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The following links are listed in Dive Australia, with later additions; 
appreciation to Larry 'Harris' Taylor for many of these. No doubt many will have lapsed or are functionally out of date. The Internet is moving so fst that it is impossible now to keep up to date, and besides, the modern search engines give ready access to most queries and searches. 
Click on book for details on DIVE AUSTRALIA, and for updated information on diving in Australia.
underwater.com.au - Dive Australia, comprehensice information, community meeting place for divers and marine enthusiasts
Dive Oz - for the most comprehensive site on diving in Australia.

Scuba Diving in Australia. http://www.ozemail.com.au/~bilsons/
This site is presented by Stephen and Mary Bilson and contain personal evaluations of a number of dive sites in Queensland and New South Wales, dive stories, news and comment. Very interesting, and nicely presented.
Diving Australia. http://www.dive.ozactivity.com.au
This superb site is actually part of a large dynamic database for the Outdoor Recreation Industry. 
Diving in Australia. http://www.diveaustralia.url4life.com
Another superb site, informative and a pleasure to browse, developed by Underwater Web Services. Interactive map, giving authoritive dive site information by many local divers. Check out their ‘What's New' page. 
The Complete Australian Scuba Diving Directory.http://www.freegoodies.com/dive/ozdive.htm Operated by Kirra Dive Centre, Gold Coast, Queensland. Mainly southern Queensland information. Range of links to other relevant 
diving info. 
Alexandra's personal view.http://www.carbonplaces.com/whitsundays/
A delightful website of a personal dive trip through the Whitsunday islands by Alexandra Dillon. Brilliant design, and informative. Also Lady Elliot Island. Checkout Alexandra's superb home page. http://www.carbonplaces.com/
Aquanet. http://www.aqua.net.au/index.html
Marine directory and internetservices. Includes a listing of dive charters, shops, equipment. 
Michael McFadyen - private web site. http://www.ozemail.com.au/~diving/index.html
Excellent detail on Australian and overseas diving. This is a fun site to browse, nicely produced with loads of useful information. 
Netilus Destination:Oceania.http://www.netilus.com/
An interesting and informative web-site for obtaining information about scuba diving and eco-travel in the Oceania region which includes Christmas and Cocos islands. 
Divers Network. http://www.divenet.com.au/recreational/recreational_divers.htm
SCUBA Directory!http://www.carbonplaces.com/diving/
The aim of this site is to provide a comprehensive list of divers' personal sites on the Internet. 
Diver Destinations. http://www.diverdestination.com.au/
Web site has a range of Australian diving destinations, live-aboard boats, and other diver related information, including overseas information. Great links to weather information, and other diving data. http://www.diverdestination.com.au/Aust/oz.html
The Divesite, http://members.tripod.com/divesite
The website dedicated to providing information to the recreational and technical diver in Australia, particularly in the Illawarra, Sydney and Jervis Bay areas. 
Diving Historical Society, Australia SE Asia.http://www.netspace.net.au/~oceans/divehist.html
Consider joining this fascinating group.
Diving Medicine Online. Ern Campbell, MD. http://scuba-doc.com
Cave Articles (Emanuel): http://www.mejeme.com/dive/articles/
Pressure (UHMS):http://www.uhms.org/PRESSURE/pressure.htm
Hyperbarics (Beligium): http://www.hyperbarics.be/home.htm
FNMOC: http://www.fnoc.navy.mil/
Heavy Seas: http://www.naval.com/heavy-seas/
Hydrobiologia: http://www.kluweronline.com/issn/0018-8158
Sub-Find: http://www.sub-find.com/
Assoc of Underwater Explorers: http://www.mikey.net/aue/


Marine Planner - worldwide diving links. 

SHIPWRECKS (and Aircraft)

Pacific Wrecks database.http://www.pacificwrecks.com
A plethora of excellent links to all sorts of information relevant to the Pacific.
Shiprecks of Qld &NSW. http://www.ion.com.au/~stevel/index.htm
A private compilation of data. 
Shipwreck diving in Tasmania. http://www.ozemail.com.au/~kemoon/Taswreck.html
An interesting personal web site with general information on Tasmania's history &shipwrecks.
A Guide to Maritime History Information on the Internet. http://ils.unc.edu/maritime/home.htmlOcean Salvage. http://home.hotlinks.net.au/group/Ocean/default.htm
This is a new site which should develop into something interesting, with information of commercial and treasure salvage, and other aspects of salvage diving and operations. 
Western Australian Maritime Museum. http://www.mm.wa.gov.au/
Includes link to the national shipwreck data base.


