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Terry Maas.
It's something that we dont all aspire to, but what remarkable freediving skills some people display in persuit of large gamefish. The author clearly has these skills and passes them on to the reader in a professional manner. The tking of large fish is just one part of the skill - freediving is passive and yet a testing skill of ability, courage and natural fascination - no cumbersome equipment, just you and the sea. The text on sharks, and several species of bluewater game fish, is excellent. Chapters include , Physiology and the bluewatyer hunter, equipment, survival in the bluewater environment (excellent), and bluewater photogrpahy. Maas also has an extensive chapter, Ethics, conservation and public relations, where he does not attempt to justify his sport, but recognises that it is has its detractors, and makes sensible comment - ‘to balance the philosophy of individuals'. A very well produced book, and a must for all freedivers. Hardcover, 214 pages, colour, and mono photographs (many of exceptionl quality), appendicies, glossary, index.An excellent companion book to his earlier book Freedive.    $64.00. 
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FREEDIVE - A Complete Guide to Breath-hold Diving.
Terry Maas and David Sipperly.
Freediving takes many forms, from individual activity such as simple marine observation through to hunting bluewater gamefish, to group activity and sports such as underwwater hockey (octopush). It was the way we as a society started our internment with the oceans, before cumbersome equipment burdened us with weight and a lighter bank balance, but allowed us to stay down deeper and longer. Freediving may be a naturl ay to enjoy the seas, but the skills required are not second-nature, as we are entering into an alien environment. This excellent book covers the history of freediving, physiology, equipment (including the tools of the sport), photograpphy, underwater hockey, depth diving and diving for food. Hardcover, dustjcaket, 152 pages, colour and mono photographs, glossary, index.   $64.00
Marcel Isy-Schwart.
One of the early classics of freediving and spearfishing, first published in 1954 as Chasses aux Fauves de la Mer.  I'm not too happy about the searing of Manta Ray, but I suppose in those early days, everything large was fair game. Times have changed, and that is why this is an exceptional historic document. Well worth reading. 
Hardcover dustjacket, 170 pages, mono prints. 
Second-hand. Now well out of print, but we occasionally have a copy in stock. 
Price range about $45, with computer generated cover. 
Bernard Gorsky.
Translated by Denis Long. First published 1953 as Dix Metres  Sous La Mer. English edition published April 1954 by Souvenir Press Ltd, London. Hardcover, dust jacket, 180 pages, mono plates. In three parts, covers 'Discovery of a New World'; Hunting the Fish, and The Oceans Yields its Secrets. I'm not too pleased with some of the images - how could anyone spear a dolphin for God's sake. They may be pioneering a new 'sport' that 'has captured the imagination', with 'thrills of stalking prey', but surely there must have been some understanding of the value of marine life half a century ago. Dr Henri Chenevee - shame on you. And since when has the Moray been 'a serpent, a dangerous unmanigable animal', and the octopus 'a hideous thing'. Thank God we have moved on from those days, but there is no doubt that these early divers were pioneers with courage, and perhaps set the stage for a greater understanding in later years. 
Just the one second-hand copy available. Good condition, with dust jacket, slightly scuffed on edges and a couple of small poorly repaired tears. $32.00
Carlos Eyles. 
"Secret Seas takes us to the far corners of the heart and mind as well as the ocean's realm. The scale is grand, the adventure high. Eyles writes about a wilderness - the wilderness within each of yes. " Oh yessss. Now this is real armchair diver stuff. 
Softcover, 160p.
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Steven M. Barsky 
Covers equipment, technique, maximizing your freedivingabilities, spearfishing in retrospective, spearfishing competitions, and the future. An importantbook for those who enjoy freediving and spearfishing.
Softcover, 156 pages, mono photographs and drawings.
Carlos Eyles 
"In this neat mystical journey, Carlos returns to the once bountiful Sea of Cortez he explored as a free diver over thirty years ago. Finding it lacking, he continues on to a distant archipelago, one runoured to hold great fish and sharks by the thousands, soraing manta rays, and breaching whales. Here on the oceans's edge he takes the reader on breath-hold dives into an extremely dangerous yet magical realm".
Soft, 352 pages, central mono plates.
Pipin Ferreras. 
This is a true story of extreme freediving, the ultimate breath-hold diving to see who can go down further - and further. It is a specialist activity requiring great stamina, intense training, utmost courage and perhaps few brains, but it is another human challange that the sea has presented to us. What makes this book so emotional is that it concerns itself with lost love, the tragedy of losing a devoted mate during an activity that both enjoyed and saw as a challenge. Francisco ‘Pipin' Ferreras fell in love with Audrey Mestre, and she with him,  in 1996. Their devotion to each other was matched by their devotioin to the sport of freediving, and Audrey broke the world women's record of 115 metres. On 12 October 2002 tragedy struck, as perhaps it would inevitably do, and Audrey was lost in anothger world record attempt. "Pipin, haunted by qiestions, reeling from the loss of his soul mate, could no longer find solace in th sea that had always ben his true home". Audrey was gone. A moving, fascinating story - of love and obsession. Softcover, 274 pages, mono and colour prints. $24.00
Blount & Taylor. 
A basic well-illustrated guide for someone entering the underwater world for the first time. Limited  stock. Softcover, 112 pages. some colour. 
Carlos Eyles 
From the beginnings in Hawaii, to the Sea of Cortez. A good read - indeed, a classic. 
‘This extraordinaryt account tells the story of a handful of men who made their way into the last wilderness to stalk and hunt the powerful game fish that inhabit deep waters'. But in becoming the best, the author developed a sixth-sense connection to stalking these majestic animals and he is content to let them live. Softcover, 212 pages, mono prints.. 
Dr Adam Smith. 
An excellent book on the subject, probably the first on Australian spearfishing since the late seventies. Very well produced, with plenty of mono and colour photographs over eight chapters covering equipment and techniqueslocations, important edible species, and a sensible chapter on spearfishing competitions, rules, and the future of the activity - sorry, but I can’t call it sport. Very nicely produced book, with good clear graphics and maps. 
Softcover, mono and colour, 208 pages. 
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Dr Gilbert Doukan. 
First published in France in 1948, the English edition of this spearfishing classic came out in 1953. It is a great read, even for someone who does not spear fish, as it is an historical document of the development of free diving in the Mediterranean. Hardcover, dustjacket166 pages, mono prints. 
Second-hand. Now well out of print of course. We occasionally have copies, usually with a computer generated dust jacket. Price range - around $40.00
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