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Graeme Andrews. Cromarty Press, NSW, 1984. Softcover, 88 pages, mono photographs. Covers the restored and preserved vessels afloat and in museums around Australia. A fine record. 

Narrative of a Voyage in 1798 Aboard the Death Ship Hillsborough. 
Frank Clune. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, Melbourne, 1964. Hardcover, dustjacket, 204 pages, mono photographs. The convict transport Hillsborough left Portsmouth for the colony of New South Wales in 1798, and arrived with one hundred less passengers due to disease. This remarkabl book gives an excellent overview of the British legal system, the convict transportation system, the life on board, and how the survivors of a journey from England or Ireland survived when they arrived. Exceptionally well researched by a prolific and well known author, and a must rad for anyone interested in European settlement and the foundation of our country. Second hand copy offered in xcellent condition, with lightly torn just jacket. 

The Record of an Adventure.
John Fairfax. William Kimber & Co., London, 1971. Hardcover, dust jacket, 218 pages, mono photographs. Why would you do it? Asked why he climbed Mount Everest, Edmund Hillary is reputed to have said, "because it was there". Perhaps Fairfax shared the same sentiment, but I can thing of many ways of achieving something uniqque than rowing across the Atlantic. But that he did, in a specially designed boat by Uffa Fox, from the Canary islands to Miami, taking 180 days. His journey was accalimd throughout the world, and hios book became a best-seller. The copy offered is second-hand in excellen condition but with a few tars and scuffs to the dustjacket. 

Bernard Moitessier. Granada Publishing, London etc. 1977. Hardcover, dustjacket, 251 pages, mono photographs, charts. In 1965 the author and his new wife set out from Tahiti on the last part of their honeymoon voyage from Europe, heading home via Cape Horn. They could not have imagined what awaited the, but their survival was due to fine seamanship, preparation and 'a sense of harmony', with their yacht Joshua, and the sea. Exceptionlly ell written. New copy offered. 

Alan Lucas. Horwitz Grahame, 1981. Hardcover, laminated boards, 192 pages, mono photograohs and charts. Gives most useful data for entering the bays and harbours of these two south Pacific island nations. Useful not only to yachtspeople but anyone intersted in further detail on the islands. 

James Anthony Froude. Longmans, Gren & Co, London, 1906. Hardcover, 310 pages. 
Covers the lectures given by this Professor of Modern History at the University of Sydney, delivered at Oxford University 1893-94. Your old favourites are there - the pirates Hawkins and Drake - okay then, priavateers if you must. Includes 'The Great Expedition to the West Indies', and the attack on Cadiz. And the Armada of course. Copy offered is secondhand, in good condition. 

A True Story of Courage and Survival. 
Ron Arias. Viking, London, 1990. Hardcover, dustjacket, 224 pages, mono photographs. There are many books that have described the despair and courage of those lost at sea for many weeks on end, but few that tell thge remarakable tale of survival of five Costa Rica fishermen in 1988 adrift for no less than 142 days - the longest such endurance on record. Whn finally rescued the men had drifted over four thousand miles and had survived on a monotonous diet of rainwater, fish and turtle.  Tghis is 'an inspiring human story of perseverance, hope and inner strength. 

FISH AND SHIPS.   $30.00
Ralph W. Andrews & A.K.Larssen. Bonanza Books, New York, 1969. Hardcover, no dustjcket on copy offered, about A4 size, 171 pages, many mono photographs. A fascinating historical overview of fishing out of the north Amercian, Canadian and Alaskan ports, Columbia River etc etc - the men and their small dorys. Cod and hallibut seem to be the main catch, with also a chapter on whaling. A scarce book. 

Edited by N.C.Wyeth. David McKay, publisher, 1940. Softcover, 430 pages. Thirty-four chapters, from some thirty authors including Dumas, Hakluyt, Homer, Hugo, Irving, Kingsley, London, Loti, Marryat, Melville, Poe, Raleigh, Scott, Verne, Kipling. A great read. Copy offered is knew. The book must be a reprint as it contains an ISBN number. 

