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Sheck Exley.
Although small, this book contains a great deal of relevant information on safety and survival. Fourteen accidents are reviewed. Well worth reading by all cave divers. 
Softcover, 46 pages, mono, 145x220mm. $18.00
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The Deadly Descent Into the World's Most Treacherous Cave. 
William Stone and Barbara Am Enden, with Monte Paulsen. 
The Huautla cave in Mexico is probably the deepest system in the world. Shafts rach down to enormous depths, with huge stadium-sized cvrns. The author's 44-member team entered the sinkhole at Sotano de San Augustin, the first camp being 2328 ft below ground level. The second camp was established at the jinction of two sunterranean rivers met. Nobody had gone further and survived, excepot for Bill Stone and Barabara Am Ende, who forged on for no less than eighteen days. Dr. William Stone is the engineer who invented the Cis-Lunar rebreather, a life-support backpack that allows divers to stay underwater for up to 24 hours. Dr Am Ende is a geologist. Paulsen is a Pulitzer Prize winner. 
Hardcover. $59.95
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Sheck Exley. 
Sheck Exley has earnt his place in the history of diving the hard way. His achievements in cave diving, particularly deep, long penertrations, earned him a well deserved reputation as the master cave diver. Unfortunely he stretched himself too far and lost his life in 1994 whilst attempting to reach a thousand feet - a nice round number he stated before the dive. He made it to 906 feet. He was forty-five years of age and had thirty years experience behind him. It is fortunate that Exley wrote this book - like a posthumous autobiography I suppose - as it documents some incredible and hair-raising dives. These are beyond the skills, resources and perhaps interest of most divers, but anyone who have dived a sinkhole or penetrated a cave, be it in freshwater or at sea, will thoroughly enjoy this book. It would appear that at times Exley tried too hard to be a writer, but get over the first few paragraphs and you will be hooked. Hardcover, dustjacket, 325 pages, index, sixteen colour plates. 
Softcover $48.00
Hardcover no longer available.
Robert F. Burgess. 
"Cave divers are a breed apart - and this is their story - of pushing the limits of technology and human endurance, a journey from pioneering descents into submerged prehistoric caves to the most recent record-setting expeditions. Locations covered include the Bahamas Blue Holes, and deep penetrations in Florida and Mexico. Although no mention of Australian caves, this is nevertheless a most interesting book for those interested in "pushing to the inner and outer limits" of diving. 
Softcover, 290 pages, mono and colour photographs, bibliography, index. 
Jill Heinerth
(Adapted from the blurb:) Cave diving has been called the "most dangerous participatory sport" in the world. It doesn't have to be. With proper training, experience, and guidance, you can be a skilled cave diver, and enjoy this challenging and rewarding activity, for a lifetime. With decades of technical diving experience, including world record cave dives, and paradigm changing underwater exploration, Woman Divers Hall of Fame member Jill Heinerth has prepared this  contemporary guidebook. Generously illustrated, "The Essentials of Cave Diving" contains practical, twenty-first century underwater knowledge, including side mount techniques and the latest rebreather technology. Encompassing all levels of cave diving, from entry level to expert,this manual is an essential tool; appropriate and relevant to all cave training disciplines.Chaptes include: What is Cave Diving; Training; Accident Analysis; Geology and Hydrology; Conservation and Landowner Realtions; Equipment Configuration; Techniques; Planning; Special Issues. Includes also a glossary of terms.Although written by an experienced USA based cave diver, the book is still rfelevant to Australian techniques and issues.  Softcover, perfect bound, 7 x 10 inches, full colour throughout, 200 pages. 
Martyn Farr. 
'The History and Development of Cave Diving'. This is the second edition of the acclaimed book published in 1980. It covers the international scene with quite a bit on Britain and Ireland. Australia gets a good mention with the Nullarbor caves (Pannikin Plains and Weebubbie), and Mount Gambier. Other fascinating systems in Zimbabwe, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Southern Africa and Europe are also described. The equipment used is mind-boggling. Are these guys (and girls) brave or just crazy? Excellent reading, even for one who thinks Pics is just fine. 
Hardcover, dustwrapper, 208 pages. With colour planes and mono photos. Limited stock. $48.00
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