the diver as to how to relate, or interact, with the species. It concentrates on the activity that we see in the marine world - cleaner shrimps at their station, anemone clowns and their hosts the masters of illusion - the cephalopods. The photography is excellent and the book production superb. An exceptionally good book and one I would recommend all divers to read. It would also make an excellent gift. Hardcover, dust jacket, 160p.

John E.Randall, Gerald R.Allen, & Roger C.Steene. $78.00
This revised and expanded edition of the acclaimed first edition (1990) includes an additional 148 new species taking the total to over 1200, with more than 1400 photographs. It is truly the bible of tropical reef species, superbly written, brilliantly photographed, and exceptionally well produced. There is no finer book available on the subject. Written for the layman, it is nonetheless a highly respected publication for the marine naturalist and scientists. Hardcover, dust jacket, large format, 560 pages, gloss art paper in full colour, with seven full colour plates by brilliant artists Roger Swainston. A must for the library of anyone interested in the sea.

SEAHORSES - An identification guide to the world's species and their conservation.
Sara A. Lourie, Amanda C.j. Vincent and Heather J. Hall. $58.00
This is an excellent book, the only book I know that concentrates on seahorses (although there was a book on the subject published some thirty years ago) - and the publishers say it is the only guide to the world's seahorses. Exceptionally well laid out with plenty of diagrams and colour photographs, Seahorses commences with the biology, reproduction, trade and conservation, taxonomy and classification, before the main section of seahorse identification. In the ID section, each of the thirrty-two species is shown with a detailed drawing of both male and female, the world distribution and extensive descriptive details. The colour plates assist greatly in identiication. A most valuable book on a beautiful subject. Surprisinlgly, no index. 214 pages, metal spiral bounsd, open cover identification guide, many drawings and colour plates. (The publishers state that proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support seahorse conservation initiatives worldwide). Our famous Leafty seadragon is not included in the ID section - as it is not a seahorse. But it is given a special mention as one of the 'relatives'. 

Chronological account of the war in the Pacific from the viewpoint of logistics and demise of two hundred and eighty-one Japanese merchant ships from the  O.S.K. and Mitsui lines. Hard, 619 pages including 8 pages of color illustration including, 16 monochrome glossy photo pages of wartime photos taken by Japanese Imperial Navy and US Navy, of  merchant ships dealt in the book. Book size is 182 x 257mm (not quite A4). Both Japanese and English text. Includes the Rio de Janiero at Truk, the Toa Maru near Gizo in the Solomons, and the Kyusgu Maru at Tasafaronga west of Honiara

THE BLACK SHIP. Barry Clifford. $49.50
Captain Black Sam Belamy was a bastard, a pirate captain who terrorised the high seas off the east coast of north America in the early 18th century. He managed to loot gold from no less than fifty ships, putting many to the sword in the process. He met his match however when his captured slave ship, the Whydah, went down in a storm off Cape Cod in 1717. Fascinated by the loss of the ship, and the expectation of grand finds, Barry Clifford went seeking the final resting place of the ship. His efforts paaid off, and Clifford and his team haave recovered much of the priceless treasure. The Black Ship tells how Clifford correctly estimated the position of the wreckagee and raised over one thousand precious artifacts. Hardcover, dustjacket, 310 pages, well illustrated in mono.

This is one of the most interesting books I have read in quite a while, and makes me wonder why I am living in Victoria. It covers over 450 wrecks, including the incredible Flor do Mar, the 'Nanking Cargo' ship Geldermalsen, the ceramic ship Tung Vao, and the Marie Therese. This is not just a list of treasure wrecks. There is excellent chapters on search techniques and identification of ancient wrecks, the law, maritime archaeology or plundering?, coins and currency, and the shipping trade in South East Asia. Superb book, in full colour with excellent maps. Softcover, 158 pages, 145x225mm

SCAPA - Britain's Famous Wartime Naval Base. James Miller. $68.00
Scapa was one of the world's great naval bases during both world wars. It was here that the German's performed the greatest act of self destruction in the scuttling of their fleet in 1919. This book tells of the base itself and does not dwell on the single event of the German scuttling. It compliments such books as The Grand Scuttle, and From Jutland to Junkyard. It was also from here that the Grand Fleet sailed in 1916. The book is predominantly a pictorial history of the base , weaving together history, eyewitness accounts and personal expereince to capture the spirit iof Scapa Flow when it was home to thousanmds of service personel. An important historical record. Hardcover, dustjacket, numerouss mono prints, 190 pages.

MAYDAY - PERILS OF THE WAVES, Nicholas Faith.  $44.00
The loss of life at sea, through human error or simply by the machinations of nature, is a tragedy unsurpassed by any form of disaste, as it is generally a slow and painful process toward death. Tragic errors have resulted in huge ships being lost; a key factor is the chaos of sea travel, a situation arising from the lack of effective regulations of the ships and the crews. Mayday exposes the murky underworld of shipowning, and the operators who concern their misdeeds that have led to loss of life and destruction of the environment. It looks at the dangers of ships such as the Herald of Free Enterprise,  Achille Lauro,  Derbyshire,  Estonia, Amoco Cadiz and many others. A fascinating read and extremely informative, if not frightening. Hardcover, dust jacket, 182 pagees, colour plates.

LOST AT SEA.  A.A.Hoehling.   $24.50 "The truth behind eight of the history's most mysterious ship disasters. The ships are of general international interest and include the Lusitania, Hampshiree, and Mary Celeste - and of particular Australian interest, the Waratah. Very well written with new ‘evidence', and alternative theories on their loss.
Softcover, 222 pages, many mono prints.
Very good reading.

DIVING GUIDE TO THE RED SEA WRECKS. Amsler, Ghisotti et al.    $58
Includes the Thistlegorm, Dunraven, Ghiannis, the wreck at Bluff Point, Charnatic, Chrisoula, Seastar, Salem Empress, the tug at Abu Galawa, the amphorae at Fury Shoal, the cargo boat at Zabargad, Blue Bell, Precontinent II, Umbria, Urania, Nazario Sauro.
Like all Swan Hill editions, this book is exceptionally well produced, with full colour photographs and excellent underwater paintings of the ships in situ.
Softcover, medium format 210 x 290mm, full colour, 168 pages.

DISASTERS AT SEA - Milton Watson.  $42.00
This is a fascinating book recording every passenger liner that has come to grief this century, including recent major disasters. Hardcover, 216 pages, medium format, 258 illustrations. 

BEYOND SPORT DIVING.  Bradley Sheard.  $38.00
Exploring the Deepwater Shipwrecks of the Atlantic. It is always interesting to read of the wrecks that other divers enjoy even if we may not have the opportunity to dive them. East coast Americans have a number of excellent wrecks in deep water, testing the skills of the diver because they are indeed ‘beyond sport diving'. The Andrea Doria is well known, but what of the mystery of the Balaena, the USS Wilkes-Barre, SS Suffolk and many others. And just how close did the German U-boats get the American coast. A great read. Softcover, 270 pages, mono photographs, index.

AUSTRALIAN SEA MYSTERIES - Jack Loney.    $12.00
Ships that simply vanished, and shipwrecked passengers who roamed the wild with the aborigines, lost treasure and the mystery of the mahogany ship - the author has includes tales of maritime mystery along Australia's southern coastline. Softcover, 112 pages.

The shipwreck coast depicted here lies along the south-east coastline of Australia. The author has included stories of ‘murder and mystery' at Wilsons Promontory' through to ‘echoes of the Admella' off the South Australian coast. Softcover, 104 pages.

WRECK OF THE SYDNEY COVE.   Max Jeffreys.   $32.95
Were it not for the determination and tenacity of 22-year old supercargo Will Clarke, this tale would not be told. Having been wrecked in the Furneaux Group (eastern Bass Strait), Clarke crossed to the mainland where his longboat was wrecked on the Ninety Mile Beach west of Lakes Entrance. Twelve of his companions succumbed to native attacks and privations along the 220-mile trek toward Sydney, a journey against time to initiate a rescue of his shipmates stranded on tiny Preservation Island when their merchant ship Sydney Cove was wrecked on 8 February 1797. The loss of the liquor-carrying ship precedes the main land-based story. Based on the ship's log and Will Clarke's diary, Max Jeffreys has reconstructed the wreck and rescue in a most entertaining manner, with acceptable license in recalling the scene and the dialogue. Unlike many literary reconstructions of history, here it is the characters rather than the events that set the theme, with the author weaving a tale of desperation and sorrow from basic historic records. This is a most entertaining and informative book and worthy of release for the 200th Anniversary of the loss of the historic Sydney Cove, the first recorded shipwreck in southern waters. (As reviewed by Peter Stone in Bookseller & Publsiheer magazine.) Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pages, with maps, diagrams and mono prints.

WRECKS AND RELICS. Geoff Nayler.   $16.00  Wreck diving in Victoria predominantly off Port Phillip heads and western coast. Limited stock. Soft, 64 pages.

CORAMBA.   Des Williams.  $18.00
An excellent book on the loss of the steamer off Phillip Island. Softcover, 100p, with ships plans.

