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Business name: OCEANS ENTERPRISES - The Divers Bookshop
Office and Postal Address:
Oceans Enterprises
303 Commercial Road, Yarram, Victoria 3971, Australia.
Phone: (03) 5182 5108.   International: 61 3 5182 5108

Email: peter@oceans.com.au

Australian Business Number: 32 879 805 596


I do not have a 'shopping cart'. I find them impersonal and encourage separation of the buyer from the seller. do not allow contact. To order from Oceans Enterprises is easy - you just let me know what you want and how you are to pay. 

Book orders may be placed via TELEPHONE,MAIL, E-MAIL or if you are passing through downtown Yarram in beautiful Gippsland, three hours by car east of Melbourne, drop in and see us. (It is wise to phone first to make sure the office is open. We bo not have a normal 9 to 5 bookshop). Most books are on display and are available ex stock. 


PHONE    (03) 5182 5108      International  61 3 5182 5108
I don't work standard 9 to 5 hours. If not available leave a phone message and I shall return your call.

E-MAIL    peter@oceans.com.au
This is the best way to order if you know exactly what you require. It is convenient and it give me a positive record of your details. 

               YARRAM, VIC 3971, AUSTRALIA


No order form is required.
List the following details: Name and address (with postcode);book title; quantity and unit price; 
handling and postage charge; payment details - cheque or credit card.
A phone  number is handy should there be a query.

If paying by credit card, indicate:
Type of card - BANKCARD (Australia), VISA or MASTERCARD.
Card number, expiry date, and name on credit card - and sign (if my mail or fax).
The three-digit security code is NOT required.
Do not include postage details if paying by credit card as we will charge you for the exact amount.
Note that we do not load an additional 'handling charge'.
We forward a hard copy of the credit card docket with the books for credit card sales.

We always provide a tax (sales paid) receipt, listing your purchases.

If enclosing a cheque, or Money Order don't forget to work out postage charges, based on the following postage criteria. All cheques should be made out to Oceans Enterprises.
Note: Overseas customers may pay by personal cheque but will be asked to pay an additional bank charge. Please add the equivalent of  $10 UD dollars, or 4 EP (English pounds).

We always charge postage at the actual cost. This is possible when payment is by credit card.
If pre-payment is by cheque or money order, contact us first for th amount, or use the guide below. We reserve the right to charge a greater amount than that listed below if the need arises. Interstate postage (ie, outside Victoria), is usually in a 3kg or 5kg Australia Post satchel. 
Within Australia:
Victoria - 1 book, $6. 2-4 books, $12. 5-9books, $15. 10+ books, $15.
New South Wales: 1 - 2 books, $12. 3-4 books, $14. 5-8 books, $16. 10+ books, $18
South Australia and Northern Territory - 1 - 2 books, $12. 3-4 books, $14. 5-8 books, $16. 10+ books, $18.
Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland - 1-2 books, $9. 3-4 books,$16. 5-8 books, $20. 10+ books, $26.
Overseas: Best to ask for a quote, or better still use a credit card so that actual postage may be charged.
We use Australia Post Airmail for most overseas delivery - generally good at 5 to 10 days to Europe and USA, and much more secure, and faster, than seamail which requires additional insurance. Express Post Internatinal is also available. Note tht Economy Airmail has been discontinued.
NOTE: If you prepay postage, we credit, or refund you, if the postage is way in excess of the actual amount.

If a book is not available when a pre-payment is made, a full refund will of course be made.


Cheque or credit card details must accompany all orders except those from registered Companies, Institutes or Government departments enclosing an order form, or quoting an order number. Prices are accurate at the time of posting to the Internet but may change without notice. Returns are not accepted unless goods have been dispatched faulty or prior arrangements are made.


All prices quoted in the listing are in Australian Dollars.
 International customers may like to do a conversion based on their own currency. When paying by credit card, Australian dollars are converted by the credit authority using the conversion rate applicable at the time.


The Australian dollar is a floated currency and changes by the minute. Many of the books available through Oceans Enterprises are purchased from overseas, and hence the current dollar rate affects the final retail price of such titles. We do not increase our prices once a book lot has arrived and paid for, so prices remain static until we have to reorder. We maintain good stock levels but some books may have to be ordered in. It is futile to attempt to recost all titles based on an assummed future exchange rate - books coming into stock will be recosted based on the exchange rate levied at the time. 

A STATEMENT ON THE G.S.T. (Made in 2000).
Australia introduced a Goods and Services Tax on 1 July 2000.
The Australian Government through the ACCC is telling the public that no prices inclusive of the GST should rise by 10% as there are reductions in other taxes, such as wholesale tax, that will reduce the initial retail exclusive of GST. This is rubbish. There was, for example, no wholesale taxes on books. It could be argued that book production will come down because there is no longer a 22% tax on paper and printing, but guess what - paper and inks have risen significantly over the past few months due to, so I am told, the cost of pulp, the low Australian dollar, and "the significant cost savings that Australian businesses will benefit".
The bottom line is that the retail price of books will not drop and indeed some have risen dramaticaly. And as far as "significant savings being made for small business" is concerned, give a thought to the significant increase in person-hours that is required to keep additional records and prepare the Business Activity Statement. From a personal point of view, I am not against the G.S.T. per se, but I am disappointed at the false impressions that the public are getting, particularly when the government has spent a reported $460 million so far to "educate" us.


All prices include GST. The title price for an overseas order is not reduced. The small additionl saving that we make goes into the additional packing required. 

We want to provide a good service with value. If you find any of our books being sold at less than our price by a competitor, please let us know. This shouldn't happen, but if it does, then we will match or better it. Our pledge is that you should not have to pay more for your loyalty to us.

Under no circumstancs will your credit card information be given to any person, and will be used solely by Oceans Enterprises only for the specific purpose for which it was given.  Customers receive a copy of the credit card processing docket with each transaction.


Under no circumstancs will your mailing details be given to any person, and will be used solely by Oceans Enterprises only for the specific purpose for which it was given.


The proprietor, manger and general dogs-body is Peter Stone. 
Peter Stone accepts all responsibility for any undertakings or transactions performed under the name of Oceans Enterprises.If you would like further details, link to Who We Are, and Where we Are.

Oceans Enterprises, 303 Commercial Road, Yarram, Vic 3971, Australia.