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The SCUBA DIVERS LOGBOOK is without doubt the most acceptable of the non-affiliated school logbooks, and will remain a memorable history of all your recreational dives on air. It is sensibly designed with provision for one dive per page, and plenty of room to record the dive, with minium of 'box-ticking'. The dive profile graph provides an instant recognition of the dive taken, and is usually recorded here based on the profile from a dive computer, if you have one. 

The pages are quality Matt Satin 115gsm paper. Internal pages are printed in black. Cover stock is 250 Matt Satin board; ink is dark blue, similar to this text.The following shows the main dive log page.

The full page is 145 x 210mm wide, print area is 115 x 180mm.

The logbook is copyright, P.Stone 1986, 1994, 1997,2002.

Current retail is $12.00

The logbook contains the following pages:

Page 1 - Personal Details page.

Pages 2 to 5 - Tables to include qualifications, Club and offical possitions, event reminder, tank test record, regulator test record, equipment record (imporant for insurance purposes).

Pages 6 - External Cardiac Compression charts.

Page 7 - Expired Air Resuscitation charts.

Page 8 - Plan Your Dive - Dive Your Plan (checklist).

Page 9 - Recognise The Symptoms : Decompression Sickness, Pneumothorax, Embolism.

Page 10 - National Hand Signals.

Page 11 to 90 - DIVE LOG PAGES (80 dives)

Page 91 to 100 - Lined pages for notes.


Special Logbook Covers: Dive school and dive shop proprietors may prefer their own special cover.
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