These superbly produced full colour books are more than just a guide. They are excellent reading in themselves, of remote tribes and exotic places, bizarre rituals and fascinating tribes. Some titles specifically relate to diving. All titles refer to Indonesia. Softcover, 242 pages, full colour with excellent maps. $24.95

Oceans Enterprises are pleased to advise that we have a wonderful range of titles from the Italian publisher Edizoni - White Star. These are beautifully prduced books on heavy quality art paper, in full colour, usually of medium to large format (typically 210 x 290mm), softcover with plastic laminated covers. Each contains over 160 pages of superb quality photographs by top international underwater photographers. The dive sites are fully illustrated in three-dimensional colour paintings giving an excellent impression of the underwater site. These are first-class publications; if you see one of these titles, you will no doubt end up with the full series.
MALDIVES DIVING GUIDE - Kurt Amsler. $58.00
Amsler is well known as a brilliant photographer. This book takes the reader on an underwater journey through hundreds of dive sites in the major atolls of this incredible Indian Ocean archipelago. Each underwater site is beautifully illustrated with a colour painting of the site, indicating the underwater terrain, canes and grottos, and significant marine life. This is supplemented by superb photographs, and descriptions of the marine life. The book concludes with a chapter on Maldive fishes.
Covers some of the major dive regions in this fascinating country - Milne Bay, Walindi (Kimbe Bay), Rabaul, Kavieng. Superb photography by an internationally accredited photographer and diver.
RED SEA DIVING GUIDE - Andrea Ghisotti and Alessandro Carletti.  $58.00
Beautifully illustrated with detailed site diagrams, and superb photography. Includes the wrecks and reefs from Eilat and Sharm-el-sheik down the length of the Red Sea to Massawa. Includes a comprehensive marine life guide. The guide does not give comprehensive information on the towns nor shore information, nor details of access - the assumption is that most dives will be from boat.
GUIDE TO THE WRECKS OF THE RED SEA - Andrea Ghisotti.  $58.00
GUIDE TO THE WRECKS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN - Kurt Amsler and Andrea Ghisotti.  $58.00
These are large format books (210 x 290mm) full colour160 pages.

SHARKS MYTH AND REALITY. Gaetano Cafiero and Maddalena Jahoda. $72.00
THE RED SEA. David Doubilet and Andrea Ghisotti. $72.00
These are very  large format books, 262 x 360mm, 144 to 160 pages, printed on gloss art paper in full colour. All contain brilliant photography, yet these are not simply picture books - the text is definitive and extremely interesting.
THE RED SEA.  David Doubilet and Andrea Ghisotti. $72.00
Anything with the name of David Doubilet on the covers means excellence, and this book demonstrates the superb work of this Nationa Geographic photographer, arguably one of the best in the world. The Red Sea is an ideal environement for Doubilet and Ghisotti, with clear water and abundant marine life. Little wonder that it attraacts so many divers. (There is even a submarine for those who do not want to get wet.) The book is not a diver's guide but it is more than just a photographic essay, and the text is more personal, expressing the diver's emotions as well as describing the site. A brilliant book, one of the best on any underwater subject. Extremely large format (290 x 370mm), hardcover, dustjacket, 160 magnificent pages.

DIVING GUIDE TO THE RED SEA WRECKS. Amsler, Ghisotti et al.    $48
Includes the Thistlegorm, Dunraven, Ghiannis, the wreck at Bluff Point, Charnatic, Chrisoula, Seastar, Salem Empress, the tug at Abu Galawa, the amphorae at Fury Shoal, the cargo boat at Zabargad, Blue Bell, Precontinent II, Umbria, Urania, Nazario Sauro.
Like all Swan Hill editions, this book is exceptionally well produced, with full colour photographs and excellent underwater paintings of the ships in situ.
Softcover, medium format 210 x 290mm, full colour, 168 pages.
More info on Swan Hill - White Star Editions.

TOP NATURE AND DIVE RESORTS OF BORNEO. Andrea and Antonella Ferrari.  $48.00
The photographs are superb, and do ample justice to the three dive and one nature resort covered in the book. With minimal text, the book could be seen as more of a promotional exercise for the resorts, but this does not detract from the images. It certainly beckons me to return to Sipadan, or to visit the two other dive resorts, Kapalai and Lankayan; and the nature resort with the orang-utans at Sepilok. This is an ideal momento if you have been fortunate enough to visit one of the resorts, or plan to do so. Some of the photos are exceptional.
Softcover, oblong format, full colour throughout, sixty-four pages.

DIVING INDONESIA.   Periplus Action Guides. $24.95
Covers the major dive sites in the regions, together with information on marine life, and the services available. Australian edition by Neville Coleman and Nigel Marsh. Maps and dive site indications are useful. Travel information included. Softcover, full colour, 352p.

VANUATU - Bob Bowdrey, Judy Beaty, Brian Ansell.  $20.00
A small, inexpensive, informative, guide to the best dive sites and wrecks, with full colour photographs. From Port Vila, through the outer islands and on to the President Coolidge at Santo. Softcover, 96p, full colour throughout. Maps.

This is an excellent guides are exceptionally well produced, by the master of diving in Papua New Guinea, and contains many of his excellent photographs, many full page. Size is medium format - 165x245mm, 180 pages, full colur with excellent maps.

Contains detailed large scale drawings of all the major attolls in the archipelago, with islands, reefs and protected marine areas highlighted; airports. Not for navigational use.

DIVE MALDIVES. A Guide to the Maldives Archipelago. Tim Godfrey. $48.00 *** BACK IN PRINT ***
A beautifully produced book providing a detailed historic and geographic description of the major attols, the resorts, protected marine areas, shipwrecks and marine life. Ideal for the potential viitor to decidde where to go, or as a souvenir of a visit. Softcover, medium format, 152 pages, full colour, many photographs, dive site drawings, and charts.

TOP DIVE SITES OF THE INDIAN OCEAN .  Ed. Jack Jackson. $54.00
Now this really is a beautifully put together book. Call it a ‘coffe table' production if you like, it is well designed with blazing colour throughoutexcellent maps, fine photographs and interesting text. It covers Australia of course - the Western Australian coastline (written by Ann Storrie) and the Neptune Islands (the last time I saw them they were off South Australia in the Southern Ocean). Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives the Red Sea, South Africa, Seychelles are all covered by their contributing authors. And Sri Lanka and India, and even Myanmar. A quality book without doubt. Hardcover, dustjacket, large square format, 168 pages.

NEW ZEALAND DIVER'S GUIDE (THE) Edited by Wade Doak.  $38.00
Divided into three section: Part One covers a general intro to NZ waters, wreck diving, marine invertebrates, and several other general chapters. Part Two covers dive sites. Part Three has chapters on safety, boating, the weather, etc. A sensible book with plenty of information. Softcover, 162 pages, medium format, some colour plates. Free copy of James Siers' New Zealand with each purchase.

HELL AND PARADISE - Peter Clarke.   $35.00
A most informative and well presented book on the history of Norfolk Island. There is fine diving on the island but no mention of this as Clarke's book is on convict history. Now out of print and in demand. Hard, 190 pages. Limited stock.

Volume 1 covers air diving including SCUBA diving. Loose-leaf in special binder.

OXYGEN AND THE SCUBA DIVER - Kenneth Donald $54.00
The author was one of the first members of the charioteers in the Royal Navy during WW2, and is now a Professor of Medicine. The book is ostensibly about the dangers of breathing oxygen. There is a reasonable amount of historic data but the book is recent and is an authoritive text. Hardcover, dustwrapper, 237 pages.

Richard Larn and Rex Whitler. $155.00
The only book to cover the entire compulsory national syllabus for HSE examinations in commercial air diving. Covers virtually everything required for commercial diving theory. Hardcover, 416 pages.

DIVING EMERGENCY HANDBOOK - John Lippmann & Stan Bugg.   $24.00 
Waterproof paper - take this with you in your dive bag. A must for ALL divers. Spiral bound, softcover,54p.

An excellent book in that it explains underwater physiology and medicine in a unique, simple style, of question and answer, writen specifically for the recreational diver. Subjects include Women and diving, Respiratory problems, medical aspects of diving. Very well produced.

SCUBA DIVERS ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY (The Australian).  Robert Berthold. $36.00
A dictionary of marine life, physical diving terms, medicine - anything to do with diving from abalone to zostera. Softcover, 224 pages, full colour.

DIVE COMPUTERS - Ken Loyst .  $22.00
"A Consumer's Guide to History, Theory and Performance" - how they work, benefits, physiology of decompression sickness, multi-level diving, high altitude diving, flying after diving, first aid. Softcover, 190 pages. A Watersport publication.

B.S.A.C. ADVANCED SPORT DIVING.   British Sub-Aqua Club. $38.00
Includes extensive sections on Decompression Diving and Wreck Diving, Cold Water Diving, Cave Diving, Dive Planning. Softcover, 154 pages, mainly mono, medium format (185x240mm).

SHARKS OF ARABIA. Dr John Randall. $52.00
Primarily an identification guide to the 44 species of sharks known to live in the seas and gulfs around the Arabian Peninsula. Evolutionary history and biology extends the book beyond the specific region of species photographed. Hardcover, 148p, 305x220mm, colour, with bibliography.

RISE OF FISHES (The) - John A. Long.  $59.95
An exceptionally well presented book with many colour drawings and photographs. This is the story of the evolution of fish, from the bizarre to the 'standard' shape as we know them. Traces the evolution from fossil records, with over 300 colour ilustrations. A truly remarkable work, exceptionally well researched, and fascinating reading. Hardcover, dw, 220p. Australian produced.

New revised edition, published in 1999. The best guide to fishes of the Micronesian region - covers 1,192 species in full colour. Softcover, 408 pages.
Please note: Softcover no longer available as the binding was weak and it tended to fall apart after some use. Hard cover may be availabl later. 'Watch This Space.