HAZARDS OF THE SEA -Three Centuries of Challenge in Southern Waters.
Captain John Noble. Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1970. Hardcover, dustjacket, 252 pages, mono photographs. 
I would not normally offer a secondhand book in this condition, but it is such an excellent book and hrd to come by that it is best not to discard it as soemone will appreciate its value for its content. The text is predonimantly based on the shipping in eastern Australian waters, and covers some of the most remarkable shipwrecks and maritime incidents, together with the ships, their crews and owners. A superb book, but the copy on offer does not do it justice as it has been badly damagd and has extensive water tains. Yet it is till easily readable - its just that it doesn't look too flash. $10.00 See also below for a much better copy. 

HAZARDS OF THE SEA - Three Centuries of Challenge in Southern Waters. Captain John Noble Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1970.  A superb book - so much information - and written by a well respected mariner and author. Covers the major - and not so important - wrecks and mishaps on Australian shores (and Wellington Harbour). The major ships are there is some detail - Admella, Loch Ard, Alert, Tahiti, Malabar and many others.  Hardcover, dustjacket, 251 pages, index, mono prints. Copy offered is in near new condition, with excellent dustjacket.  $55  See also above.

ICE BIRD.  $25.00
David Lewis. W.W.Norton & Co.,New York, 1975. Hardcover, dustjacket, 222 pages.mono and colour photographs. I can remember when the author made his voyage from Sydney to Cape Town, by going due south and around Antarctica, for his was criticised by some as being foolhrdy. But what a remarkable journey through ice flows and freezing weather - not exactly your tropical jaunt across the Pacific that so many write about. Lewis challenged the most inhospital region of earth, with unpredictable seas and attrrocious weather - but thats why he chose it. The 3,500 mile trip was not without hardship but the medical doctor, author, surely demonstrated his seamanship and navigation skills, and now his astute ability to writewith clear observation of the land and life that he experienced. 

Maurice Taylor. Hill of Content publishers, Melbourne, 1976. Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pages, mono and colour photographs. "It is better not to drink the water anywhere". Thats appropriate advice - but nowhere will you find the instruction not to take drugs into Indonesia - and leave you guns behind. In fact, to b absolutely safe - just dont go there. Times have changed since this excellent book was written, a time when the Australin woul have been most welcome. The islands are the same, and so are the people down at heart, but the politics make it a different game now. The book covers not only Indonesia but also Thailand and Malaysia. It still gives a good descripton of the locations.

Carola Oman. Originlly published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1947 - this edition by Brief Lives, apparently an imprint of Collins, publishers of London, 1954. Hardcover, dustjacket, 155 pages. Generally acclaimed as one of the finst biographies of this most famous and adored British Admiral. Copy is secondhand, in excellent condition. 

Heather Campbell and Graham Henshw. Hesprian Press, Perth, 2003. Softcover, 160 pages, mono photographs. The experiences of a two sailors who travelled from Perth to north-west Queensland in their diesel powered motor launch, 'a tale of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things' - an account of a sea voyage through the isolated north of Australia. Historical research adds to the experience, with visits to the many old whaling prts along the way. 

Men and Ships of th New South Wales north coast.
Mike Richards. Turton & Armstrong, first published 1977. Softcover, 174 pages, landscape format, many mono photographs. Covers in excellent detail the ships that plied their trade from Sydney north to Tweed Heads, their owners, and their losses. A detailed authorative work Third edition offered, new, printed 1996. 

John Fairfax and Sylvia Cook. W.W.Norton & Co., New York, 1972. Hardcover, dust jacket, 255 pages, mono photographs. The pair left San Francisco in April 1971, in Britannia II, designed by Uffa Fox, and rows across th Pacific to the Great Barrier Reef in what can only be described as a remarkable adventure of endurance and at time shear horror. 

Robert Wall. New Burlington Books, London, 1977. Hardcover, dustjacket, 256 pages, many mono and colour photographs. What magnificent ships these were, the liners that crossed the Atlantic in record to snatch the Blue Ribband, or crossed the Pacific to Asia, and the Indian Ocean to Australia: from Brunel's Great Eastern through to the QE2 and the modern liners of today. They are all here - the famous Queens of course, the White Star and Cunard liners, passenger liners at war, the wrecks and losses, including the Lusitania, Andrea Doria and the Normandie. It tells of the way of life on board, and the shops themselves. A great read. Copy offered is secondhand in excellent condition but lacks the dust jacket. 

