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Write under water with an ordinary pencil.
A most valuable tool for the diver and any person involved in water activities. Ideal for keeping observation notes,or simply to communicate with a buddy. Used by marine biologists and other professional divers. Use an ordinary, preferably a standard HB. 

Also ideal for land-based water sports such as canoeing, sailing, cross-country skiing and hiking. Slips into dive-vest for easy access. 

Fifty sheets 90x 130mm size, spiral bound, with stiff plastic covers for ease of writing. 
Sheets may be torn off or remain in pad. 

No metal - thus no rusting. 

$15.00 per pad.

Special tip: an ordinary pencil floats, so tie it to the pad with a piece of string. An ordinary pencil will also splt longitudinally down the middle at the join of the two halves surrounding the lead after submersion in water for some time, so tape the pencil together with electrical tape before submersion. 

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