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and the Ocean

The Origin and Evolution of Life in the Sea. 
Ellis is not only a brilliant artist, but also an accomplishedauthor and researcher. This is a superb book, easy to read with a weathof information that anyone with at least the slightest interest in thesea would do well to absorb. Did life evolve from the sulfurous volcanicvents deep at the seabed? What happened to the TrIlobites? (They movedto Parramatta). If you know what a Sacabambaspis is, or are familiar withthe Desmostylians, then perhaps you do not need this book, otherwise readit and appreciate the divewrsity of marine life that has gone before us.A brilliant book. If interested in marine fossils, as not doubt you will be after reading this book, log on to CrystalWorld.
Softcover, 304 pages, mono line drawings. $29.95
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CHALLENGER AT SEA - A Ship That Revolutionized Earth Science.
Kenneth J. Hsu.
Published by Princeton University Press, New Jersey, USA. Hardcover, dustjacket, 416 pages, mono photos, index, notes. 
From the fly: The famous geological research ship Glomar Challenger was a radically newinstrument that revolutionized earth sci-ence in the same sense that the cyclotron revolutionized nuclear physics, and its deep-sea drilling voyages, conducted from1968 through 1983, were some of the greatscientific adventures of our time. Beginning with the vessel's first cruises, whichlent support to the idea of continental drift,the Challenger played a key part in thewidely publicized plate-tectonics revolu-tion and its challenge to more conventional theories. Here the leading oceanographerand earth scientist Kenneth Hsii offers anintensely personal account of the experiences of the ship's diverse crews - thesailors, drillers, marine technicians, andscientists who braved not only the ocean'sresistance to surrendering its secrets butalso the difficulties of balky machinery, physical illness, close quarters, and all-too-human temperaments.
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Martin Wells. 
I was personally delighted to rad this book, wonderfullywritten by a mrine biologist a reader in zoology at Cambridge University,who takesus on an evolutionary journey whilst on an actual journey. Helooks at the evolution of not so much the specific species, but of theirphtsical characteristics - for example buoyancy, sight, protection. Howdoes the apparently brainless sea urchin make decisions - why dont whalesget the bends. This is a fascinating book, highly recommended for anyoneinterested in the creatures of the sea and for those who prefer high qualityreading. 
Limited copies.
Richard Ellis. 
The author, Richard Ellis, is perhaps better known asone of the world's most acclaimed  marine painters -  he hassome 450 line drawings throughout the book, and 13 colour plates - andis also the author The Great White Shark, The Search for the Giant Squid,and other marine books. This encyclopedia makes for great reading, as wellas a most useful reference. It covers all aspects of the marine world,from the biology of the many species, to mythology; the marine sciences,oceanography and the seas, and a few top names in the marine field. (Ihad never heard of the vampire squid that can turn itself inside out)."Exhustive, concise amnd entertaining, the Encyclopedia of the Sea is invaluableas an all-inclusive, one volume source, for anyone interested in the sea,its inhabitants, and man's exploration of its mysteries".
Hardcover, dust jacket, 450 drawings, colour plates,380 pages. $69.95. 
Hardcover,  dw, 208p, full colour, medium format.A fascinating book - covers the military and commercial  explorationof the sea, saturation diving, ROVs, 'autonomous submersibles', DWRVs, atmospheric suits and small submarines. The author has been involved inmilitary and sub-sea  operations for 25 years and is an authorityon the subject. 
Well illustrated with over 200  photographs, somecolour plates.
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Explorations by Oceanographers on FiveContinents. 
Edited by Elisabeth Mann Borgese. Chapters are basedon a specific international oceanographic society, and include Woods HoleInstitute, Bedford Institute, Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. Scripps Institute,and several others in Japan, Peru, Mexico City, Goa, Moscow, Mombasa andBlemerhaven.Illustrated throughout in colour and mono, the book describesthe work done by the various institutes and their achievements. Very interesting.
Hardcover, large format (A) size, dustjacket, 288 pages.$48.00 
Writings and Imagesof the Sea. Peter Benchley, Judith Gradwohl. 
We all know Peter Benchley - orshould do. He is the acclaaimed author of Jaws, so you either love himor hate him. It is a common publishers ploy to use a well know author toedit an anthology of stories - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.In this case it does, as it is the type of book that is hard to put down.Usually you will flick through and scan the pictures but Ocean Planet containsmany dramatic photographs that require more than a casual glance. (I wasmesmerised and horrified by the photo on page 69 - the death of a giantbluefin tuna.) Thirty-eight chapters cover a wide ange of subjects by sometwnety authors, covering seafaring and discovery, the life of the ocean,and the life in the ocean. It is not a book on conservation nor ecology,yet it is provocative, and always entertaining. $36.00
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The illustrated Library of the Earth. 