SEAHORSES - An identification guide to the world's species and their conservation.
Sara A. Lourie, Amanda C.j. Vincent and Heather J. Hall. $58.00
This is an excellent book, the only book I know that concentrates on seahorses (although there was a book on the subject published some thirty years ago) - and the publishers say it is the only guide to the world's seahorses. Exceptionally well laid out with plenty of diagrams and colour photographs, Seahorses commences with the biology, reproduction, trade and conservation, taxonomy and classification, before the main section of seahorse identification. In the ID section, each of the thirrty-two species is shown with a detailed drawing of both male and female, the world distribution and extensive descriptive details. The colour plates assist greatly in identiication. A most valuable book on a beautiful subject. Surprisinlgly, no index. 214 pages, metal spiral bounsd, open cover identification guide, many drawings and colour plates. (The publishers state that proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support seahorse conservation initiatives worldwide). Our famous Leafty seadragon is not included in the ID section - as it is not a seahorse. But it is given a special mention as one of the 'relatives'.

Thomas Gloerfelt-Tarp & Patricia J. Kailola. $48.00
Very detailed and professionally presented. Excellent value. Hardcover,406 pages. Mono drawings and full colour plates. Covers Sharks and Rays, and the complete Bony Fishes. A professional work of high quality with an incredible bibliography. More of aa detailed scientific identification guide as each species is well described, but habitat and natural sciences information is generally not present.  Limited stock.

John E.Randall, Gerald R.Allen, & Roger C.Steene. $78.00
This revised and expanded edition of the acclaimed first edition (1990) includes an additional 148 new species taking the total to over 1200, with more than 1400 photographs. It is truly the bible of tropical reef species, superbly written, brilliantly photographed, and exceptionally well produced. There is no finer book available on the subject. Written for the layman, it is nonetheless a highly respected publication for the marine naturalist and scientists. Hardcover, dust jacket, large format, 560 pages, gloss art paper in full colour, with seven full colour plates by brilliant artists Roger Swainston. A must for the library of anyone interested in the sea.

SALTWATER AQUARIUM FISHES.  Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod & Dr. Warren E. Burgess. $38.00
Hardcover, gloss art paper, 384 pages, full colour. The establishment of an effective salt-water aquarium requires specialist skills over those required to keep a few goldfish alive in a bowl. The selection of the right fish is vital to their existence, and detailed knowledge of those species included in the tank is critical to keep them alive and to give them an acceptible environment. A knowledge of the required habitat, food, diseases, reproduction requirements and symbiotic relationships is also very important if a harmonious marine life is to be established within the confines of the tank. Both these books aare therefore of paramount importance to the anyway establishing or maintaining a salt-water aquarium. Contents of The Marine Aquarium includes the tank and equipment, the water, workable marine systems, handling fishes and invertebrates, diseases and parasites. Saltware Aquarium Fishes covers some forty-five families, each with colour photographs of the various species, a detailed description, and important considerations for their capture and comfinement.

There is no better book for understanding the keeping of marine (ie saltwater) fishes, plants and invertebrates in the home aquarium. In so doing, it is also an excellent book for the diver who wants to understand more of the marine life he or she sees in the ocean, particularly feeding cycles, even if there is no interest in establishing an aquarium. Hardcover, large A4 format, 190 pages, full colour throughout, printed on gloss art paper.

GREAT BARRIER REEF (Reader's Digest Book of) .    $46.00
Superb large format hardcover book, 384p, full colour. A more comprehensive book than the Visitor's Guide (above) with additional chapters on marine worms, molluscs, crustaceans, bryoazoans, ascidians, island plant and marine life.

GREAT BARRIER REEF, A Visitors Guide Reader's Digest. $28.00
Full colour. An excellent coverage of the reef and marine life; formation of a coral reef, coral identification, marine creatures, conservation, islands and resorts. Soft, 168p.

THE BARRIER REEFS: A Guide to the World of Corals - Angelo Mojetta. $39.95
After an introduction on the formation of coral reefs, Mojetta takes us through the major reef structures of the world, with a fascinating chart of where the reefs exist. Despite our wonderful Great Barrier Reef, we rank only ninth on the international scale in terms of length of reefs within a country's boundary. (The Philippines has the most - by far). Corals and marine life is documented, all with superb colour photographs and exceptional drawings. This is an extremely valuable book, arguably one of the best available on a layman's level, giving full biological details of a coral reef. It is a more a guide to the marine life than to actual destinations. Softcover, large A4 format (210 x 290mm), 168 pages, full colour. A White Star edition.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Tropical shallow-water genera of the Central-West Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.
Katharina Fabricius and Philip Alderslade. $66.00
Published by the Australian Institute of Marine Science.
Covers some 90 genera of Alcyonacea belonging to 23 families , with identification assisted with excellent photographs, over 700 in colour,  and drawings. The text covers the animals in their natural habitat, biology and world distribution. Of value to the professional marine naturalist and serious amateur diver. A definitive work.  Softcover, 264 pages.

LIVING CORALS - Robin, Petron & Rives.   $22.00
Excellent small format full colour guide. Stiff plastic-protected cover, 144 p. Identification, natural history, reefs and atolls, ecology. A very useful guide and well written. Board cover with plastic sheath, colour, 144 pages.

Another volume by that intrepid traveller and underwater photographer Carl Roessler although this time with mercifully few model photographs. As the name suggests, Roessler visits and shoots the marine life on the best reefs, (his opinion and who would doubt him), in the world - the Caribbean, Micronesia, Great Barrier Reef, Vanuatu, Solomons, the Red Sea. Softcover, oblong medium format, 116p, full colour.( Pisces Series)

WHALES, DOLPHINS AND PORPOISES, Carwardine, Hoyt, Fordyce, and Gill. $46.00
Another excellent title by Reader's digest - they certainly maintain a high standard. Like all RD books, this is easy to read, and yet maintains a high degree of authoritative writing - and the photographs and drawings are exceptional. Chapters include an understanding of the marine mammals, origins and adaptation, rescue and ‘save the whale', social life and behaviour, and of course an excellent identification section. A most valuable book. Hardcover, dust jacket, emphasised vertical format size (175 x 290 mm), full colour, index, glossary, bibliography.

A Guide to the Sea Mammals of Australasia. Bryden, Marsh and Shaughnessy. $28.00
The book ‘unravels the secrets of the dugongs, whales, dolphins and seals that inhabit the oceans around Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica.' It is a most intersting bok, with excellent colour and mono photographs, disstribution charts, drawings and enough sensible text to make the book interesting and informative. Softcover, colour plates, 170 pages.

A definitive guide covering the region from PNG west to Samoa, and including Micronesia and Great Barrier Reef. Hardcover, 94 pages, colour, medium format 200x260mm. Limited stock.

Patricia Cunningham and Paul Goetz. A Pisces book. $26.00
Interesting and to the point, this new title will fill the gap in providing an affordable book on dangerous marine life, since the book of that title by Carl Edmonds ‘went overseas'. Although this one is also published in the USA, it is now controlled by an Australia company, and hence the reasonable price. The preventative ‘do's and don't' are listed for each ‘dangerous' animal and the first aid to be applied if you don't heed the first warning. Full colour photographs show most creatures in habitat. This is a very important book and a must for all divers, as it could well prevent a nasty accident. Chironex fleckeri is of course included. Softcover, 152 pages, full colour.

This guide to the Opishthobranchs from Alaska to Baja California on the Pacific west coast of the USA is a valuable addition to the literature on ‘nudibranchs'. The general identification and natural history section is excellent as it defines the various characteristics of the species in some detail, with line drawings. This is followed by some 200 colour photographs of the various species with more than the usual identification text. Despite being representative of north-eastern Pacific species, it is an excellent guide for those serious about their slugs. Includes over 200 known species from Alaska down to Baja, California, on the western American coast. Many of the species are similar to those in Australian waters - it is interesting to compare. .Softcover, 106 pages, full colour.Softcover, 112p, 180x230mm, full colour

NUDIBRANCHS OF SOUTHERN AFRICA - Terrence Gosliner. $64.00
The author is a specialist in Opisthobranchs and his research has covered the Pacific including New Guinea. The species here are from South Africa, this adding to the international knowledge of the animal. Once again the evolutionary and natural history, and identification text is extensive and is followed by some 270 colour photographs. Another valuable addition to our knowledge of the marine world. The first guide to this group of molluscs off this part of the continent. Contains evolutionary history, detailed descriptions, distribution. Many species similar to those in Australia. Softcover, 136p, 200x250mm, colour.

THE RED SEA. David Doubilet and Andrea Ghisotti. $58.00
Anything with the name of David Doubilet on the covers means excellence, and this book demonstrates the superb work of this Nationa Geographic photographer, arguably one of the best in the world. The Red Sea is an ideal environement for Doubilet and Ghisotti, with clear water and abundant marine life. Little wonder that it attraacts so many divers. (There is even a submarine for those who do not want to get wet.) The book is not a diver's guide but it is more than just a photographic essay, and the text is more personal, expressing the diver's emotions as well as describing the site. A brilliant book, one of the best on any underwater subject. Extremely large format (290 x 370mm), hardcover, dustjacket, 160 magnificent pages.

RED SEAINVERTEBRATES - Peter Vine.   $72.00
More than 2000 species described and over five hundred illustrated in this authorative book on one of the worlds most abundant marine life regions. The book also extends its interest beyond the Red Sea as many tropical species are found else where, including Australia. This is an excellent book for the general biology and structure of invertebrates. Hardcover, 224 pages, 305x220mm, 492 illustrations, 287 in colour. With glossary and bibliography.

