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Bremer Bay is a tiny coastal community on the South Coast of Western Australia, 180 kms east of Albany. It has a permanent population of about 200 people, who work generally in the tourism, fishing or farming industry, or are retirees.
During the summer season and Easter break the population swells to well over 5000, with many families from the inland farming areas maintaining holiday homes here. Traditionally Bremer Bay has been known as a fishing mecca, with salmon fishing just one of the favored forms of fishing.
The scuba diving here is in a temperate water zone, so the water temp ranges from 17 0 C in winter to 21 0 C in summer.  There is an almost endless range of bays facing different directions, so almost in any weather conditions diving is possible.  There are a huge variety of shore diving and boat diving sites to choose from, and the diving suits all levels from beginner to experienced.
The marine environment is very varied for itís position and includes many hard and soft corals normally associated with warmer waters.
One of the big features of the diving here are the Sea Dragons, both Weedy and Leafy varieties, which are seen on most dives, once they have been pointed out to you! 
 Gorgonia corals in fantastic reds and pinks are found on many dive sites.  Colourful sponge life abounds on all reef walls on the granite reef in Dillon Bay 
The water depth mainly ranges from 10 M to 25 M on most dives.
The main areas for diving that are accessible from shore dives are the Back Beach Bommie, which consists of two rocky coral outcrops approximately 100 M from shore in a maximum of 10 M of water.  Although it is a relatively small site, there is so much to see that many hours and many dives can be spent on this one site without seeing it all.  Many weedy sea dragons abound here, some dives as many as a dozen and more have been seen in one area.  It is accessible during calm weather, or when the surf is not too big.
Other shore dives are at Little Boat Harbour, which faces a northwesterly direction and has a new dive trail, which was a Coastcare /Coastwest project and consists of fourteen [14] concrete plinths with photographs and information of the varied life found at this site.  It was installed in 2001.  This is another easy dive, with plenty to see, and has both weedy and leafy sea dragons on many occasions. Boat diving is fantastic in Bremer Bay, off Peppermints beach and Dillon bay.
Diving services consist of Lebens Diving Services/Bremer Bay Dive and Sports situated at 11 Gnombup Terrace, Bremer Bay. 
Ph/Fax [08] 9837 4440 A/H [08] 9837 4296; mobile 0427 374 440 
Web site
PADI courses and instruction, tank fills, hire gear, charters, retail sales and equipment repairs all available

Please note that DIVE CENTRE BONDI as listed on page 163, has the incorrect phone numbers. They should read Phone (02) 9369 3855 Fax (02) 9369 3152.

Robinsons Sportscene, 136 Gray Street, Hamilton, Vic 3300.
Russell Robinson. 

Australian Diving Instruction. 153 Melbourne Road, North Geelong, Vic 3215
Steve and Kathleen Mabbett. Phone/fax (03) 5272 2181

Scuba Scene. 406 Shute Harbour Road, Airlie Beach, Qld, 4802. 
(P.O.Box 858). Garry and Shirley Warren (formerly of Jervis Bay Sea Sports).
Phone: (07) 4948 1090 Fax: (07) 4948 1095

Teresa Williams is now the new owner of Jervis Bay Seasports.

Gone finish, kaput, business no longer operating:
Dive and Dive, Narre Warren, Victoria
Nepean Dive Centre, West Rosebud, Victoria.
Gold Coast Dive Centre, Southport, Qld.
Barrakuda Dive, Perth, WA.
Dianella Dive Centre, Dianella, WA.
North Narrabeen Dive Centre, Sydney, NSW.
Waterlife, Bunbury, WA.
Mermaid Scuba Academy, Crydon, Sydney, NSW.
Byron Bay Dive Centre, Jonson St, Byron Bay, NSW
Port Hedland Dive Supplies, Port Hedland, WA

The Queensland Primary Industries Department
previously at 230 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.
Marine Administration Maritime Centre
previous postal address of GPO Box 32, Sydney.

Dive Industry Victoria Association Incorporated.
P.O.Box 1063 Ashwood, Victoria, 3147, Australia.
Jane Bowman, President. Phone: 1800 81 61 51 . (03) 9809 5666. 
Fax: (03) 9809 5677. Web site