OCEANS AND ISLANDS - The Fascinating Secrets of ...  $35.00 
Reader's Digest, 1972. Many consulatnat authors. Large format, A4 size, harcover, dust jacket, 355 pages, full colour throughout. A fascinating compendium in two parts - Secrets of the seas which covers the underwater marine life; and Wonders of an Island Life, covering th islands, flora and fauna, and human occupation of th islands, mainly in th Pacific. Two new copies available, one with a slightly scuffed jsut jacket, and the other with a poorly scuffed dustjacket, the latter at $30. 

Frank Tucker. A.E.Press, Melbourne, 1985. Hardcover, laminated boards, 865 pages, sepia prints throughout. From the forst paddle steamers on the Murray system - the Mary Ann and Lady Augusta, through to the more recent tourist steamers, with a great essay on trade and life on the river system, navigation and operation, hazards and landmarks. A most useful contribution to out national history. 

PORT OF MELBOURNE 1835-1987. $45.00
Olaf Ruhen. Cassell Australi, 1976. Hardcover, dustjacket, 324 pages, mono photographs and prints. A superb documentary on the history of Port Melbourne, or Sandridge as it was first called, and th developmnt of the colony. Travels through the gold-fever years, the migrant period and the ships, the development of the Harbour Trust, strikes and the Depression, the two world wars, and forward development. A most useful and informative book.

REBEL DOWN UNDER  - When the Shenandoah shook Melbourne, 1865. $30.00
Cyril Pearl. Heinemann, Melbourne, 1970. Hardcover, dustjacket, 202 pages. Melbournians were amazed when Confederate troops marched down Collins Street in January 1865, but were to bcome more intrigued with th whole affair of the American Confederate raider Shenandoah over the next few weeks. Where did the loyalties of the Victorian government lie - with the North or the South - in the American Civil War. Coulde we be host to such a vessel, and in doing so, support the South. It was indeed too much for the politicians, and beauracratic chaos reigned. Should she be seized as a pirate. She wasn't, and made her 'getaway' to rise further havoc amongst the shipping of the North. Who says there is no excitement in Melbourne?

SAVAGE - The Life and Times of Jemmy Button. $25.00
Nick Hazlewood. Hodder & Stoughton, UK, 2000. Hardcover, 384 pages, mono photographs. 
And who might Jemmy Button be? He was a young native of Tierra del Fuego, purchased from his uncle for the price of a button, and taken to England where he learnt English, became a Christian, met the King, and met an impresssed mny major figures in British society, including Charles Darwin. He returned to his homland but coul not settle down to hi tyask of 'civilising' his people with God's word, and he was vilified by his own people. Apart from the general interest of the biography, the book centres on the sad problems of converting and conforming from one society to another. 

Is in three parts as follows: Parts 1 & 2 - as titled; Part 3 - Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen Transcripts of Registers of Shipping 1887-1862. 
A.G.E Jones, author. Roebuck Publications, 1986. Softcover, 276 pages, with a further 140 page index to all the ships mentioned. Provides a listing of ships and their voyages, losses, incidents. An extremely valuable tool for anyone studying the Pacific. 

Hector Holthouse. Macmillan Co, Australia, 1976. Hardcover, dust jacket, 146 pages, mono photographs and prints, a few colour photographs. Concerns the ships of Queens;and and the south-western Pacific; the men and their voyages, colonisation of northern Queenslnd and the Pacific, Jardine's Kingdom, wrecks and stranding, rescues and survival at sea and against the aborigine population. An excellent addition to our maritime history. New copy offered. 

True Tales from Colonial Queensland and the South Pacific. 
Tony Matthews. Central Queensland University Press, 2000. Softcover, 248 pages, mono photographs and map. A fascinating book of - shipwrecks an seafarer's scandals: cannibals of the south Pacific, headhunters, pious yet misguided missionaries, brutal traders and blackbirders, escaped convicts, pirates and the proverbial buried treasure, immigrants and shipboard massacres. Great bedtime reading, and all factual and fascinating, showing just how brutal and hard was early European settlement. 