POOR KNIGHTS. Field Guide to the Islands and Marine Reserve. Glenn Edney.$24.00
The Poor Knights Islands off the north-east ‘tail’ of New Zealand’s north island is rated as one of the most magnificent ddive sites in the world, not only for its magnificent geographical features but also for its diverse marine life. This full colour book covers the flora and fauna, geography, and briefly, the dive locations. Very nicely produced. Softcover, full colour all pages, 64 pages.

PACIFIC COAST PELAGIC INVERTEBRATES. David Wrobel & Caludia Mills. $42.00
A Guide to the Common Gelatinous Animals. The Pacific Coast refers to the USA coast, ie the eastern Pacific, however as the title indicates, these animals are pelagic and no doubt occur in Australian waters also. These refer to the Class hydrozoa, Class Gastropoda, and Class Thaliacea, and thus include the jellyfishes, comb jellies, and other incredible creatures that would do justice to an episode of Lost in Space. Excellent text and etomplogy. Softcover, full colour, 108 pages, numerous colour photographs.

Marty Snyderman & Clay Wiseman. A large format A4 size, full colour, 284 page book - one of the finest marine nature books produced. Although it may appear selective in its region, many (indeed most) of the species covered are invariably common to the Pacific and thus of interest to all divers. It does not ai,m to cover all species, but those it does include contain more than just a thumbnail gext as is common with most books. The section on crinoids is particularly interesting. The 'photo tips' are a useful feature.

A Guide to Australia's unique and fascinating southern coast from southern NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia to south-western Western Australia. Although divers tend to prefer deeper water than the shallows of the shore, this excellent book should provide a wealth of information, covering the inshore marine life in some detail. The photographs and drawings are execellent and serve to assist identification. The text is authorative and interesting, and considers the animals of the shore line over the seasons. Softcover, laminated fold our cover, full colour photographs and line drawings, 160 pages.

Mark Norman and Amanda Reid.  $29.95
This is an excellent book, in full colour, 96 pages, softcover. It divides the cephalopods into five sections - Nautilus - Cuttlefish, Bobtail Squd and their allies - Squd - Vampire Squid - Octopuses. After a brief ‘history' of cephalopods, and their biology, the identification section continues with a half page photo of the animal, with text and a distribution site map. Additional photograaphs or drawings help to illustrate the animal. Individual biology is given, with identification details. The book covers some sixty species, from the Giant Squid tot he deadly Blueringed Octopus. Eight colour plates of thirty cuttlebone photographs assist to identify the species from their ‘bone' - not that the family parrot would particularly care! An excellent guide.

Dr Sylvia Earle is a marine biologist and former chief scientist of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). Dr Earle is not unfamiliar to Australian divers as she has attended many conferences here since the early 1970s. She is undisputedly the doyen of marine scientists. This book is part biographic in that it relates to many of the projects that she has worked on, plus others of ecological interest - such as whaling, toxic wastes, oil spills, over fishing and exploitation, undersea habitat projects, exploring deeper ‘to the edge of darkness'. She is a brilliant marine scientists with a great affinity for the sea and its creatures; this is a must read for anyone interested in the future of our ocean environment.

The first entry is for 1660 when Robert Boyle proposed certain gas laws with which we are familiar with today. The first chamber appears in 1842, in France, but innovative efforts to use pressure for medical cures date back to the 17th century. The book is well illustrated with photographs and drawings, and an excellent contribution to the history of diving and hyperbaric medicine. Hardcover, laminated boards, mono prints, 154 pages.

A superb reproduction of the original c 1725 manuscript by one the earliest men to consider venturing under the sea with diving equipment, and the use of an underwater light. The original manuscript is reproduced, and the old English text is interpreted for easy reading. It includes an introduction and notes on the life of the author by Michael Fardell and Nigel Phillips, and was published with the assistance of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Hardcover, dust jacket, mono (sepia) reproduction, only 40 pages but well worth a read of every word.

Full colour, illustrated history of diving, in large A4 coffee table book format, covering predominantly antique hard hat diving helmets, submersibles, early scuba diving equipment, subseas habitats and diving bells, ROVs,  and exploration through the ages.

DOWN TIME: GREAT WRITERS ON DIVING. Edited by Casey and Kittrell. $36.00
Peter Benchley for example, and William Beebe, Guy Gilpatric, Clare Boothe Luce, Hans Hass, Eugenie Clark, Bucky McMahon ("Who the hell is Bucky McMahon?"), Michael Crichton (the Michael Crichton), Philippe Diole and many others who have contributed to diving or marine literature in some way. This a truly great book, one of high literary standard and a marvellous contribution to the enjoyment of diving and the oceans. Some of the authors are Pulitzer Prize, and national Book Award winners, scientists and adventurers, playwrights and moviemakers. "From the lagoon at Rangiroa to the reefs of the Red Sea ... from deep within caves to under the ice... from the lethal silliness of nitrogen narcosis to the elation of soaring over unfathomable depths... every selection, like every dive, is a unique experience." As Jean-Michel cousteau writes, "Divers often struggle to put their experiences into words, but here are the voices of well-known writers who have ventured into the underater world. They turn diving into an journey of the mind and spirit." Cousteau sums up Down Time beautifully. This is a truly remarkable book and a great credit to the editors and publishers. It will no doubt remain a major works in the library of the oceans for, perhaps, eternity, as it serves to document "the voices" of so many great people. Softcover, 262 pages.   REVIEW

Covers the techniques used by this inveterate traveller. Has useful hints.Hard, 102, colour. Limited stock.

IN A SEA OF DREAMS - Chris Newbert & Birgitte Wilms. $135.00
Just to prove it was no accident, (indeed, it could never have been such),Chris Newbert, together with his wife Birgitte Wilms, has produced yet another magnificent volume of his superb underwater images. If you have seen Within A Rainbowed Sea, you know how incredible the photography is. There are, to date, certainly no finer works on underwater photography. No more need be said. Hardcover, dustjacket, large format, full colour (of course) 208 pages.Includes photographer's notes for each plate.

CORAL SEAS, Roger Steene. $74.00
Combine a brilliant photographer with a brilliant publisher and you end up with - Coral Seas. Many will remember Steene's previous opus magnum, Coral Reefs - Nature's Richest Realm (we have some copies left) - well, Coral Seas even surpasses it. When I first saw the book I immediately rang the publisher Tony Crawford to congratulate him on a brilliant book. The quality of the printing is superb and the images truly remarkable. How did the photographer get so close to the gobies and the garden eels. And the spider crabs - brilliant! How I envy the talent and dedication of this brilliant, quiet achiever. Hardcover, dust jacket, large format, 272 pages, quality art paper, full colour.
Coral Seas is without doubt the finest book on underwater photography ever produced in Australia, an accolade that it will no doubt retain for many decades.

HMS THETIS - Secrets and Scandal. Aftermath of a Disaster. David Roberts. $28.60
As a follow on from Thetis - The Admiralty Regrets, which was first published in the 1950s, the author has managed to dealve into many closed files and speak with the survivors, and relatives of those who were not so fortunate, when the Royal Navy submarine Thetis went down on her sea trails in June 1939, with the eventual loss of 99 lives. The author maakes it clear in his introduction, that you must read Thetis - The Admiralty Regrets before reading Secrets and Scandals, as the former gives a much better understanding of what went wrong with her loss. But what happens after such a tremendous loss. How do people get on with their lives? How do those in some authority try to determine what went wrong, and how do those at fault attempt to cover up their misdeeds? This book is a worthy addition to the documented knowledge of the loss of the Thetis, and is worthy of a read.

VOYAGE TO DISASTER - Henrietta Drake-Brockman.  $29.95
First published in 1963, few divers interested in Australia's maritime history have not heard of this book. It tells the terrible tale of the loss of the Dutch East Indiaman Batavia in the Abrolhos Islands, and the murder of those who managed to survive the wreck. It is a horrifying story, perhaps one of the worst (and certainly the earliest) of Australia's mass murders. This is the prime text that so many other authors have used, included Hugh Edwards in his excellent award-winning Islands of Angry Ghosts. Softcover, 322 pages.

UNFINISHED VOYAGES - Lynne Cairns and Graeme Henderson.
Western Australian Shipwrecks 1881-1900.  $49.50
Henderson is the Director of the Western Australian Maritime Museum and a contributor to the two other books in the series (1622-1850, and 1851-1880). And like the previous two volumes, it is an authorative publication, detailed and accurate - the definitive work on WA wrecks. The excellent maps are particularly useful, and the historic photographs clear and interesting. Hardcover, dustwrapper, olong format, 384 pages.

HAWAIIAN ISLANDS (THE) - Doug Wallin.  $20.00
A small, inexpensive, informative, guide to the best dive sites and wrecks, with full colour photographs. Softcover, 96p, full colour throughout. Maps. A Pisces Book.

An excellent guide - includes Baja, Sea of Cortez, Yucutan, Cozumel. Softcover, 268 pages, some colour. Limited stock.

GIANTS OF THE SEA - Whales, Dolphins, and their habits. Gaetano Cafiero and Maddalena Jahoda. $54.00

THE RED SEA - Peter Vine.   $54.00
An historical, geographical, biological, cultural and commercial look at the Red Sea. A marvellous overall introduction to this incredible world region, abundant in marine life and cultural diversity. Hardback, 128 pages, 305x128p, 198 colour illustrations.

THE RED SEA - John Ratterree.  $20.00
An inexpensive, informative, guide to the best dive sites with full colour photographs. After an overview of the Red Sea area, the book continues into Diving in Jordan and Israel, and Diving in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea. Soft, 96p, full colour throughout. Maps. A Pisces Book.

