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Whales, seals, dolphins and dugongs.

Ralf Kiefner.  .
Another excellent title in the IKAN series of mrine books. This is th ‘bible' of the cetaceans, a guide to some ninety-five species of the two suborders, Mysticeti (Baleen Whales), and Odontocti (Toothed Whales). Includes, of course, the Porpoises. And lkike all IKAN guides, there are some thirty-two ‘picture stories', covering the lighter side of Cetacean behaviour.Nedless to say, strandings, illegal killings and environmental poisoning of whales is detailed. I could see nothing on Monkey Mia, nor on the butchering of dolphin in Japan - perhaps just as well.  Hardcover, 305 pages, full colour throughout, species index. 
Sorry, no longe available from us.May be out of print.
Ross Isaacs & Tina Dalton. A complete reference manual ,including identification of species, behaviour, popular whale watching spots, natural history, conservation and research. 
A very handy book and nicely put together. Softcover, 96 pages, colour and mono photos.
Sorry, no longe available from us.May be out of print.
Wade Doak
Hodder and Staughton. Auckl;and, London, Sydney. 1981
Harcover, dustjacket, 244 pages colour plates. 
The author is one New Zealand's top divers, a marine naturalist, photograther and author. And a delightful man. The book has become somewhat of a classic in the eyes of those who love the sea and its marine mammals. It's hard to describe it - more of a journey into humanity I suppose, an experience of underderstanding a creature that matches our own intelligence in many ways. Perhaps it surpasses us - after all, we don't kill our own species just for a disagreement, or wipe ourselves out on drugs and alcohol and fast fatty foods. Maybe they would of they could! But we increase our own humanity just by being a little bit more understanding of the animals tghat share the Earth with us. Wade Doak has encouraged us to do that, and given us more information, more incentive to do so. In five parts, with appendicies: Approaching the Ocean Nomads; Dephinic Acceptqance; Dolphin Approaches to Humankind; With Larger Minds; Towards a Global Network. This is a must read for anyone even the slightest bit interested in dolphins. It has an even grreater message than just the curiosity that we show with these creatures that have no fear of humans and indeed seem to want to communicate and bond with us. Read it! 
Sorry, I have no more copies left - except the one dedicated by Wade to my wife (at the time) and me. 
The Killer Whales of Twofold Bay
Tom Mead. 
For almost a hundred years the same pack of killer whales returned to Eden, on the centrl east coast of Australia, where they would herd whales into Twofold Bay. There appears to have been a conscious effort by the killer whales to attract the attention of the whalers. The last killer whale to perform this service to the whalers died in 1930 - none have returned. This is an incredible true story involving the Davidson family of Twofold Bay, told in a most readable manner. More like a mystery novel. Fascinating. 
Softcover, 247 pages. 
Fred Bruemmer and Brian Davies
Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd., London. 1988
Hardcover, dustjacket, very large coffee table format, 160 pages, full colour throughout, no index.
A superb books, beautifully illustrated with some double-page, full-page and half-page photographs - excellent photographic work. 
It is about Canada'ws Harp Seal - and we know what happens to them. The clubbing of the pups just for their pelts has been described as a travesty by world opinion and the Canadian government should have been ashamed with the seal hunt described as the greatest, most protracted mass slaughter ever inflicted upon any wild mammal species. Does it still occur? I am not so sure. Just because we no longer see anything on the ubiquitous television screen does not mean that it is over. Culling? Sure!
Chapters include The Icy Cradle of the Seals; In the World of Crystal Caverns; Evanesent Nurseries; The Dance of Love; The Waifs; Food, Fat and New Fur; Kairulit-the Jumping SEals; With Walruses and Unicorns; Down the Ict Labrador; Return to the Gulf.. 'Oh, aren't they cute?', you may well ask. They certainly are, and if this book doesn't make you appreciate their value to the Earth we live on then nothing will move you. The excellent photographs are supported by authoritive text which continues to give us further appreciation and knowledge of these animals. Would make a great gift. The book also!  $38.00 Just two available. New. 
Richard C. Connor. 
Is the undersea really the ‘silent world' as described by Jacques Cousteau? On the contrary. We know that whales and dolphins communicate by sound, but what does a whale hear when it listens, or a dolphin ‘squeaks'. Do whales burp? Their stomachs certainly rumble. How do whales and dolphins court and reeproduce, and bring up their young. How do dolphins breath, and why do some whales breach. Are they ‘intelligent'? This remarkable book answers these questions, and more. Connor has written a most readable book, a fascinating encounter of life in the sea. 
Softcover, colour plates, 233 pages. 
Greg Gatenby (Ed.) 
"A tribute to whales and dolphins" - in history, legends, prose and poetry, art and song. Very interesting book. 
Hardcover large format, 231p, some colour plates. $45.00
An Identification Guide. 
Alan N. Baker. 
An excellent concise book which readily identifies these magnificent creatures through above-surface visualisation (particularly flukes) and blowing characteristics. Commences with a natural historry, and includes distribution patters and species notes. 
Softcover, 132 pages, mono photographs and many drawings. 
James Mead and Joy Gold. Photographs by Flip Nicklin. .
A Smithsonian book.
Many of you have the excellent Sharks in Question book. This is This companion book is also superb, with some two hundred relevent questions - such as Do whales feel pain ?, How does mating occur, How do they remain buoyant Do whales cry? ... a remarkable book of facts that I found hard to put down. 
Softcover, 200 pags, excellen mono and colour photographs. 
Highly Recommended.
Mark Simmonds.
There are many books on whales and dolphins but few have such excellent photography as this one. Of extra large format, it is full colour throughout, and divided into five sections: Who are the Whales and Dolphons, Life History and Strategies, Man and Whale, Threats in a Changing World, Conservation Action of the 21st Century. This is not an identification book. It is about these magnificent creatures and the world they live in, and into which we invade. An excellent book for divers and anyone interest in the marine world. Large format 330 x 250 mm, full colour, 158 pages. And at an excellent price. 
Lois King Winn & Howard E. Winn. 
A most useful book covering the life and journeys of the whale, mating and birth, and the unfortunate ‘man the hunter' and our role and interaction with these magnificent creatures. Very useful and most readable. Softcover, oblong format, 150p, mono photos and drawings. 

21 May 2013

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