Stories of Steam Driven Ships.
William Torrance. Published by the author, Brisbane, 1986. Hardcover, dustjacket, 278 pages, many mono photographs and drawings. The river refered to is the Brisbane River, but the ships mentioned come from all over the world, as they arrived through Moreton Bay and into the Brisbane River. Thus the book covers virtually all the coastal steamers, with the first part of the book having each chaptr representing a shipping line, and their ships. The second section includes the many general workboats, ferries, barges and pilot boats on the river and the bay, the warships that arrived, and the hulks that stayed. This is a huge undertaking by the author who has provided a valuable contribution to our knowledge and enjoyment of our maritime history. 

SUPERSHIP  Noel Mostert. McMillan, London, 1974. Hardcover, dustjacket, 304 pages, no photographs - just superb text. Should there be a Hall; of Fame established for maritim books and their authors, thi book must be included. I dont believe the disasters that befell th Amoco Cadiz and the Torrey Canyon had occured when written, but the meaning of supership, ie huge oil tankrs carrying over 200,000 tons of crude oil, were soon to become very well kown, particuarly to the coastal towns of Britany and Britain. But this book is not about disaster as such, although it premepts such event. Is is about th tanker Ardshiel, and how she is managed. What makes her surge seemingly effortlessly with such a small crew. What are the politics  that allow these huge vessels to plough through treacherous waters to maximise profits. How are they crewed, and what is the makeup of a supertanker captain. A brilliant book, a must read for anyone intersted in the sea and thus the environment.  This secondhand edition by Book Club Associates, 1975; in excellent condition. $35.00

SURVIVE THE SAVAGE SEA Dougal Robertson. Rigby, Australia, 1973. Hardcover, dust jacket, 223 pages, mono photographs. Who has not heard of this remarkable book, and the even more remarkable voyage by the author and his family in their 43 ft schooner Lucette - who were attacked by killer whales in the Pacific sinking their vssel in just sixty seconds. They - six people - took to the rubber inflatable raft and endured thirty-seven days before being picked up by a Ja[anese fishing boat. A remarkable biography of endurance and courage - and superbly written. A new copy is offered, with a small deterioration mark on the inside fly due to the removal of a price tag. $25.00

TALL SHIPS  The Golden Age of Sail. Philip McCutchan. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 1976. Hardcover, dustjackt, 158 pages, mono and colour photographs, some full page size. Chapters include: Before Tall Ships, Farewell to England, Race from the Orient, The Australin Route, The Roaring Forties and Beyond, The Last of the Tall Ships. $40.00

TARQUIN'S SHIP  - The Etruscan Wreck in Campese Bay.
Alexander McKee. Hardcover, Souvenir Press, London, 1985. Hardcover, dustjacket, 216 pages, mono photographs and prints. The wreck lies in 150 ft off Giglio mIsland, Italy, and covers the history of the Etruscn people through to contemporary times diving the wrecksite. The author is well-known for his work on the Mary Rose. $35.00

THE AMERICA'S CUP - 1851-1983.   $55.00
John Rousmaniere. Pelham Books, London, 1983. Hardcover, large format, dust jacket, 200 pages, many mono and colour photographs. A great book that concludes with the historic win by Australia II over the US Liberty. An excellent historical account, not only for those Australians who remember the great race.

Tasmania's Shore-Based Whaling Industry.
Michel Nash. Navarine Publishing, ACT, 2003. Hardcover, dustjacket, 170 pages, mono and colour photographs, drawings. The author is a maritime archaeologist with the Tasmanin Government, and thus well qualified to produce this excellent book, one of several he has written.  It covers all aspects of whaling out of Tasmania, the ships, the men who manned them, and their life. It also extends into whaling out of South Australian waters, and discusses the decline of whaling out of Australia. 

Dr. Alain Bombard. Andre Deutche Limited, London, 1953. Hardcover, 214 pages.
I could not put this book down wheh I rad it. Could a man travel across the Atlantic, singlehanded - without adequate provisions. Bombard thought it could be done, and so he set out from the Mediterranean in  small craft and did just that. Catching rainwater, and living of fish, and anything else that th sea might provide, he made it to Caribbean wayters before being picked up by a ship, somewhat reluctantly I'd suggest, but he had proved his point. If your interest is in survival at sea, this is a must read. The book on offer is secondhand, in excellent condition, without a dust jacket - if indeed it ever had one. 

