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Lookingforsomething different - like a change of life, making somthing positiveoutof your existence on earth? Have a look at a new book by Mark Bodnarczuk-DivingIn
Johnno Johnstone was one of Australia's top hard hat commercial divers. See abrief historyon the Kempen family website, http://www.kempen.id.au.Enter'geneology' then 'Johnstone'.
Want to discuss something relevant to diving and the ocean world? See ReefingAustraliaat http://www.reefaus.com
Borneomustbe one of the most incredible diving destinations in the world. Checkoutwww.explorationborneo.com
LeniRiefenstahlhas turned 100. This remarkabl lady is known as Hitler's moviemaker.Shetook up diving and underwater photography when she was 72, and publishedtheacclaimed book Coral Gardens. For more info.
A twenty-eightyear old woman has set a new free diving depth record. But why? Enterfor more details.
Great White Shark photos - some of you may have seen the remarkable photographs taken in South Africa by Ralf Kiefner. His website is www.whales.de-there may be a problem accessing the photo gallery, but have a look.
Customer Brad Crook kindly advises that a video on the salvage operation on theNiagara,'Niagara's Gold', narrated by Sam Neil, is available through FilmAustralia
For an overall diving site with a range of interesting links, see http://www.scuba-equipment-usa.com/index.html
Ifyouare worried about being nibbled by a shark, or worse even, considercreatinga magnetic field around you when diving or swimming. What youneed is aSharkShield, obtained from the Australian company SeaChangeTechnologies. I have neither the authority nor knowledge toendorsethe fact that they work, but the technology looks interesting,and theymay have come up with an attack preventative at last. Worth checkingout.
MikeWarmanin New Zealand has prepared a website for his new book on the lossof theWhite Star, holed on 29 June 1862 when steaming from Napier to Wellington.Checkout www.whiteswan.co.nz
Check out www.maritimeworld.netforan interesting site.
A new release on a fascinating wreck: AnErrand ofMercy, Captain Jacob Eckhoff and the Loss of the Kakanui.
Want to know all there is to know about the worlds shipwrecks. Well, you canbewell on your way if you have a spare $1000. Thats US dollars. You canobtaina CD-ROM of some 250,000 world shipwrecks. See http://www.globalgisdata.com/
A new book on the Batavia with a replica coin. Linkherefor further details.
Interestedin sharks? Check out the Florida Museum of Natural History sharkpage http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/fish/Sharks/attacks/relariskreduce.htm
Checkout Pacificwrecks database. .Fascinating! 
For anythingto do with diving in Australia, check out Dive-Oz.
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by Wendy Carey (author and photographer)
Hardcover 12 x 9 Full Color (landscape format), 160 Pages 
Undersea photographs of marine life off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada 
$ 49.95 can + GST
Contact Wendy direct at 
ar 2007 10:06:24 -0700
From the images I have seen, this looks like n excellent book. 
Gerald Bowman.
This exceptional book, about the raising of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow after World War 1, has been reprinted. Go direct to th publisher to obtain a copy: Oceans Images.
Michael Zinsley.
This is an excellent book, exceptionally well written, covering diving in the US and the Pacific. Contact Michael at zinsley@aol.com
or (as much as I lothe to do so) see Amazon.com.
An Errand of Mercy, Captain Jacob Eckhoff and the Loss of the Kakanui
Redmer Yska. (ISBN 0-473-07699-3, Banshee Books 2001) explores the life of the author's great-grandfather, a Dutch sea captain who came to work for the 19th century Macquarie Island marine oil baron, Joseph Hatch, out of  Invercargill, New Zealand.
In 1889, Eckhoff carried the first men and equipment to the remote island to help set up Hatch's now infamous industry based on boiling up penguins  by the thousand for their valuable oil. Eckhoff later campaigned to  rescue a party of penguin-killers abandoned by Hatch with indequate supplies. Hatch, a sometime politician and skilled propagandist, claimed  that the men were fine and that Eckhoff was just a disgruntled employee.  The NZ Government dispatched the steamer Kakanui to the island early in 1891, the men were successfully rescued, but the vessel vanished in a huge storm, with the loss of 19 lives. Eckhoff, with ten children in  Dunedin, was piloting the vessel.
