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The Story of Midget Submarines andHuman Torpedoes. 
C.E.T. Warren and James Benson. 
Covers the naval operations in underwater demolitionin the Mediterranean Sea , Norway, around British waters, and ‘the FarEast' during the Second World War. This is perhaps the most authoritativeand most respected of the ‘frogmen' books, quite detailed and a bit dauntingto wade through, but nevertheless an important contribution to our knowledgeof underwater warfare. Hardcover, dust jacket, 256 pages, a few mono printsand maps. First published in Great Britain, September 1953. Now well outof print. We occasionally have a copy. 
One copy only, secondhand, $46 with computer generated facsimile jacket dust jacket 
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Military Diving from the Nineteenth Century to the Present Day.
Michael Welham.
'A detailed appraisal of the selection, training and work of the world's elite underwater forces and of the dangerous environment in which they operate, where the natural hazards can be as lethal as an unseen enemy'. Hardcover, dustjacket, 220 pages, mono and colour prints, bibliography, index. 
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Robert Teather, Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 
This is a specialist book directed at police officers,the military, insurance investigators and anyone concerned with searchand rescue. To the layman the photographs may have a morbid fascinationbut this is not a book for the casual diver - although it does give a detailedexplanation as to what to expect and what to do in the case of marine deaths.Chapters such as Drowning - What Really Happens; Body Recovery; Scuba Fatality- Accident Investigation - are important knowledge for the dive leaderbut the remaining information is the prerogative of the qualified investigator:Investigation of Death; Recovery of Skeletal Remains; Firearms, Aircraft,Vehicle Recovery; Court testimony, Collection and Types of Evidence. Avaluable book for the professional. Metal spiral bound, board covers, A4size, 185 pages, many colour photographs and diagrams.  $94.00 Sorry, no more available.
The Story of the Wartime Underwater Operations. 
T.J. Waldron and James Gleeson. 
First published 1950. Many reprints up to, and possibly  beyond 1954. Hardcover, dust jacket, 192 pags, many mono photographs.  The edition (right) by The Quality Book Club, London, has no date, circa 1950s.  Hardcover, dust jacket, 192 pages, no illustrations. Slightly smaller overall size.     "...clad in fantastic rubber suits, some crawled on the muddy bottoms of harbours  looking for mines, some bestrode torpedoes, others slipped through the darkness in   midget submarines".   "A magnificent tribute to the most fantastic courage and skill of officers and men of the Royal Navy and to our scientists." 
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J. Bernard Hutton.
First published in 1960 by Neville Spearman Limited, London. 
Hardcover, dustjacket, 180 pages, mono plates in separate sections.
'The Counter Espionage Book of the Year. Crabb Alive in Russia'.  States rather provocatively that "Crabb was not drowned", and was captured by the Russians in April 1956, take aboard the Ordzhonikidze, flown by helicopter to Stetin, then plane to Moscow, whilst heavily drugged.
We have a very good copy in original dustjacket. $38.00
Ian Fraser. 
Tells of the attacks to Japanese vessels in the watersof the Johore Strait during the second world war, and specifically on theJapanese ship Takao. Covers many activities in northern Australian watersand the great Barrier Reef. Hardcover, dust jacket, 216 pages, mono platesthroughout. First published 1957. Now well out of print. We occasionallyhave a copy. 
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Gary Stubblefieldwith Hans Halberstadt. 
The SEALS are the US Navy's special underwater operationalgroup - although I don't believe that naywhere in the book do they tellyou what the acronym stands for. But if real-life adventure is your kick,then this is an interesting book. Covers operations from their formationduring WW2 through to Korea, Veitnam and present day. I had no idea seventeenmarines were killed by Malaysian pirates in a botched-up kidnap rescueattempt in 1975. Very interesting. 
Softcover, 192p, mono photographs. 
United States Naval Academy, and Office of Naval research.
It starts out with a veritable who's who of top navy brass and civilkians associated with naval diving, and is based on a symposium held at the U.S.Naval Academy in 2001. Divided into three sections covering - Submarine Search and Rescue, Naval Special Warfare, Diving and Salvage - this large format full colour book contains a wealth of infomation presented by some one hundred experts in their field. The content is predominantly their papers as presented, with comment and question. Hardcover, laminated boards, lrge A4 format, 320 pges, full colour throughout.
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Orr Kelly. 
Navy SEALs Stories of Combat and Adventure From the Geminispacecraft landing to the Achille Lauro hi-jacking, from Libya to Vietnam,the SEALs have been involved in the finest military action. All this makesfor great reading, building up the testosterone and the wishful thinkingof being one of America's elite fighting men. This book is full of adventure,from first hand accounts and personal interviews. A great read of ‘real-lifeadventure'. 
Hardcovcer, dustjacket, no photos, 340 pages.
Diving as a Guest of the Emperor 1942. 
Robert C. Sheats. 
Sheats is a US Navy Master Diver captured in the Philippinesin 1942 in the early years of World War 2. He was forced by the Japaneseto dive for silver worth $8 million, dumped by the US forces off Corregidorwhen Japanese capture was inevitable. His experience as a diver attemptingto survive and yet to sabotage the Japanese war effort shows the desperationthat man has in clinging to life. The author also provides a valuable insightinto the Vietnam war. 