THE COMMANDING SEA. - Six Voyages of Discovery.
Clare Francis. British Broadcasting Corporation, nd Pelham Books, London, 1981. Hardcover, large format, dust jackt, 280 pages, mono and colour photograph throughout. Although Francis contrinuites extensively, there are other authors of six parts covering mritime development over the ages: The Edge pf the Unknown, The World Encompassed, Cargoes, Seapower, Harvest, and The Last Resource.  This is an excellent book on a range of mritim topics, including history, ocanography, technology, life and death. Wonderful to read and and a great source of maritime knowledge.  $45.00

THE CUSTOM OF THE SEA  - A Shocking True Tale of Shipwreck, Murder and the Last Taboo.
Neil Hanson. Doubleday, London 1999. Softcover, 330 pages, mono photographs. In 1884 the yacht Mignonette sailed from Southampton to Sydney but was crushed by huge waves when off the coast of Africa. Four men were cast adrift in a 13-ft dinghy, and finally rescued after twenty-four days - but one was missing. This is the tru story of what happened, and the court trial that resulted. Secondhand copy offered but in excellent condition.$20.00

THE DEEP SEA.  Joseph Wallace. Gallery books. Imprint of W.H. Smith Publishers In., New York1987. . Hardcover, large square format, dustjacket, 142 pages, full colour throughout. An intersting book covering a number of beneath the seas topics: modern undersea exploration, life at the deepest depths, wrecks and treaure, food from th sea, oil drilling - and the future. New copy offered with slightly scuffed dust jacket. $24.00

THE DRAMA OF THE OCEANS.  Elisabeth Mann Borgese. Harry N.Abrams Inc, Publishers, New York. 1975. Hardcover, dutjacket, large format, 258 pages, full colour throughout. A magnificent book as would be expected from this publisher, and such a well know author. This is indeed about 'the sea' - divided into thre parts - The Scene, The Actors, The Drama. You cann imagine what these cover - the geographic and biological setting, the people of the sea, from fishermen to warriors, sailors to oilmen, and the future of the oceans. Quite a brillaint book. A nerw copy is offered. $80.00

THE FLOATING BROTHEL - The Extraordinary story of the Lady Julian and its cargo of female convicts bound for Botany Bay. Sian Rees. Hodder Headline Australia, 2001. Softcover, 248 pages, mono photographs and prints. Transportation for the men was tough, but the women had extra hardships to endure - the men. 'According to customs each sailor was entitled to take a woman, an arrangement that brought privilegs to the women as well as relief to the men'. But, the women on board the Lady Julian arrived in Australia healthier and happer than they had even been before. $20.00 

F. Alexander Magoun. Bonanza Books, New York, 1978. Hardcover, dustjacket, 154 pages, mopno photographs and prints, charts - thirty plates, sixteen plans and 63 detailed illustrations. The 'other ships' are the Mayflower, Bluenose, Flying Cloud an Santa mari - and a Viking ship. Very detailed, an exceptional book. 

THE GREAT LINERS  Melvin Maddocks. Time-Life Books, Amsterdam. 1978. One of the excellent Seafarer Series. Hardcover, immitation cloth boards with colour photo insert, 176 pages, many mono and colour photographs throughout. As would be expected from Time-Life, this is a superb book covering the the great liners that crossed the northern Atlantic between England, mainland Europe and the United States. Dont expect to find anything of the liners that plied the Pacific or ran the UK-Australia and Far East routes. $45.00

THE LOST WRECK OF THE IBIS  Robert Ballard. Hodder & Stoughton, Maddison Press, 1990. Hardcover, dustjacket which reverses to be a wall poster, laminated boards, A4 size, 64 pages, full colour photographs and drawings throughout. Another excellent book by the well-known 'finder' of the Titanic. I presume it is children's book because of its style and simplicity. Gives a fine overview of maritime archaeology and the equipment for deep-sea exploration. $24.00

THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM   Edited by Basil Greenhill. Philip Wilson Publishers, London 1982. Softcover, 144 pages, full colour throughout. A n excellent book covring, in part, the exceptional maritime collection at th National Maritime Museum at Greenwich, London. Covers the history of ships and shipping, navigation, astronomy and time, weapons, and life. New copy offered. $40