An Errand of Mercy draws on a new body of research to challenge the Hatch version of these dramatic and tragic events - a version that has become part of the public record. The book also traverses environmental  opposition within New Zealand to this putrid industry which (much)
later  would see it stopped by Shackleton's photographer (Frank Hurley) and others.
The book drew a range of favourable newspaper reviews in New Zealand. The 
Christchurch Press called it a 'ripping yarn' and the national Listener said, "For its picture of Southland and sea-going life more than a century agoAn Errand of Mercy is a worthwhile addition to any library." 
The book is a 108 page paperback (including photos and engravings). The cost is $29.95 NZ dollars, plus postage. Contact Banshee Books , 32 Harbour View Road, Northland, Wellington, New Zealand.
Phone 04- 475-9826. Fax   04- 972-0207
Whilst visiting well-known Australian author Hugh Edwards, in Perth, Western Australia, recently, he showed me a book called SAILING THE LAST EAST INDIAMAN - BATAVIA by Jaap Roskam. This quite unique book of 148 pages is fully handmade, with a slip-case, and special bronze closed- loop binding. Inside the front cover is a specially minted pewter replica of one of the coins found on the ship, a Daalder, or Rix Dollar, issued by the dutch province of Zeeland. This handsome book retails fo $295 and may be purchased direct from the author at In 't Veld Editions, "el Panoramoz", Mount Burrell, NSW, 2484. 
Website www.bataviaphotos.com
WOLFIE THE WOLF-EEL. Written and illustrated by Jacqueline Vickery Stanley. 
Love 'em or leave 'em, Wolf-eels are the bull terriers of the sea, maligned and misunderstood because - well, they ain't exactly beautiful are they? But like my old bully Baxter, Wolfie is a loveable creature who just wants to have a home and be loved. Released from the aquarium into the northern Pacific Ocean, Wolfie has problems finding friends and a new home. But then he meets Ella and he lives happily ever after in cohabitated bliss. This is a great kids story, with large colourful paintings of interest to any child. The author is Australian and a prominent diver, now living in the USA. Within the fantasy biography of Wolfie lies an accurate life that has been verified by the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Centre, so young readers not only have a wonderful tale, but learn something of the life of the eel. A wonderful combination, and one which Jacqueline Stanley will exploit with further books. If you are a diver, and you have children, this book is a must. 
Available direct from: oceanica@eden.com.
Cost is US$18.95 plus post.
is a book about shark diving and where to find specific shark species to dive with. I havn't seen the book, but it certainy mentions Australia. Lets hope the Hammerheads at Rangaroa are included, the Great White off Port Lincoln, and the White Tips off the northern GBR are mentioned. Check them out at http://www.sharksonly.com
This is a remarkable book, both for its presentation and for its content. If you are interested in cave and cavern diving, this is a must. Full colour, 242 pages of some of the finest diving in the world. The region is off Mexico and covers the coastal plain of the eastern coast of the Yacutan Penincula (Cozumel is offshore). The crystal clear waters provide for superb diving, and the choice of sites is immense - makes Mt Gambier look like a brick quarry. Have a look at Steve's website and go direct for copy of this excelent book. Retails for $49.00 US plus postage.
Email 104164.1441@compuserve.com
I'm not sure what this is all about, but you may like to check out
The publisher is Airspeed Press, 79 Old Denny Hill Road, Warner, NH 03278, USA
Contact Hawai'i University Press. uhpbooks@hawaii.edu
ALL STINGS CONSIDERED. First Aid and Medical Treatment of Hawai'i's Marine Injuries. Craig Thomas and Susan Scott. 
Contact Hawai'i University Press. uhpbooks@hawaii.edu
SAND TO SEA. Marine Life of Hawai'i.  Stephanie Feeney and Ann Fielding. 
(Children's Book - excellent underwater photographer by Ed Robinson).
Contact Hawai'i University Press. uhpbooks@hawaii.edu
Contact Hawai'i University Press. uhpbooks@hawaii.edu
IN DEEPER WATERS. Photographic Studies of Hawaiian Deep-SEa Habitats and Life Forms. 
E.H.Chase and Alexander Malahoff.
Contact Hawai'i University Press. uhpbooks@hawaii.edu
Oceans Enterprises, 303 Commercial Road, Yarram, Vic 3971, Australia.