Softcover, 94 pages. $38.00 
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Peter Keeble.
One of the most fascinating and readable biographies,by Lt.Commander L.A.J. Keeble, whose story starts on a minesweeper andcontinues into his early training, such as it was, in hard-hat diving,and his military work during World War 2 in the Mediterranean. A trulyfascinating book which reads like a war-time mystery novel - superb writing.Hardcover, dust jacket, 212 pages, mono plates. First published in 1957.Now well out of print but we occasionally have copies. 
Secondhand. Price around $60-$80 with original cover or more likely a computer generated cover-rather scarce.. 
This is a true classic. 
SRT Diver. 
(Special Response Team). Revised edition 1999. 
Mark V. Lonsdale 
Covers the role of SRT Diver, team training and structure,SRT diving and euipment, surface suplied equipment, surface supplied procedure,haz-mat diving, support equipment, maintenance, riggings and lifting, photographyand video. Deployment - by land and sea, by air with helicopters and fixedwingaircraft. SAR operations: diver rescue procedures, underwater search methods,aquatic rescue, penetration diving, investigation and recovery. Tacticaloperations: training, equipment, closed-circuit breathing apparatus, tactical principles, intelligence operations, underwater search, assaults. A fascinating book for the amateur sport diver but a very valuable book for anyone involvedin any aspect of professional diving, particularly in police work, State Emeergency Services, search and rescue.  Softcover, 340pages, many mono photos - some not so nice to look at!
The True Story of Commander ‘Buster' Crabb.
Mike and Jacqui Welham
From the fly: Commander Buster Crabb, a British naval frogman, disappeared whilst undertaking an underwater ‘spying missdion' involving the Soviet cruiser Ordzhonikidze in 1956. Just over a year after he disappeared, a body wasjed up headless and handless near Portsmouth. The establishment took charge of the body and, at an inquest, declared it to be Crabb. It's now that it was not Crabb who was buried at Portsmouth. The problem for the establishment was that Crabb worked for the then head of the Royal Navy, Lord Mountbatten. At the time, US government security agents had alleged that Mountbatten was doing ‘unofficial' business with the Soviety Union. This, UK officials believe, was a valid reason for Craabb's story to be held secret until 2056 - an unprecedented 100 years. Crabb's story also involves the British ruling class and Royalty. It is a take of illegal activities, art and currency smuggling, Nazi looted gold and treasure, homosexual blackmail, threats and mysterious deaths. The authorsd and nitnesses have been subjected to government surveillance, mail interception and telephone tapping both by the UK authorities and Interpol. Following public publication of the authors' previous book Forgotten Spy, attempts were made to kill both a researcher aand a vital witness. This is the murky world of what the establishmemt does not want you to know. Softcover, 284 pages, bibliography, mono photographs. $34.00. 
The Amazong Exploits of the Famous Special Agent
Max Manus
First edition, November 1953, William Kimber & Co. Ltd. London. 
Hardcover, dust jacket, 240 pages, mono plates throughout. 
The author sank the German troopship Donau. He was arrested by the Germans, escaped, and  became a resistance fighter in Norway. 'More exciting than any fictional thriller..' says the Birmingham Mail. Now thats recognition!! 'A story of  breathtaking gallantry', suggestss the Illustrated London News. 
 We have second edition 1943 avaialbel, with computer generated facsimile dust jacket, excellent condition. $38.00
Peter Kemp
This is a detailed account of one of the most fascinating aspects of warfare. From the fly: Of all types of battle zone movement the most difficult to detect has been that of submerged craft; it is not surprising that this mode of clandestine activity is centuries old and was first used offensively over 200 years ago.With the Italians, Japanese, British and German navies all active in the use of one- and two-man submarines it is not surprising to find them employed in a multitude of daring and dramatic sorties against seaborne, harbour and land-based targets. In this thorough study of the topic - the most comprehensive ever attempted in the English language - Paul Kemp provides ample evidence of the diverse tasks undertaken by the underwater warriors.
Harcover, dustjacket,256 pages, mono prints. $46.00
Performance Under Pressure
Mark V.Lonsdale.
This is diving at its most extreme, conducted by men (as they all are) who are throughly trained, disciplined and skilled in all aspects of underwater work. The lrge format hardcover book does justice to their training and achivements - it is quite an eye-opener. Contents includes the evolution of nvy diving, salvage and diving, equipment, the exprimental diving unit, mobile diving, underwater construction, special clearance teams, naval warfare - underater demolition and SEAL teams. Full coliur throughout, large A4 format, hard laminted cover, 344 pages. $64.00. 
Sorry, no longer available.
Hans Halberstadt.
SEALs are tough and if you survive the training, youjoin an elite group of fighting men, familiar with underwater, sea andland assault tactics. This large format book shows the training, weaponsand equipment, techniques and specialist skills such as explosives. Manycolour photographs showing the SEALS in training. 
Softcover, 144 pages.
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