THE PAINTINGS OF THE AMERICA'S CUP 1851-1987.  Paintings by Tim Thompson, written by Ranulf Rayner. William Heinemann, Victoria, 1986. Large oblong format, hardcover, dustjacket, 86 pages. Here we have an excellent book tyht would satisfy anoyone intersted in the America's Cup, and in particular, in the yachts that have raced this great event. The paintings are exception, in such fine detail that allow the reader to appreciate the fine lines of the many succesful vessels that have croosed the line to win the coveted title. Also covers the variou courses, the captains and owners, and the traditions. New copy offered. $80.00

THE OCEAN REALM  National Geographic Society, Washington, USA, 1978. Hardcover, dustjacket, 198 pages, full colour throughout. C0ncerns itself with life in the oceans, with chapters divided as: the shallow shores, rocky coasts, coral reefs, open ocean, ocan depths, the polar sea. As would be expected from National Geographic, very well produced, with superb photographs and interesting text. New copy offered but dust jacket is slightly scuffed. $28.00

THE SPANISH MAIN   Peter Wood. Time-Life Books, Amsterdam. 1978. One of the excellent Seafarer Series. Hardcover, immitation cloth boards with colour photo insert, 176 pages, many mono and colour photographs throughout. As would be expected from Time-Life, this is a superb book covering the days when Spain ruled much of the sea, and thus the world, and spn their time looting and fighting all comers. Chapters include: the ruthless conquest of the Aztc Empire, carrying the wealth home, the heretics, 'a sea-roving devil named Henry Morgan', the sacking of Cartagena. A wonderful book. Second-hand copy offered but in perfect condition. $45.00

THE STRANGE LAST VOYAGE OF DONALD CROWHURST.  Nicholas Tomalin and Ron Hall. Stein & Day, publishers, New York, 1970. Hardcover, dust jacket, 317 pages. It was at the time called the sea drama of he century. Just what did happen to Doinald Crowhurst? What happened to his mind that he should finally commit suicide by throwing himself overboard. He lft England in his trimaran on a single-handed voyage around the world. His vessel was found in a calm mid-Atlantic sea but no-one was aboard. The stranenss of the story hoever was that Crowhurst had kept in radio contact for some 243 day, giving his position as he sailed around the world as was heading home. But in actual fact he had never left the Atlantic. This is not just about a lone sailor who goes missing. It is a psychoological look at a man of zeal and passion - and anguish. A remarkable story. The copy on offer is second-hand in excellent condition, with a slightly knocked-around dust jacket. $55.00

THE TIGRESS EXPEDITION - In Search of Our Beginnings. Thor Heyerdah.  George Allen & Unwin, London, 1980. Hardcover, dustjackt, 333 pages, colour photographs. Covers a fascinating journey down the Persian Gulf, into the Arabian Sea and on to Karachiu, then through the Gulf of Aden to Djibouti in a reed craft, following the route of the ancient Sumerians. Concerns not only the voyage itself but moreso of the Arabic people along the way, their early history and travels, trade and migration. New copy offered. $25.00

Bruce Stannard. Lansdowne, 1983. Hardcover, large format, dust jacket, 128 pages. Did you get up early that morning in September 1983 and watch Australi II beat Liberty for the America's Cup. This is the definitive book on the event, with a brief history of how it al began, through to that great day. $55.00

THE YACHTSMAN'S NAVIGATION MANUAL.  Jeff Toghill. Reed publishers, Sydney, 1975, and later editions. Hardcover, dutjacket 254 pages, mono photographs, charts, drawings. Toghill has long been the doyen of sailing literature. Although developments in GPS positioning have made life at sea just that little bit easier, it is still an excellent book for any boat person venturing more than fifty metress off the local jetty. $20.00

THE WRECK OF THE ISABELLA.  David Miller. Naval Institute Press, Maryland, USA, 1995. Hardcover, dustjacket, 260 pages, mono prints. Lost in the Falkland Islands in 1813, this is a fascinating story of survival in a remote land. Includes mntion of Bligh's Bounty, and the Pandora. Othewr ships include Nancy, Montagu, Nanina, , Hope, Hermes, Niger.$30.00