DIVING IN THAILAND - Collin Piprell and Ashley Boyd.   $36.00
This is an excellent full colour book with exceptional maps and dive site text covering access, weather, accommodation, and diving information. Scuba facilities, dive shops and dive boats are all included. As Thailand has a number of important marine parks, these are covered in detail with do's and don'ts. Covers the Andaman Sea, Phuket region, the Similan Islands, the Gulf of Thailand, with more than hundreds of sites detailed. A Times Editions publication. Softcover, 214 pages, gloss art paper, full colour, numerous maps.

DIVING SOUTHEAST ASIA - Periplus Action Guides. $24.95
Covers the major dive sites in the regions, together with information on marine life, and the services available. Australian edition by Neville Coleman and Nigel Marsh. Maps and dive site indications are useful. Travel information included. Softcover, full colour, 352p.

PUMICE AND ASH. Sue Lauer. $26 An Account of the 1994 Rabaul Volcanic Eruptions.
For anyone who had visited Rabaul and enjoyed the magnificent beauty of the harbour and the surrounding volcanos, it was a devastating to read of the eruptions in 1994. Within a day, the beauty of swaying palms on a green landscape boredered by blue water was destroyed in a wash of grey ash. Maybe you prefer to remember the town as you saw it, green and lush and if not vibrant, then certainly exciting. Rabaul will regain its beauty, but Sue Lauer's dramatic images will remind us of what might again be. The Hakkai and the Kenshin however are buried, probably for good - who knows what next nature might decide. This superb book is a valuable addition to the library of anyone who has ever visited Rabaul. Softcover, A4 size, full colour, 80 pages.

A large fold-out map showing islands, resorts, dive sites and protected marine areas.

THE ART OF SAFE CAVE DIVING National Association for Cave Diving.    $69.95
One of the most specilist and exacating phases of our diving knowledge is that required of those who penetrate caves and caverns. It is a specialisation where the utmost training is required, combined with a mental attitude that can be appropriately applied to the environment, thus overcoming the inherent dangers that exist. Thus it is necessary that any instructional books be of the highest standards to meet the demands of the sport. The Art of Safe Cave Diving fits this category magnificently. No less than twenty-five chapters and four appendicies cover the many topics, all written by specialists in their field. Chapters are too numerous to summarise, but as can be imagined, they include matters of technique, euipment, training, attitude, management and conduct - you name it. The book is well illustrated with photographs and diagrams. A4 size, 222 pages, softcover. This book is highly recommended for anyone involved in cave diving, or intrested in th subject. Inded, it should be compulsory reading prior to training.

PHYSIOLOGY AND MEDICINE OF DIVING - Peter Bennett and David Elliott.   $206.00
Many articles written by specialists on the last developments in hyperbaric medicine and physiology. New material emphasises engineering and physiological principles that influence the design of breathing apparatus, as well as clinical aspects.

NITROX MANUAL - Dick Rutkowski .  $45.00
An instruction/student guide for the use of Nitrogen-Oxygen mixtures as a diver's breathing gas. Theory of use, safety, implications, physics, physiology, oxygen safety, equipment, analysis of mixtures, operational implications, decompression. A4 size, 160 pages, board covers.

Decompression tables and chamber operation. Stiff board cover, 172 pages, spiral bound.

Author os a corporal with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This title is writen more for the professional police and recovery diver, but is also of great interest to dive masters and experienced divers who may be called upon to assist in an emergency situation. The eleven chapters include body recovery, scuba fatality investigations, aircraft and automobile recovery, use of helicopters, search and dive site procedures.Softcover, 108 pages.

Produced for an by Submex, the international underwater consultancy company. Not being a commercial diver, I can only rely on comment from those who are better familiar with the value of its content. Considering the publisher, that in itself is adequate endorsement, but its sales to professional divers is a better indication. The sixteen sections cover such topics as offshore diving, inspection diving, applied techniques, operational equipment, submersibles, chamber operation, explosives, gas analysis and hazards, diving equipment, communications, marine fouling, navigation, weather and sea, health and safety, rescue, regulations et al. The line drawings are detailed and provide adequate example of the instruction provided. A valuable text for all commercial divers, and those interested in taking up the profession. Hardcover, cloth boards, A4 size, 304 pages, some colour photographs and drawings, many line drawings.

A History of Diving and Underwater Engineering
by Torrance R. Parker.  $156.00
A remarkable book.
Click on book for further details on the book and the Diving Historical Society, Australia SE Asia.

IMPORTANT - We are no longer retailing the DCIEM Manuals as it is too confusing in trying to get them in to Australia, particularly as new orders are ignored. Although published in Canada, they are marketed through the USA!! We only have one Field version left - it is yours at $100.00 - and considering the drop in the Australian dollar, this is a bargain. If you need the master manual, try and track down DCIEM on the internet. Good luck!!
D.C.I.E.M. DIVING MANUAL. (Master Manual)  $152.00
D.C.I.E.M. DIVING MANUAL (Field version)  $120.00
Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine
Department of National Defence, Canada
Part One - Air Diving Tables and Procedures, covers:
   Section One - Introduction - definition of terms.
   Section 2 - Decompression Procedures
   Section 3 - General Procedures
Decompression Tables include:
   Table 1  Standard Air Decompression
   Table 2 In Water Oxygen Decompression.    Table 3 Surface Decompression with Oxygen
   Table 4A Repetive Factors - Surface Intervals.    Table 4B No-Decompression Repetitive Diving
   Table 5 Depth Correction for Diving at Altitude.
Part 2 - Helium-Oxygen Diving Tables and procedures covers background, decompression procedures, general procedures, and eight tables, four in feet, four ion metres.
Other sections include Open-Circuit Nitrogen-Oxygen Diving Procedures, and Modified in-Water Oxygen Decompression Procedure, Helium-Oxygen Tables.
DCIEM DIVING MANUAL (Master Manual) $152.00
One set of tables is in feet, another set is in metres.  Worksheets are also provided. (These could be photocopied).
The manual is presented as a three-ring plastic covered binder, A4 size sheets.
This manual is identical to the Master Manual except that it is of a smaller size and does not contain reference to metric units. Size half A4, three-ring plastic covered binder.
110 x 200mm platic tables for Air Decompression, Surface Intervals, Repetitive Diving and Depth Corrections for altitude.
Unit is feet.

Excellent instructional text covering everything from diver physiology, to salvage. Essential knowledge for the advanced diver and instructor. Softcover, 182 pages.

SCUBA DIVING WITH DISABILITIES - Jill Robinson and A.Dale Fox.  $45.00
Robinson is a polio victim with hundreds of dives to her credit. Although nearly ten years old, the book is still relevent, covering the pyschology as well as the physical aspects of diving with a disability. Ideal for instructors who need to have a greater understanding of this special situation. Fairly expensive for what it is but I guess it is the information that you pay for. Softcover, 124 pages.

DIVE FIRST RESPONDER. Richard Clinchy.    $48.00
This excellent book is a must for all divers, particularly dive masters and instructors. It covers the full range of diver related injuries and illnesses, including open wound marine injuries, injected and ingested toxins, hyperbaric injuries, rescue, and emergency treatment.The full colour photographs are graphic and thus excellent for identification of symptoms. Knowledge obtained from this book could safe a life - perhaps your own. It is an exceptionally well produced book, with many photographs and well laid out text. Large format (A4), softcover, 168 pages. Well recommended.
Note: We are having trouble obtaining this book again -but if interested, still enquire.

"This book is aimed at experienced sport and scientific divers who want to further their ability to dive safely in circumstances not normally covered by sport diver training, who want to go beyond the usual limits". Palmer is an outstanding technician with a deep understanding of the dangers of diving and the prevention, otr at least minimisation of the danger factor through the use of the right equipment coupled with knowledge and the appropriate attitude. Chapters include the physical environment and equipment, deep diving, mixed gases, specialist diving (wrecks, caves), emergencies, and the latest in high-tech equipment. This is a n excellent read, and a must for the diver who wants to progress into anything more than a weekend dip of the end of the local jetty. Softcover, full colour throughout, medium format, 118 pages.

SHARKS: MYTH AND REALITY - Gaetano Cafiero and Maddalena Jahoda. $52.00
Spectacular photography, with scientific analysis and biological charts, drawings and graphs. This is not one of those 'popular' sensational books on 'man-eaters' , death and destruction. Nor is it simply a picture book on sharks. Nor it it a guide to shark species. Sharks - Myth and Reality is a sensible expose of the life of the shark, the habitats and specific characteristics of the various shark species. Sure, the Great White is mentioned, but the other species dominate for space, includiunng the harmless reef sharks and the huge whale shark. This is quite a superb publication. (Howard Hall's photograph of a Blue shark chomping into a school of squid is quite remarkable). Photographers include Australians Kevin Deacon, Kelvin Aitken, Bill and Peter Boyle, Ron and Val Taylor, and Parer Cook who I presume is Elizabeth Parer Cook; also Bob Halstead, David Doubilet, Carl Roessler et al. Very large format (260x360mm), 144 pages full colour on quality art paper. A White Star Publication.

Arguably the finest book on sharks - factual without sensationalism, yet fascinating to read. Marvellous photographs. Contributors include Perry Gilbert, Peter Goadby, Ron and Val Taylor, Scott Johnson, Noel Kemp, Nick Otway and Julian Pepperell, all marine biologistss or someone with a great affinity and knowledge of the subject. The book is divided into three sections - World of Sharks considers its biology and habitat over six chapters. Men and Sharks considers the relationship between us and them, and thus centres on shark attack, and protection, with some fascinating stories - and covers the incredible Sydney aquarium 'Shark Arm Murder'. The final six chapters, in Facts About Sharks and Shark Attack, includes a few fallacies, and global patterns of attack. The full colour photos and many diagrams are excellent as would be expected from  Readers Digest. Board cover, 208 pages.