Consultant editors Dr. RobertStevenson, Dr. Frank Talbot. 
This large format full colour productionis a valuable edition to the numerous compendiums of chapters on 'the ocean'.It is of particular interest to divers as it covers the subjects that weare interested in - the marine life and habitats of the deep sea and theshallow coastal fringes, the waves and tides that make our life miserableat times, and the professionalss who explore the depths of the ocean muchto our envy. It appears you could not make the list of contributors unlessyou are a doctor of something or a professor, yet the text is easily read- this is by no means a scientific book. It is good to see that our ownAngela Ivanovici gets a guernsey- Angela writes on Planning for the Future.Other contributors include Sylvia Earle, John McCosker, Colin Martin etal. The colour and layout is superb. Thiss is an excellent general interestbook for the diver - would make an ideal gift. 
Hardcover, dustjacket, largeformat 245 x 320mm, full colour, 160 pages. $38.00
OCEANS - Revealing the Secrets of the Deep
Bryan Richard, Sarah Rickayzen, Joan Barker.
Large format, hardcover - laminated boards, 320 pages, full colour throughout.
A truly magnificent book for anyone interested in the sea - obviously for divers and it is predominantly 'under the sea'. Sections include The GFiver of Life, Ocean Dynamics, Life in the Oceans, Coral reef, The Open Ocean, The Abyss, Man and the Oceans etc etc. Superb photography.
Would make an excellent gift.
Travels through Endangered Seas. 
Colin Woodward.
Hardcover, dustjacket, 298 pages.
Can we pollute the sea? How important is it that we understandthe ecology of the oceans. This excellent book is not an ecological thesis,but in a plain and sensibl style tells fascinating tales of fishermen,scientists, divers and sailor, and many others whose daily lives are spentconfronting the ocean's problems. Some people have real concerns -somewill lose their livlihoods, and their lives.
OUT OF THE BLUE - A Journey Through the World's Oceans
Paul Horsman.  $54.95
It is difficult to categorise this book as it covers such a diverse number of themes; ideal for the diver but also for anyone interested in the world's oceans. The cover blurb says it all: It is a stunning portrayal of the wealth of living creatures, from seemingly unremarkable plants and planktonto the awe-inspiring Giant Squid.... from plankton to coral reefs, with an emphasis as to how the different elements within the oceans interact. The author is marine biologist. The photograph are exceptional in quality, informative, and relevant to the topic. For the diver, it givs a greater perspective of the marine environment which he/she enjoys so much, and to anyone who has not had the pleasur of experiencing for themselves life benath the waves, it prvides a greater understanding. 
A great book for the diver's own library, and as a gift for the yet to be initiated. Extra large format(320 x 245 mm), full colour throughout, 160 pages, harcover with dust jacket. 
Rachel Carson. 
This is the classic book first printed in 1950, and stillavailable because of its remarkable observation and superb writing. Itis about the sea - the Mother Sea and her fascinating marine creatures,and the Restless Sea, forever on the move. Of the tiny creaures that formthe foudation of marine life and coral reef, to the battles of giant squidand th sperm whale, or islnds suddenly appearing and disappearing, of theshallow tropical coral reef and the deep canyons with its strange inhabitants.She speaks of extinction and destruction, of DDT and global warming, andof the sea as a resource but not an unlimited one.  A must read foranyone intersted in the sea. Softcover, 248 pages, bibliography, no photos. $22.00
Robert Silverberg. 
Published 1968 by World's Work, London. 
Hardcover, dustjacket, 152 pages. Mono photograph. Life in the sea at depth, and the explorations of the depths.  "How deep is the ocean, and to what depths has man explored it? Are there sea monsters, as sailors throughout history have reported ?_What kind of weird, colorful, impossible-looking creatures have been found in ,the ocean abysses? How do scientists believe the great water masses were formed? The nature of life in the ocean depth and the story of the research that has been conducted and is currently being conducted there is the subject of this fascinating book. Less than a century and a half ago it was believed that the depths were totally without life. The sea and its mysteries, however, have always held the lure of the unknown ". Just the one copy available. $25.00
This is a huge book, described quite appropriately asa monumental achievement in cartography. It covers the worlds oceans withbathometric charts, aerial photography and relief maps in excellent detail.The first 16 pages include chapters on how the oceans were formed, historicalmaps, the ocean as habitat and for commerce, oceanography - the formationof tides, migration of whales, the movement of icebergs, wrecks, surveyand exploration etc etc. A wonderful books to give a much clearer pictureof the ocean world that we enjoy so much, informative and a great read.Oversize format, hardcover, dust jacket, 264 pages, full colour throughout.
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