TWO AGAINST CAPE HORN  - A Tale of High Adventure at Sea in One of the Least Known Parts of the World.  Hal Roth. W.W.Norton & Co, New York and London, 1978. Hardcover, dustjacket, 288 pages, mono and colour photographs, charts and maps. The author made his journbey in the 35 ft yacht Whisper, of 8 tons, from San Diego to Bermuda. Little wonder that the book has been so well acclaimed. It covers not just a biographical voyge of adventure but gives practical advice for those wishing to 'round th Horn', and a dfascinating insight into those who call the remote islands of and around Tierra del Fuego their home. New first edtion offered; has a slight 10mm tear in top of front of dustjacket.  $45.00

VIA TORRES STRAIT - A Maritime History of the Torres Strait Route and the Ship's Post Office at Booby Island.  Ian Nicholson. Roebuck Books, 1996. Softcover, 416 pages, a few mono and colour prints. 
An extremely detailed coverage of the ship that traded around the Torres Strait Islands and those that passed through, generally between the east coast of Australia, and south-east Asi, Indonesia, and beyond. A truly remarkable work by a dedicated maritime researcher and author. Torres Strait is, of course, that narrow stretch of islkand-scattered sea between Cape York, the northern tip of Australia, and Papua New Guinea, joining the Coral Sea to the Arafura Sea. $35.00


George F. Bass, General Editor. Thames & Hudsonb, London, 1972. Hardcover, dustjacket, 320 pages, mono and colour photographs and prints, charts and drawings. Long regarded as a 'bible' of underwater archaeology, and arguably the first of the more popular publications on maritime archaeology that could be read by the layman, and appreciated by the professional archaeologist. Twelv chapters by individual experts in their field, includsing Bass, Throckmorton, Marsden, Van Doorninck, Christensen, McKee and Mendel Peterson. A definate recommendation to anyone interested in early ships and shipping, and the techniques of maritime archaeology. Copy offered is secondhand but in perfect condition. SOLD

THE WINDJAMMERS  Oliver E. Allen. Time-Life Books, Amsterdam. 1978. One of the excellent Seafarer Series. Hardcover, immitation cloth boards with colour photo insert, 176 pages, many mono and colour photographs throughout. As would be expected from Time-Life, this is a superb book covering the glorious days of huge square riggers and sleek clipper ships. The photographs are extraordinary. Includes chapters on rounding the Horn, and a chaper on Count Felix Von Luckner, the remarable 'Sea Devil', whom my grandfather knew personally; and of Captain Gustaf Erikson, the last of the great sqare rigger captins and ship owners. The photographs of wrecks by the Gibson family is an incredible record of disaster at sea. A wonderful book. New book offered. $45.00 SOLD

THE KON-TIKI EXPEDITION  -  By Raft Across the South Seas. Thor Heyerdahl. George Allen & Unwin Limited, London, 1950. Hardcover, 236 pages, mono photographs. The story of the Kon-Tiki's journey across the Pacific is well known, understandably so bcause of the many editions of this remaqrkable best-selling book, and no doubt due in greater part to the man himself. I had the pleasure of meeting Heyerdahl when I was involved in bringing him to Australia in the 1980s and have to say that he is a most charming man. The edition offered is the fifteenth impression of the first edition - how's that for publisher's paradise!  It is secondhand, without a dustjacket, but in excellent condition. $10.00  SOLD

THE LAST OF THE WINDJAMMERS. Volumes 1 and 2.  $200.00 for the set - will not split.
Basil Lubbock. Brown, Son & Ferguson Ltd, London, first published 1927, reprinted1975 (Vol1), and 1960, 1976 (Vol 2) - which is the edition offered here. Two books, hardcover, dustjacket, 518 & 448 pages, many mono photographs, fold-out ships plans. The most definitive work on the subject by a most respected, and prolific, author.  Covers a multitude of subjects: Life on board, Persaonnel, rounding The Horn, the ships themselves through their brief period of dominance, and later as they fought off the insurgence of steam  Name a square-rigger and she is sure to mentioned here. Many of the vessels visited Australia. A must for anyone interested in sailing vessels, life on board, immigration and trade. The volumes offered are new, with slight toragte scuffing on the dust jacket of Vol 1. SOLD

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