Jean Michele Cousteau and mose Richards. $54.00
Another superb Harry N. Abrams, Inc publication, this time in corporation with the Cousteau team - bot not Dad. This time son Jean-Michele takes over and does a superb job of covering ' the most frightening animal on earth'. Sure, there is usual hyperbole, and the dramatic bloody photographs, but anyone seriously interested in Carcharodon carcharias will like this book. 'The Most Misperceived Creature on Earth' - well, I'm not so sure of that but it makes a great chapter heading. Pity the publishers couldn't afford an index. Hardcover, dustjacket, large format, plenty of coplour (and blood), 170 pages.

(One of the Green Guide series). $16.40
A very handy, well written book with excellent photographs, small in size but not in content. In full ccolour, with distribution details, natural history, and an interesting and informative ‘questions and answers' section. Very useful. Softcover (laminated boards), 96 pages, full colour throughout.

THE UNDERSEA PREDATORS - Carl Roessler. $38.00
Excellent book, fine photography. Covers not only the obvious creatures such as sharks but virtually all fish and invertebrates that prey on other animals. Hardcover, dust wrapper, 192 pages, full colour. Limited stock.

SHORE FISHES OF HAWAII (The) - Jordan & Evermann. $32.00
These fishes are found throughout the Pacific. An excellent guide. Softcover, 420p, with colour plates. Limited stock.

FISHES OF THE TROPICAL EASTERN PACIFIC - Gerald Allen & D. R.obertson. $76.95
Another volume in the excellent Crawford House Press series. This volume covers the fish fauna extending from the central Gulf of California south to Ecuador and includes the Coco and Galapagos island groups. Some 680 species are included. The photos are large and excellent for species identification. H, dw, large format, 353p, full colour.

Consultant Editors - Dr John Paxton & Dr. William Eschmeyer. Some books on fishes lend themselves toward identification, whilst others deal more on a definitive description of the marine environment and the world of fishes. This book tends toward the latter, given an excellent inside into fish behaviour, habitats, classificaton and history. The majority of the book however takes each ‘group' of fishes (sometimes an order, sometimes a family) and covers their characteristics, without defining and describing each species. This makes for a most interesting and educational book. The colour photography is excellent, a selection having been made from a number of superb photographers including David Doubilet, Howard Hall, Kevin Deacon, David Parer, Rudie Kuiter - but none of mine dammit!!! This is a large format book , hardcover, with dustjacket, 240 pages and comprehensive index.

An excellent guide to the major corals and marine life. Photography by Roger Steene and Neville Coleman. Softcover, 70p, full colour.

Text by Jospeh S. Levine, photographs by Jeffrey L. Rotman. Thames and Hudson. $15.00 no discount. One off. Anyone who enjoys night diving and appreciates the changes in the marine life as the day light vanishes from the sea, will like this well produced book. This is not an identification book - it is more a diver's view of the sea at night, describing the animals and their prefered environment. Hardcover, large oblong format, dustjacket, 192 pages.Limited copies available.

The Biography and Evolution of the Scleractina. J.E. Veron. $39.95
By the author of the widely acclaimed Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific, this book is not one for every tropical reef diver as it is more scientific in nature amd concerns the taxonomic and biogeographic data of corals. Chapters include toxonomy, coral biogeography reproduction, diversity, physical environment, fossil and modern distribution, evolution. Softcover, 321 pages. mono throughout.

CORALS - Warren E. Burgess.    $18.00
Biology, formation, distribution, and identification. A handy small guide. Hardcover, 94 pages, full colour.

WHALES - Cousteau & Paccalet.   $69.95
Superb photographs, fascinating text and professional layout make this a top book. Covers history, activity and identification. Excellent reading. Hardcover, 280p, full colour, large format 245x310mm.

Interestingly presented, the author traces the life and travels of a family of Blue whales on the edge of extinction. Farley Mowat writes that this is a 'remarkable book of the ocean and all its major denizens'. Softcover, 318p, no photos. Limited stock.

GIANTS OF THE SEA - Gaetano Cafiero and Maddalena Jahoda. $54.00
Whales, dolphins and their habits. Large format.A superb book. Photography includes Australias Kevin Deacon, David Parer, and Elizabeth Parer-Cook. Covers a wide range of whale species including an excellent chapter on killer whales and narwhales. An excellent chart over two pages shows the full range of cetacean life in relative size. There is also a chapter on evolution, and an appendix of technical details showing life cycle and locations. Extra large format (260x360mm), 144 pages, full colour on quality art paper. A White Star publication.

AMONG WHALES. Roger Payne.  $42.00
Author Roger Payne is perhaps the world's leading expert on whales, and is particularly noted for his studies of whale communication and sounds. (It was he who recorded the incredible album, The Songs of the Humpback Whales). This book covers his work, so is part biography, and (the greater) part natural science. Brilliant, a must read for devotees of these wonderful marine mammals. Limited stock. Hardcover, dust jacket, 425 pages.

SHELL - 500 MILLION YEARS OF INSPIRED DESIGN. H. & M. Stix, and R. Tucker Abbott. $58.00
A true 'coffee-table' presentation book, with many fine full page colour plates of single shells, and concise text. More for the dedicated admired of marine conchology. Hardcover, 188p, full colour, large format 295x280mm.

UNDERWATER NATURALIST (THE) - David K. Bulloch. $68.00
"A layman's guide to the vibrant world beneath the sea." An American text but applicable to Australian waters as the book gives a more than general background to various aspects of marine life irrespective of their specific habitat. If it crawls, burrows, glides or swims it is described in this extremely readable book. From the secrets of sightless fish to corals, and the invertebrate world. Illustrated, with instructions for collecting and keeping marine specimens. Hardcover, dustwrapper, 250 pages, some colour plates.

An excellent primer on the understanding of marine life, from a simple classification chart through to identification and sensible collecting. Softcover, 48p, full colour.

A continuation of the acclaimed series on temperate water invertebrates; this volume covering
nemerteans, ‘Nodding heads', Phoronids, Branchipods, Acorn worms, Sea spiders, Littoral insects, and Tunicates. Softcover, 362 pages, with colour plates.  Various authors.
Note: Parts 1 and 2 are out of print.

Set within the hundred years of 1860 to 1960, it charts the development of the pearling industry in the northern islands using indigenous divers, as well as the Japanese and south-sea islanders. It was dangerous work; many died collecting the pearl, using standard dress (hard-hat diving) that was not always well maintained. This is an academic work and one of important social history. Softcover, 300 pages, a few mono plates.

THE KON-TIKI EXPEDITION - Thor Heyerdahl .  $20.00
First published in 1950, this is still a classic of sea adventure, anthropology, navigation and determination. Somerset Maugham said, "It would be a very dull reader who did not admire and envy the courage of the six men who took part in it." Hardcover, dust jacket, 236 pages. Limited stock.

MY CEILING THE WAVES - Geoff Naylor. $10.50
Diving adventures off the Victorian coast in the fifties and sixties. Includes shipwrecks and scavenging, ship's graveyard, deaths in Mt Gambier. Excellent reading. This publication is now well out of print but we have a few copies left. Softcover, 96 pages. Limited stock.

THE CORAL REEF AT NIGHT - Jeffrey Rotman & Joseph Levine.  $45.00
As divers are aware, the sea comes alive at night. As Rotman states, 'no experience on land can prepare you for the sensations of night diving in a tropical sea'. Indeed, there is nothing more wonderful than seeing a basket star spread its 'arms' as the night decends. This is quite a delightful book - the photographs are excellent - not brilliant mind you but they interesting, as is the text. Hardcover, just jacket, large oblong format, 192 pages.

WONDERS OF THE REEF - Diving With a Camera. Stephen Frink.   $64.00
Frink is well known in the USA, not so much in Australia, but his photography may be appreciated anywhere. This title is a combination photographic portfolio with techniques and tools of his profession - like one man's retrospective, as it covers the art and ‘science' of using a camera underwater, and the opportunities for the dive traveller. Light, technique, tools and commercial apprlications are all covered, but not in a strict instructional way. The underwater images are excellent and the text extends the scope of the book beyond that of a photographic essay.This is a book that is easily read and enjoyed. Hardcover, large A4 format, dustjacket, full colour throughout, 160 pages.

This is "a piece of art, beautiful but fragile, thus it must be handled gently" - and considering the quality of the production, so be it. Printed on quality art paper, the volume has a beautiful laminated soft cover within a quality slip case. The text is limited, but with over 120 of Sydney-based Aw's excellent photographs, this is a quality work. "Dreams from a Rainbow Sea, while highlighting the beauty of our marine fauna, emphasises the need to conserve and protect this vital heritage"...Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, President of the Republic of Maldives. Large square formal, 156 pages, full colour of course.