Fish Identification, and fish information. http://fish-hq.com/fishidentification
Let's Talk Fish. A website about marine biology courses in Australia.
International Year of the Ocean - Oceans Australia.http://oceans.ninemsn.com.au/
Very informative site - hope it remains on the WWWafter the International Year of the Ocean in 1998. http://www.unesco.org/ioc/iyo/iyohome.htm
Whales of Australia.http://www.upstarts.net.au/uhome.html
Lists sites for sights. Excellent website for all manner of information on whales in Australian waters. The state listing of whale watching operators is most useful. 
Environment Australia Online http://kaos.erin.gov.au/marine/
Maintains an excellent marine related website. The site includes a statement on Australia's Oceans Policy http://kaos.erin.gov.au/marine/oceans/index.htm
Fisheries Western Australia. http://www.wa.gov.au/westfish/
Superb site. 
Department of Conservation and LandManagement (WA).http://www.calm.wa.gov.au/
Superb site -extremely information and exceptionally well produced. Link to Marine Parks and Reserves page. 
If you are into the wonderful world of nudibranchs, check out these superb sites. Wayne Ellis put me onto these excellent sites. They are fascinating and provide a wealth of information.
The Slug Site. http://slugsite.tierranet.com/
Slugs With Verve. http://siolibrary.ucsd.edu/slugsite/nudi_han.htm
Wayne & Robyn's Page. http://www.ozemail.com.au/~glaskin/ 


For the latest in diving news, check out Stephen and Mary Bilson's interesting website at http://www.ozemail.com.au/~bilsons/news.htm
This site also includes excellent information on dive sites, and recent opinions of sites and events. The Bilsons report what they have read or investigated, and add relevant comment where necessary, particularly when it comes to diver safety. 
Diving Medicine Online. http://www.gulftel.com/~scubadoc/divmd.html
Very informative site covering a wide range of hyperbaric subjects.


Diving in Australia. http://www.uq.net.au/uws/weather.html
An excellent list of weather-related information links. 
James Cook University.http://www.ece.jcu.edu.au/JCUMetSat/web/metsat.html
Weather satelite images for coast of Australia. 
National Tidal Facility. http://www.ntf.flinders.edu.au
Produces the tidal predictions for seventy of tyhe Australian ports and eleven Pacific island countries (with a link to the appropriate New Zealand site). 


Marine Planner - an excellent site for the boatperson and maritime enthusiast. http://www.marineplanner.com/index.cfm


Destination Australia. http://www.austtravel.com.au/index.htm
Covers all states. Very useful informaation. 
Coastcare is well represented on the Environment Australia Online website, with a wealth of information. http://kaos.erin.gov.au/marine/coastcare/index.html
EAO also maintains a website on Marine Protected Areas, with information/papers on all matters relating to the protrection of marineareas and sea life - http://kaos.erin.gov.au/marine/or2000/mpa/mpa.html
More info - 
National Marine Information System and Environmental Resources Information Network. http://www.environment.gov.au/80/marine/natmis/
Fishy links. http://www.fishnet.com.au/fishylinks.html
Government organisations, private institutions, fishing and information on the sea. 
Workplace Health and Safety, Queensland. http://www.gil.com.au/va/whs_home/whs.htm
Information on diving in the workplace.
Education Network Australia.http://www.edna.edu.au/EdNA/ 
Underwater World Sports.http://uwsports.ycg.com/


Australian Resorts.http://www.austresorts.com.au/home.htm
Australian Government Information. http://www.heckle.ausinfo.com.au/ausinfo/rickmark/govern Australian Government Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories. http://www.erin.gov.au/environment/epcg/soe.html
The State Government of Victoria. http://www.vic.gov.au/
Government of Western Australia. http://www.wa.gov.au
Western Australian Government Agency Sites - http://www.wa.gov.au/agencies.html
Western Australian Maritime Museum. http://www.mm.wa.gov.au/
Includes link to the national shipwreck data base.
SIRFIS. http://terminator.squirrel.com.au/qfma/
An information system designed to store a large variety of data relating to recreational fisheries.
Western Australian Tourist Commission. http://www.wa.gov.au/watc/index.htm
Education Network Australia.http://www.edna.edu.au/EdNA/
Australian Heritage Commission. http://www.erin.gov.au/portfolio/ahc/ahc_site/html/ahc_home.htm
National Parks and Wildlife, NSW.  http://www.npws.nsw.gov.au/about/index.html
Department of Environment and Heritage. http://www.env.qld.gov.au/
Link to Marine Reserves. http://www.env.qld.gov.au/environment/coast/
NSW Hertiage Office.  http://www.heritage.nsw.gov.au
Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM). http://www.calm.wa.gov/calm 
This is an excellent website, called Nature Base, providing full details on all marine reserves in Western Australia. 
Department of Environment and Land Management (Tasmania). http://www.delm.tas.gov.au


Diving at Rabaul, PNG. Contact Lyn Woolcott, www.kabairadive.com.pg
Queensland Tourist and Travel Centre. http://www.qttc.com.au/
Great Barrier Reef Visitors Bureau.  http://www.great-barrier-reef.com/index.html
Brisbane Tourism. http://www.visitbrisbane.com.au (includes Moreton Island).
Dive Christmas Island . http://www.christmas.net.au/ioda/
also http://www.ioda.simplenet.com/
Cocos Islands. http://www.ansett.com.au/cocos.html
Planula Divers Retreat.http://www.planula.com.au/dive/dive.html
Aquamarine, Santo, Vanuatu. http://www.aquamarine-santo.com

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