Arthur Bachrach, Barbara Desiderati, Mary Margaret Mayszen.
Short on text, but high on good photographs as the title indicates. Covers brief history of diving attempts, bells, hard-hats, diving suits, modern and ancient sport diving gear, one-manned atmospheric diving systems, lockout submersibles, undersea habitats, ROVs. Very interesting book. Hardcover, dw, 146p, large format "coffee table" book. All colour, many photographs and drawings.
Note: Price depends on US dollar conversion. Around $200

There is no book like this anywhere in the world. Produced in three languages (English, French and German), Helmets of the Deep is ostensibly a catalog of the world's diving helmets. Divided into countries, the USA takes the Lyon's share, with England rightly commencing the chapters; and eighteen other countries including Australia - yes, we did manufacture a diving helmet. The full colour plates are superb showing all the helmets described. The text is minimal, just sufficient to give some historic background on the manufacturing company, and the helmet model. It is an expensive book, but the value of the information outweighs the cheque. A remarkable book. Limited Edition of only 1000 copies. Hardcover, dust jacket, very large oblong format, 370 pages.
Note: Price depends on US dollar conversion. Around $600

Over 270 photographs document the fragile ecosystem of Sipadan island, off Malaysia Borneo east coast. Sipadan has a prolific marine environment and is one of the top dive sites in the world. A superbly produced book with excellent photographs by an exceptional award-winning underwater photographer. Hardcover, dw, large square format, with over 260 excellent underwater colour plates..

BENEATH BUNAKEN. Michael Aw.   $120
The author is an excellent photographer, and this magnificent volume does his work justice. The layout is superb, and the captions are imaginative, like poetry. The book covers a twenty-four hour period beneath the Bunaken-Manado Tua Marine Park at the top end of the North Sulawesi peninsula (Indonesia). This is a photographic essay, a 'celebration of nature's most pristine underwater wilderness'. The text is minimal as it is not meant to be an identification guide; photographer Aw includes photographic details and scientific names in the appendix. Hardcover, dust jacket, with protective slipcase, approx 300 colour plates. .

Mike Haber and Mike Mesgleski.  $36.00
This is one of those books that you hope nevr to have to read, and yet it is essential to have one with you if you use a Nikonos V. It could mean the difference between a frustrating holiday without the use of a damaged camera, or self satisfaction in that you have overcomee a problem and can enjoy taking underwater photograpghs. If your camera is flooded or jammed in some way, then this is the book. It is only 24 pages, but printed on laminated card board, and plastic-coated spiral bound so that it carried in the dive kit. As they say,, "don't leave home without it". Of course, if you havn't got a Nikonos V, then forget it!! But if you do, you must get this book. Instructions are based on fifty-two close-up photographs with the dismantling and assembly instructions.

Superb publication for the beginner or advanced underwater photographer. Goes beyond the basics. Author takes 28 photo situations and describes the techniques used to achieve his results. Soft,190p, full colour.

Rick Sammon.  $29.95
The backcover blub suggests that the author is "America's most popular photo expert". I could suggest a few others in front of Mr Sammon - maybe he is just a friendly guy and the publisher likes him. Anyway, his photoraphy is pretty good and this is a useful book, giving excellent instruction in various aspects of practical photography. The book is well illustrated, complementing the text. The bibliography is far from complete but that is not critical. Technique is one thing, but Sammon also includes where to go to get great photographs but would you believe the Great Barrier Reef, Papua New Guinea nor the Maldives get a look in, suggesting that these are places that America's most popular yet not widely travelled expert has not been. Otherwise, it is a useful book - after all, anything to improve your underwater photographs is useful - well, for me anyway. Softcover, full colour, 128 pages.

UNDERSEA JOURNEY - Jeff Rotman. .....$68
Superb photographs taken over a twenty-year period by a brilliant British photographer. Superb photographs taken over a twenty-year period by a brilliant British photographer. Huge format (280x365mm), 160p, heavy gloss quality paper, wonderfully illustrated in full colour by a superb photographer. Some of the images span both pages - considering the enlargement, the quality is superb, Rotman travelled the world in search of his images and includes photographs from the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, West Coast USA, Australiaa (including the Great White Shark), the Galapagos islands, Papua New guinea, Malaysia's Sipadan Island, and of course the Red Sea. His images span the range from close-up macro work to wide angle - some of his whale shark images make one quite envious, not only of the photography but for the opportunity to see these magnificent animals so close - of course they were taken off Ningaloo Reef in West Australia. This is quite a superb production with limited, yet relevant, text and competent captions.

SULAWESI SEAS - Mike Severn. "Indonesia's Magnificent Underwater Realm". .....$85
Indonesia's coral reefs are some of the richest in the world. North Sulawesi is a volcanic region ringed with coral and swept by fertile currents. Severn has managed to capture the diversity and beauty of the marine life with 150 excellent photographs. Hardcover, large format.160p, full colour.

LIVE-ABOARDS. Volume 1 - Bahamas, Caribbean, Central and South Americas.
Lynn Layman and Linda Lee Walden.   $38.00
Includes details on the vessels and the diving. An excellent guide for the regions covered. Softcover, 228 pages, medium format. (From Dive Training Publications.)

CARIBBEAN DIVER'S GUIDE - Peter Vine (editor).   $24.00
The guide identifies the marine life and characteristics of each of 32 countries in the Greater Caribbean; with accommodation, dive centres and facilities, dive sites, local interest, conservation and legal regulations. Hardcover, 272 pages, 195x135mm, colour and mono.

BAHAMAS DIVER'S GUIDE - Shlomo Cohen (Stock is slightly damaged on corners). $14.95
An excellent guide. Hard, 184p, full colour with aerial photographs and chart overlays.

RED SEA DIVER'S GUIDE - Tamara and Alex Double.  $68.00 (hard); $36.00 (soft)
Covers the best diving sites from the Straits of Bab el-Mandeb in the south to the northernmost waters of the Gulf of Aquaba. Illustrated with colour prints and hand-painted sea-scapes. The book has been sensibly produced in two formats. The hardcover large format book does justice to the photographic and art material with essays on particular dive sites. The soft-cover is a handy reference guide in condensed format, great for travelling. Hardcover: 192 pages, 305x240mm, 180 colour prints. Softcover: 172p, 190x120mm, 90 colour prints.

EGYPTIAN RED SEA: A DIVERS GUIDE - Eric Hanauer.  $28.95
An excellent guide from famous Ras Muhammed, Northern Sinai down to Zabargad Island. Covers dive sites, travel in Egypt, other sites to see, marine creatures and ecology. Soft, 237 pages full colour.

GUIDE TO THE MALDIVES - Lydia Cuthbertson.  $16.95
A comprehensive guide to the islands and the dive sites. The major dive sites and islands are described, and the abundant marine life. Softcover, 128 pages, 195x135mm, colour, maps and illustrations.

PHYSICIANS GUIDE TO DIVING MEDICINE - Ed. Charles Shilling.  $168.00
An encyclopedic clinical reference for the researcher and physician. Covers physical, psychological and psychophysiological reactions during diving. Discusses decompression sickness, effects of cold, visual and auditory acuity, communication, safety, accident investigation, and examinations.

DIVING MEDICINE - Alfred A. Bove and Jefferson C.Davis (Editors).  $190.00
"Knowledge of this comprehensive and systematic text will be of immense value in the prevention of diving accidents and, when an accident does occur, in the provision of specific therapy." A volume for the physician and advanced diver who require a comprehensive clinical knowledge. With contributions from some twenty authorities, 'Bove and Davis' has become one of the major texts on diving medicine. Chapters include Risks of Decompression, Mixed Gas Diving, Breath-hold Diving, Toxicity, Hypothermia, Pulmonary Barotrauma, Bone Necrosis - and twenty more. Well written. Technical, yes, but not so that it is out of reach of the layman diver. Hardcover, 331 pages.

MIXED GAS DIVING - Tom Mount, Bret Gilliam.  $38.95
"The Ultimate Challenge for technical diving." Covers theory, decompression management, operational practices, mixed gas production, the future. This is an excellent book, a text 'primer' on the subject and one that any diver contemplating the use of mixed gas should read before and during formal instruction. Softcover, 392 pages.

An authoritive work on subsea equipment, deep dive equipment, one-atmosphere systems deco chambers. A major text on aspects of rig and professional diving. Hardcover, 600 pages.

After several years this superb publication has been re-released in a new edition by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. For the serious diver and instructor. Large format. 3-ring binder included.

MAN AND THE SEA Volumes I and II.   $120.00
The two books contain papers presented by eight authors at the Second International Symposium of the Sea in Hawaii in 1988. Volume I - saturation diving; Volume II - Sports Diving, Hyperbaric Medicine and Manned Submersibles. Contains a wealth of information - topics include saturation diving, compression, use of mixed gases, aspects of sport diving, hyperbaric medicine, manned submersibles - the list goes on. Rather technical - more advanced than that required by the sport diver but of interest to the professional and serious diver. Two books, each hardcover, dustwrapper, 330p and 232p.

COMMERCIAL DIVING MANUAL. Third Edition - Richard Larn and Rex Whitler.   $148.00
"The only book to cover the entire compulsory national syllabus for HSE examinations in commercial air diving. Covers virtually everything required for commercial diving theory. Hardcover, 416 pages.

SPORT SCUBA DIVING IN DEPTH - Tom Griffith.   $28.95
Covers all recent technical advances incl dive computers. Well presented, not overly technical but suitable for the advanced diver. Softcover, 342 pages.

SCUBA DIVERS ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY (The Australian) - Robert Berthold.   $34.95
The author has gone to a great deal of trouble to catalog a dictionary of marine life, physical diving terms, medicine - anything to do with diving from abalone to zostera. Softcover, 224 pages, full colour.

Dr. Roberts is a ‘career educator and scientists' who lives in Florida, a qualified marine biologist and experienced diver. It is both a prime instruction book and an ‘introduction' to the more advanced topics of dangerous marine creatures, diving hazards, the marine environment and marine nature. A list of questions at the end of each chapter indicate that this is meant to be used as a class instruction book, which it could well be, but it is also of interest to the qualified diver. It would also be an excellent book to read prior to undertaking a formal dive course. Well put together, with some colour plates; softcover, 224 pages

JEPPESEN'S ADVANCED SPORT DIVING MANUAL Richard Clinchy (ed), and Glen Egstrom (assoc. Ed).    $39.95
The first edition of this book back in 1979 was regarded somewhat as ‘the bible' of sport diving instruction - this new edition has certainly not diminished that reputation. It is an excellent manual for both the casual sport diver and divemaster/instructor covering the gamut of dive knowledge from eleven specialist authors. From basic diving and equipment through to specialist limited visibility, deep diving and night diving, diver stress, safety and rescue, this is an exceptionally well produced, professionally written text, and a pleasure to read and learn. Soft cover, medium format, 290 pages, full colour throughout, excellent diagrams and photographs. Well recommended.

"An Advanced Guide to Physiology, Procedures and Systems." - covers physiology and preparation, oxygen toxicity, equipment and safety, mixed gas, dive computers , narcosis and tables. A useful instructional text. Softcover, 352 pages. A Watersport publication.

The author is section head in the Applied Theoretical Physics Division of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and has a Masters in nuclear physics. The title is a bit of a misnomer as it is far from basic and is ideal for instructors and serious divers. Softcover, 104 pages.

MARINE INVERTEBRATES - U. Erich Friese.  $24.95
Of general value to the diver, and marine naturalist, the book also covers the establishment of invertebrates in marine aquariums. Softcover, 240p, 119 colour photos.

THE ADVENTUROUS AQUANAUT - Hillary Hauser.  $45.00
This is a fascinating book of over forty essays by that number of prominent divers and mariners including Hans Hass, David Doubilet, Lloyd Bridges, Howard Hall, Williame Beebe, Eugenie Clark, Sylvia Earle, Harry Rieseberg, Robert Marx, Frederic Dumas, Cousteau (of course), Rodney Fox, Jules Verne, Peter Benchley and even Roy Orbison. The book is divided into seven sections: Adventure and Cinema, War and Salvage, Science and Exploration, Treasure and Archaeology, The Adventurous Aquanaut, Poetry and Prose. Wonderful reading. 508 pages, hardcover with dust jacket. No photos - just excellent text.

Detailed and scientific. Published in 1961. Another authorative text on the subject. Softcover, 363 pages.

Detailed and scientific. An authorative text on the subject. Softcover, 151p.

HAZARDOUS MARINE LIFE - A medical guide to. Paul S. Auerbach. $32.00
A most practical and inexpensive book, printed on water-resistent paper so should be carried on all dives. Produced in conjunction with DAN - Divers Alert Networkand includes emergency number for several countries including Australia. This could save your holiday, or perhaps your life - written for anyone who may be stung, bitten or otherwise inconvenienced by a marine animal, and includes therapies that may be life saving. Softcover, spiral bound, 68 pages, full colour throughout.

MARINE LIFE OF SOUTH-EAST AUSTRALIA (Field guide to) - Neville Coleman.   $18.95
Visual identification of fish, crustaceans, marine reptiles and mammals, invertebrate and sub-tidal marine life in temperate waters. A small book but very informative. Hardcover, 166p, colour. Limited copies only.

TROPICAL REEF LIFE Michael Aw. $19.00
This is a small, very handy full color book of 168 pages, ideal for species identification on a trip. By its size (125 x 175mm) it cannot cover all species, but the presentation is excellent and the major forms of tropical marine life are included, all with full colour images. A very handy guide.

SHARKS AND RAYS. Ed. Leighton Taylor. (Reader's Digest publication).  $44.95
If there is a plethora of books on sharks, it is only because of their fascination. Readers Digest have joined the throng of publishers recognising this and have produced an excellent book at a reasonable price. The usual identification and biology of sharks and rays is included, providing an excellent guide to identification and knowledge of the species. In addition, there is a superb chapter by our own Aussie, Kevin Deacon. Titled, In the Field, it covers such relevant material as diving with sharks and rays, underwater photography and filming, and conservation. There is also an excellent chapter on locations where sharks and rays are prevalent. A superb book. Hardcover, dust/jkt, full colour throughout, 288pages, with excellent bibliography.

THE DISCOVERY OF THE TITANIC - Dr Robert D. Ballard.   $17.95
Over a million copies of the large format book have been sold - and is now out of print. This smaller, 'paperback-sized' book is more readable, and still contains the superb photographs and drawing of the ship as lies on the seabed. Softcover, 288 pages, many colour photographs and paintings of the ship as she lies on the bottom - and a pull-out plan.

SUNKEN TREASURE ON FLORIDA REEFS - the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet. Robert Weller.   $32.00
Six of the twelve Spanish treasure ships lost in a 1715 hurricane off Florida's reefs have been located, identified and salvaged.The colour photographs of gold and jewellery recovered is enough to make you envy. This is an excellent book covering several expeditions. Softcover, 158 pages, colour plates

HAILSTORM OVER TRUK - Klaus Lindemann $68.95
This superbly detailed book has been unavailable for several years, although it never went out of print. There was a mess up in distribution after the author migrated to the USA. It is now readily available through us. This is the definitive work on the wrecks in Truk Lagoon. It covers the history of the huge Japanese naval base, including Operation Hailstorm which resulted in so many ships going to the bottom - to our everlasting gratitude. Lindemann chronicles events, and describes in impeccable detail each of the ships to the extend that the visiting diver can easily relate to the author's experiences. One of the finest documented war histories available. An absolute must for anyone who has been to Truk, or plans doing so. Softcover, A4 format, 322 pages, mono and full colour plates, index

Pierre Constant. $56
Very little text accompanies the full page photographic essay on one of the most beautiful islands in Papua New Guinea. Constant has captured the spirit of the underwater world at Manus with straightforward no-nonsense photographs. An fine record for anyone who has dived the region. Softcover, 160 pages, large format oblong, full colour.

PIRATES Editor David Cordingly. $42.00
‘Terror on the high seas from the Caribbean to the South China Sea'. A most enjoyable, informative and easy to read book with hundreds of illustrations. Were these guys the thorough bastards that they are made out to be; or the romantic villain akin to Errol Flynn's escapades (now he was a thorough bastard). Pirates have roamed the seas for centuries, and still exist today. (There is a chapter on today's pirates). The early pirates were common in the Caribbean where trade of spice and specie made for a tantalising target. Exceptionally well written by a number of authors. Hardcover, large format, 256 pages, full colour on quality art paper. Limited stock.

Dakin's AUSTRALIAN SEASHORES. See comment above, and Marine Book section.

MARINE INVERTEBRATES of SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA Part 1. Edited by S.A. Shepherd and I.M. Thomas. $25.00
Everything you have ever wanted to know about the temperate water marine environement. The book covers food webs, sponges, Cnidaria, Anemones, stony corals, soft corals, gorgonians, flatworms, bristleworms, bryozoans, echinoderms, feather-stars, sea-stars, brittle-stars and sea-urchins, sea-cucumbers. Very detailed and rather scientific, it is not the book to read in bed, but certainly the definitive text on the subject.Text is authorative and if at times scientific, is of great use in understanding invertebrates. Don't be concerned that South Australia is mentioned in the text. The book is produced by the SA Museum - they cover most temperate species in Australia. Softcover, mono and colour plates, 490 pages.

FRESH & SALTWATER FISHES OF THE WORLD - Migdalski & Fichter.  $34.95
Well illustrated and informative guide. Hardcover large format, 316p, colour. Limited copies.

Dixon & Huxley.  $35.00
Mainly mammals; includes the dugong. A professional book well presented. Hardcover, 210p. Limited copies.

Martin Gomon, J.C.M. Glover, Rudie Kuiter .  $58.00
This is not only one of the best value books available on temperate water species, but it is also the most definitive. Gomon is the Curator of the Dept. Of Ichthyology, Museum of Victoria, whilst Glover and Kuiter are Honorary Associates in Ichthyology. This is a technical book, with exceptional detail on the physiology of the species. One of the most important works on ichthyology produced in Australia, and a must for anyone interested in temperate species. Hardcover, laminated boards, massive 992 pages, full colour prints.
I have heard on the grapevine that Gomon - or is it Glover - is preparing to reprint this book, or something similar. Excellent news. In the meantime, check out the various fishes titles in the Marine Book section.

Excellent field guide with colour drawings of all species. Softcover, 201p.

LIGHT IN THE SEA - David Doubilet. A superb portfolio from National Geographic's master underwater photographer covering the Red Sea to the Polynesian islands; the Caribbean to the Southern Ocean. Now out of print - limited stock available. Hardcover, dw, 168p large format. .....$60

THE DEEP-SEA DIVER - Robert Martin. Was $36.00 The evolution and use of hard-hat standard dress. A very interesting book. Hardcover, 213 pages. No advice re a reprint.  (Try our second hand listing - you never know).

JAWS OF DEATH - Xavier Maniguet.   Was $24.95
With a special sealed colour section that contains a warning that the photographs inside may be disturbing. To some they would be but once you have seen the tissue damage to Rod Fox published in other books, the odd severed limb is rather blase. This is perhaps the most interesting book on sharks since Shadows in the Sea, and Coppleson's Shark Attack. Well written, interesting and a valuable text. Softcover, 320p, illustrated.

UNDERWATER PARADISE - Robert Boye $69.95
"The World's Best Diving Sites." Hardcover, 192p, full colour, 230x300p. An exceptionally well produced book with brilliant photographs by Frink, Humann, Newbert, Roessler. Includes - The Red Sea, Great Barrier Reef, Sea of Cortez, Micronesia, Caribbean, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea.
( See our "one off" section.)

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